Lieutenant Commander Thalzejiv sh'Teris

Name Thalzejiv sh'Teris

Position Dead

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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2020-03-23 09:27

Character Information

Op Code Name Pandora
Overview Thal comes from a long line of Andorians who have joined starfleet, and they found a calling with linguistics. Generally a private person, they have a tendency to disappear with a book or linguistics puzzle in spare time, but are welcoming and friendly in social situations.
Gender shen
Species Andorian
Languages Andorian, Standard, Klingon, Romulan, Ferengi, Vulcan, Tellarite, Japanese, Cardassian, Orion (in order of fluency)

Physical Appearance

Height 1.85m
Hair Color White
Eye Color green-grey
Physical Description Thal is tall and slender, and most humans would call them androgynous. As a shen, most humans would eventually categorize them as female enough for feminine pronouns, but they prefer gender neutral they/them.

On duty, they keep their hair in a professional looking knot, but off duty they prefer to leave their hair loose. Preferred clothing types are usually linen-like in finish and muted in color, but on more formal occasions brighter colors and leathers are added to the mix.


Spouse Shanthana "Thana" zh'Chernz, Talzerneth "Tal" ch'Zheetha , Therzeen "Zeen" th'Shenzan
Children Zathralza "Ral" sh'Chernz
Parents Kervejiv ch'Zhelth

Personality Thal is quiet and reserved, often times assumed to be weak and someone who could be safely ignored, but they have a temper like a cold fire and those who cross them soon learn this is a bad thing to do. They are swift in their reproach and firm in discipline if someone has crossed them, but they are loyal to a fault and put the welfare of their crew mates first and foremost.
Hobbies & Interests Thal realized at an early age that they were gifted with language, learning them swiftly and marveling in the patterns, development, and culture context. They write poetry and prose in a number of languages, both for the simple enjoyment of it, and to keep their mastery of the languages they speak sharp. They've published a number of anthologies featuring some of these selected efforts paired with the paintings of their th'se.

They also find the old history of their people to be fascinating, particularly in how the history has shaped the language, and in recent years has started to learn more in depth about other cultures histories in an effort to learn how it has shaped their languages.

Personal History Thal lived their first years with their Zhavey and Charan on Andor growing up with their older zhi, younger chi, and their Zhavey's clan in the south. Their shreya and thavan were posted together aboard a science vessel for most of their childhood, their shreya was involved in astrophysics, and their thavan was an engineer. When Thal's gift for linguistics became apparent, all their parents made sure that they were enrolled in a school for gifted children, and were enthusiastic when Thal started talking about putting their linguistic gift to use in Starfleet.

They took the entrance exam for the Academy as soon as they could, and managed to secure a position on their first attempt.