Lieutenant JG Mayoko Takeuchi

Name Mayoko "Kitty" Takeuchi

Position Limbo

Second Position Engineer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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2020-07-07 08:12

Character Information

Op Code Name Thalassa
Overview -Likes-
Seafood, especially squid
Curries, especially Malaysian
Talking with friends and colleagues one on one
The music of Ralph Vaughan-Williams
The music of Gustav Mahler

Anyone attempting to shorten her name to anything other than Mayoko
Meat, in general
Processed foods
Dairy, in general
Refined sugar, especially chocolate
Alcohol, apart from the occasional Sake
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthdate 2 June 2390
Languages Spoken, Read & Written: Japanese, Korean, English, Latvian, Romulan. Read only: Lithuanian, Old Prussian.

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 119lbs
Hair Color Naturally black, dyed russet brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Mayoko is lightly built, small and lithe, extremely pretty and very unimposing. Her features are delicate, her large round brown eyes are typically Japanese as is her overall build and face shape although her nose is slightly more pointed, her mouth slightly flatter and wider and her chin a touch more angular than you may expect from a pure blood Japanese girl, hinting at an element of European ancestry. Her hair is a stylish bob with a right side parting and is naturally very very dark brown, almost black but is coloured dark chocolate brown, a tone which better suits her natural colouring - pale with a hint of rosy pink. Her skin is annoyingly flawless, except for a few lines on the outside of her left arm, left leg, the left side of her body and most obviously over the top of her left hand which are very very slightly pinker than the rest of her skin. when dress code allows she is always to be seen wearing a pair of platinum studs in her ears (although they are often covered by her hair), a Silver necklace , the pendant of which is a Silver embossed square with 'Haru' inscribed on it in Japanese and a selection of Silver rings, simple bands On the thumb and little finger of her right hand and the index finger of her left, and a silver ring on her left middle finger which is adorned with a row of small emeralds. She tends to wear very little in the way of make-up, save some subtle eyeliner and mascara.

Mayoko’s voice is among the higher register and has a slightly breathy quality especially when speaking standard. She is generally softly spoken but has a habit of singing to herself as she works, especially twenty-third century pop songs, often in Japanese. Her singing voice is excellent, a pure, powerful soprano with a hint of breathiness in the lower register.


Parents Aoto Takeuchi (father), b. 2365. Ayaka Takeuchi (née Suzuki, mother) b. 2368.
Other Family Haru Takeuchi (Paternal Uncle), b. 2367.
Haruka Ito (née Suzuki, Maternal Aunt), b. 2363
Nanami Suzuki (Maternal Aunt), b. 2366
Honoka Takeuchi (Paternal Grandfather), b. 2332
Akari Takeuchi (née Abe, Paternal Grandmother), b. 2340
Soma Suzuki (Maternal Grandfather), b. 2330
Anya Suzuki-Vējonis (née Vējonis, Maternal Grandmother), b. 2326
Mayoko Takeuchi Snr. (née Iwasaki, Paternal Great Grandmother), b. 2315
Tain McCulloch, (Boyfriend) b. 2378

Personality Statement (by Captain Gabrielle Mailliard, Previous CO)

It is rare I meet an officer who takes so much delight in their work as Mayoko Takeuchi. Her professionalism and her deep-set knowledge in her field allay any fears of someone so young having such a potentially destructive role. Although it took many months she is now popular amongst the crew, she takes it upon herself to get to know everyone... eventually. She is always inclusive and pleasant, but she is a little shy on first acquaintance and to those who do not know her comes across as somewhat retiring. Underneath the slightly quiet exterior she has a wicked sense of humour and a long mischievous streak, fortunately tempered with ample common sense. She has a fascination for people and devices alike and an eccentric propensity to sing to herself as she works, a facet that would be much more annoying if she didn’t have such a nice voice.

Takeuchi is already a well rounded officer but she lacks the experience in the field and I find myself hesitating when assigning her to dangerous missions. While I have no doubt about her ability to do her demolitions and engineering tasks, as a wider operative she is still building the experience necessary and still has a slight air of vulnerability about her. This is not helped by her build and natural shyness, although I note she has a surprising indifference to personal danger when machines rather than people are involved. It is perhaps not surprising given her past, I feel more experience and training in physicality and dangerous or heated situations would benefit her greatly. I know if she could learn to use and control these sides of herself she could become a very accomplished operative.

In conclusion, I will miss the singing. I will not miss the explosions.
Hobbies & Interests R&D experiments
Twentieth - twenty-fifth century J-Pop, listening and singing
Malaysian cuisine
Romulan language and culture
Japanese literature
Computer systems

Personal History -Early Life and schooling-

Mayoko was born in the Marunouchi district of Tokyo, Japan on 2 June 2390. Her parents Aoto and Ayaka Takeuchi own and operate Takeuchi Kensetsu, a prominent construction and renovation company operating primarily in Tokyo that specialise in renovation and reconstruction of historic skyscrapers.

The progress of a particular project for the company in 2393 saw Mayoko living with her uncle Haru for a six-month period. Mayoko and Haru formed a strong bond in this time and Haru remains her closest friend to this day. Mayoko attended school from the age of five but it became apparent that she wasn’t suited to it and was homeschooled until the age of eleven, often accompanying her mother and father and especially uncle Haru on construction and renovation projects around Japan. Mayoko attended high school in Marunouchi until the age of eighteen where she showed talent for music, design and science. Further to her official schooling Mayoko started an apprenticeship with her parents’ company at the age of sixteen and by the age of eighteen had a raft of civil engineering qualifications and licenses including licenses to operate mining lasers, handle dangerous chemicals and explosives, operate mobile generators and a few others related to the fields of construction and demolition.


For the last year of high school Mayoko had a steady boyfriend, Yushin Mori. Mayoko and Yushin had a generally happy if slightly tumultuous relationship, some strain being caused by Yushin and Mayoko’s uncle Haru not getting along. In August 2408 Mayoko found out she was pregnant and arrangements were made for Mayoko and Yushin to be married in October of that year. A week before the planned ceremony on the evening of 4 October 2408 Mayoko and Yushin had a heated argument which ended with Yushin attacking Mayoko. Yushin gripped Mayoko by the neck and slammed her back against a wall before throwing her onto a glass coffee table which shattered. Mayoko suffered three fractured vertebrae in her neck, a cracked pelvis, serious concussion, multiple contusions from the glass and unfortunately, a miscarriage. Mayoko made a full recovery, however some very faint pink scar lines can still be seen on her left hand side. Yushin was tried for child destruction and attempted murder in January 2409 and was convicted of both crimes when he broke down during cross examination and admitted his goal had been to kill the baby.


After the attack and her recovery Mayoko decided to start a new chapter in her life. She had been headhunted a few months previously by Starfleet but had been unwilling and unable to accept given her pregnancy. Mayoko contacted Starfleet and was readily accepted to start in autumn 2409 after studying for and passing their preliminaries. Mayoko was an excellent student at the Academy, very focused on her studies and little else. In her first week an acquaintance (later a friend) misheard her name and thought she was called Kitty, a drunken mistake which stuck and she was affectionately known as Kitty by some of her friends for the duration of her time at the Academy. Mayoko graduated near the top of her year in 2414 with specialisms in weaponry systems, power systems, structural engineering and chemistry. Upon graduation she was immediately placed into basic intelligence training, followed by an initial assignment to the defiant class intelligence vessel U.S.S. Relentless under Captain Gabrielle Mailliard. Her initial training then deemed to be complete she joined the Joshua Norton as Demolitions Specialist.

-Additional: Medical History-

{{NOTE: Only Amelia Waterhouse is aware of the below. Your character will not be aware of this IC. Characters who have clearance to crew members medical files may be aware if they have occasion to read Mayoko’s medical file, however this falls strictly under doctor-patient confidentiality and should not be discussed in character with anyone other than Mayoko herself.}}

Mayoko's early years were troubled and filled with unhappiness, largely deriving from abnormal development in the womb. The hormones which dictate gender development affected her body but not her brain, resulting in a confusing disparity - her mind female and her body male. Mayoko’s Uncle Haruto noticed certain characteristics in her behaviour around the age of four to five years and alerted Mayoko’s parents. At the age of five her condition was diagnosed and at age eight Mayoko went through a series of procedures at IMSUT (Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo) to correct the problem, allowing her to develop normally from that point.

Research on the condition has been ongoing steadily since the 20th century. In the early 21st century what was thought to be a mental illness previously was proven to be a disparity between the formation of the brain and the body, often caused by an ineffectual hormone surge in the womb which triggers development of the baby as either male or female. In the 24th century and early 25th century the condition is well understood and can be diagnosed in early years with a brain scan, often as part of normal medical monitoring and testing for young children in the federation.

If desired the affected child can undergo procedures to bring body into line with mind, or in very rare cases vice versa. In Mayoko's case replacement organs were grown using engineered versions of her own cells and an operation completed to change her body from male to female. Since age eight Mayoko has developed normally as female, for all intents and purposes living as a female from age five and going through puberty as a female. She has a normal female body, reproductive cycle and is capable of having children.
Service Record 2409 - Enrolled in Starfleet Academy
2414 - Commissioned as Ensign
2414 - Basic intelligence training
2414-2416 - Junior Demolitions officer and Engineer, U.S.S. Relentless
2416 - Assigned Demolitions Specialist, U.S.S. Joshua Norton
2416 - Promoted Lieutenant Junior Grade