Rear Admiral Corey Waterhouse

Name Corey "da Vinci" Waterhouse

Position Fighter Craft Design Team Lead

Second Position Co-Creator Project Torchwood

Rank Rear Admiral


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Character Information

Personal Quote Well, I'll wrap myself in cities I travel
I'll wrap myself in dreams
I'll wrap myself in stranger's arms
But I wish I could wrap myself
In thee.
          Blue Öyster Cult - In Thee

"The pen is mightier than the sword."
"I am not saying you are wrong," the sword master said, "but what is your reasoning?"
"You can't write a love poem with a sword."
"This is true," the sword master conceded. "You need two swords for that, so you meet as equals."
          src, @MicroSFF
Overview Corey has a natural fascination with how things work, making things work, and fixing things that are broken, so everyone who knows him was surprised that he started his starfleet career a pilot instead of an engineer. He did minor in astronautical engineering in the Academy, claiming that double majoring would have cut into too much of his free time. In light of this, and his many other talents, his fellow cadets gave him the call sign "da Vinci".

Gender Male
Species Human
Birthdate May 14th, 2347
Languages Standard, Vulcan (heavily accented, mostly academic in focus), Klingon (heavily accented, mostly verbal only)

Physical Appearance

Height 1.72m (5' 8")
Weight 142 lbs
Hair Color silvery blond
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Corey has tattoos on the outside side of both knees. Done in dark brown ink, in the style of a drawing one might find in da Vinci's notebooks, they are a series of bee's legs, specifically focused on the joints — aka bees' knees. He got the tattoos done after Diziara told him she was pregnant.


Spouse Captain Diziara
Children Captain Amelia Waterhouse
Reverend Noah Waterhouse
Parents Jasper and Evelyn Waterhouse
Sibling(s) Fiona Waterhouse
Lydia Waterhouse
Other Family Jack Figgins, best friend
Nick Crawford, Brother in law, married to Fiona
Jeff Wright, Brother in law, married to Lydia
Niblings: Elizabeth and Rachel Waterhouse (Fiona & Nick); Katherine, Wilbur, Orville, and Milton Wright (Lydia and Jeff)

Personality He is an outgoing and friendly guy, flirting with most anyone who he interacts with. Some people find him intense, as when he is interested in someone or something, he dives in head first and pursues it full on. When he and his best friend Jack aren't posted quadrants apart, they can often be found getting into trouble together.

Corey considers himself to be omnisexual (more commonly called pansexual, but he prefers to use omnisexual because of it's use in reference to Jack Harkness in Doctor Who), as gender and species rarely factor into what he finds attractive. He is offended by open relationships, insisting that if one can not commit to one person in particular, they should either commit to a polyamorous relationship or not bother committing to anyone at all, as he feels just having sex with whoever you want on the side defeats the purpose of a relationship.
Hobbies & Interests


Even with his 'day job' being engineering, Corey is still finds time to tinker, particularly with fixing things, tearing them apart to see how they work, and creating new things. Where in his younger bachelor days, his quarters were typically cluttered with a dozen or so projects in various states of completion, and outside of his bed and the floor there was little uncluttered surface space to be found in his quarters, he's now managed to contain his tinkering to a workshop out of respect for the shared living quarters with his wife.

Finished projects most of the time get gifted to someone who he thinks will appreciate them, particularly to people he considers family. He does keep a few of his favorites around for his own enjoyment, particularly select scale models he's created of some of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions.

Doctor Who

Corey picked up a love for this 20th Century TV show from his father, which has been a parent and child bonding tradition in the Waterhouse family for generations. When the Waterhouse family gets together, discussions about things ranging from Sonic Screwdrivers to which Doctor is the best to who was the best companion can easily occupy hours.

Corey's got a crush on Jack Harkness, who his friend Jack Figgins bears a striking resemblance to. Corey suspects that there might be family ties between Jack Figgins and John Barrowman, who played Jack Harkness in the show, but he has not had the chance to investigate this suspicion.


As a by product of spending so much time around Jack, and Jack enjoying singing so much, the two of them ended up at karaoke joints quite frequently. They became regulars at one called Mack the Knife, which they introduced to Diziara while the three of them were in the Academy together. In his early days of this hobby, Corey was particularly renowned for his inability to carry a tune but still putting on a good show, but eventually he grew tired of being the weak link in the trio and found himself some singing lessons. While he's not noted for his talent, at least his can hit the correct note now.

Pole Dancing

Corey started on this as a means of exercise to keep himself fit, but after he spent enough time in his holodeck program to learn what he was doing, he came to appreciate it for more than just the health benefits. A couple years back, in an effort to provide better enrichment to the shipyard's crews, Corey arranged for a private company to offer a number of courses that would meet these needs. Among them was a pole dance class which he talked his wife into joining him for, and he has earned the nick name Admiral Pole Dance as a result. He simply chuckles, challenges them to find fault in the results of his preferred exercise routine, and points out that some of the skills he's learned have also allowed him better dexterity in the Jefferies tubes and access to more difficult to reach locations.

Personal History Corey was a shy and solitary child. He mostly hid in his room with his books to avoiding the heckling of his older sisters. It wasn't until middle school, when he met Jack, that he started turning into the outgoing person he is as an adult.

His reading focused on geniuses of the past and present, his favorite by far being Leonardo da Vinci. When his father could coax him away from the books and out of his room, it was usually for building projects, either improving their house or recreating this invention or that experiment of one of Corey's heroes. Elementary school science projects usually were the fruits of these bouts of father and son bonding. As time went on, Corey's room soon became full of the finished and unfinished results of these collaborations. As he got older, he did more and more without his father's help, and soon progressed into creating his own designs or tearing apart the cast offs of the family in order to better understand how they worked. It was when he started dissecting the family pets that had died of his sisters' negligence that his mother stepped in and laid out ground rules before she convinced his father to find him workspace of his own.

He met Jack when he was hiding away with his books on his lunch break in middle school. Instead of sitting in the library as usual, he decided that the weather was nice and he'd sit outside to read instead. He thought he'd found a quiet spot no one used, but not long after he'd settled in along came a pair of boys, a year older and rowdy. They had their school lunches in hand, and were talking loudly of pranks they intended to play on teachers and classmates alike. When Corey noticed them, he started to gather his stuff, intending to vacate the spot, but he wasn't quick enough. The largest soon had him in a headlock and was interrogating him on why he was using their lunch spot. Corey was left absolutely speechless, which only seemed to encourage their torture until Jack passed by. Seeing the pair picking on a boy who was easily half their size, Jack rushed in demanding they let him go. They did, but the pair turned towards Jack with the very clear intention of kicking his ass. Corey smartly gathered everything into his bag, but when he saw Jack had every intention of fighting them, he found himself rooted to the spot to watch in a morbid fascination. Much to Corey's surprise, Jack actually won the fight, though he came out of it with a black eye. He warned the bullies that they were not to lay another hand on his new friend and walked over to Corey. Draping an arm around Corey as he guided him away from the bullies, he proceeded to introduce himself and invite Corey over after school. Corey was in awe of his guardian angel, and could do little more than nod and mumble his name when prompted.

The two were inseparable after that, spending afternoons after school together at one's house or the other. Corey's parents were delighted he'd found a friend, Jack's mother was more skeptical until she found Corey helping Jack with his homework and Jack's grades rising as a result of it. Time spent not helping Jack with homework often involved Corey showing him all the stuff he had created on his own and with the help of his father, or Jack dragging Corey out for this sport or that hike. As this went on, Corey found himself with less time for his experiments, and his workspace gradually turned into a clubhouse. He also found himself going to school functions where he'd previously avoided them, and slowly making more friends as Jack introduced him around.

It wasn't until high school that he realized that girls, and even some boys, found him cute. His first date was a double date with Jack and a pair of twins, to an Andorian concert. Jack found himself bored with the concert, his date Rose was enthralled, where Corey and his date Jasmine found the concert to be good make out music. At the all night diner after the concert was over, Jack accused Corey and Jasmine of not paying any attention, only to find himself left out in the middle of a three way discussion about the concert between the twins and Corey.

Finding himself overwhelmed with attention from girls and boys alike, Corey elected not to commit to any person in particular, and soon developed a bit of a reputation. Jack did get a little jealous that his best friend was getting all the attention, but usually was kept placated as he was always Corey's focus and Corey happily set him up on dates aplenty. All this attention had Corey deep in thought on the topic of relationships, and in this deep state of analysis, he soon came to realize he'd been crushing on Jack since the first day they met. As it was clear that Jack was only interested in women, Corey quietly swallowed his interest and made the best of their friendship.

Corey never gave much thought as to what he wanted to do once he had grown up. However, it was clear that Jack was destined for Starfleet from the moment Corey met him, and so he eventually decided to follow his best friend into the fleet. When he told his parents, they assumed he was going to be an engineer, but he insisted he was going to follow Jack into the flight training. He couldn't resist the lure of engineering though, and elected to minor in astronautical engineering to scratch that particular itch. His counselors, instructors, and friends tried to encourage him to at least double major, but the social creature he had turned into by meeting Jack wanted more play time than that would leave him.

His grades were strong through out his time in the Academy, but his participation in extra curricular activities was lax. This left him at a disadvantage when ranked against his classmates. He didn't break any records, never had the top grade in any particular class, but he got a reputation as being the guy everyone wanted in their group for projects, labs, and team training exercises. He was also the person people sought out when they needed a little tutoring, or to catch up on any classes they missed for whatever reason. Those on academic probation in particular spoke of him as a god, hushed voices speaking of his ability to turn a person's grades around after only one study session.

Once he graduated, his postings were nothing of note, his Service Record was pretty average. He was promoted on about a standard pace, got along with his crew mates pretty normally, and didn't do anything to draw negative or positive attention to him outside of his reputation for being able to speak engineer without actually being one. This started to change after he started dating Diziara, after years of the two of them being just friends, and when he decided he aimed to marry her, he proceeded to focus on his career more intently, and transferred from piloting to engineering.
Service Record
  • Graduated Starfleet Academy: June 2369
  • USS Zivojin Misic: June 2369 - December 2374
    • Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade: August 2373
  • USS Freyja: December 2374 - March 2380
    • Promoted to Lieutenant: January 2380
  • USS Monitor: March 2380 - November 2385
  • USS Takeda Shingen: November 2385 - August 2395
    • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander: December 2385
    • Promoted to Commander: July 2393
  • USS Audie Murphy: August 2395 - September 2402
    • Promoted to Captain: September 2399
  • USS Zhukov: September 2402 - March 2404
  • Utopia Planitia: March 2404 - current
    • Promoted to Commodore: March 2405
    • Promoted to Rear Admiral: October 2411


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