Ensign Roxanne Jorgensen

Name Roxanne Arwen Jorgensen "Roxy"

Second Position Pilot

Rank Ensign


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2016-08-14 22:27

Character Information

Op Code Name Leda
Personal Quote "Fate is what you make it"
Overview Her strengths are her wisdom and military law knowledge. Her ability to weigh situations quickly and make assessments on the run. Roxy's athletic prowess is often seen as a good thing, though it comes at a price, often being challenged for one thing or another. Weaknesses, she doesn't think she has any, although some see her hard nosed attitudes as putting her behind at times. She has earned the nickname among those she serves with as the 'Ice Maiden', a name that is known throughout the fleet.
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthdate July 10th 2384
Languages Danish /English//German/Italian and Swedish~Romulan

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 61kgs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Roxy is slim to athletic, finely muscled with a pixie like tapered chin. Her hair is long, waist length and she always keeps it in a perfect military style bun when on duty. She has a scar down her left cheek running from the corner of her eye to the jaw bone. Tattoo on right forearm ‘Fate is what you make it” On left bicep a Maori tribal pattern


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Parents Father: Johan - Mother: Freda
Sibling(s) N/A
Other Family unknown at this time

Personality She is often seen as cold and unforgiving, but never moody. Roxy is approachable as is a must for her position. But she is a stickler for regulations, yet when you get to know her she has a heart of gold. She will defend her friends to the death and is not afraid to speak out if she sees any wrong doing against junior staff even if it means crossing a more senior officer.
Hobbies & Interests Athletics, Martial arts (Tae Kwan Do, Muay Thai). Collecting ancient weapons. Roxanne has a fine assortment of hand pieces from the 20th Century, including a matched pair of Colt .45 Peacemakers. Her other interests include classical music, Roxy is quite accomplished with both Violin and Piano

Personal History Roxanne is the only child of Johan and Freda Jorgensen, born and raised in Copenhagen, her father being a career diplomat, Freda a teacher in English. Coming from a rather privileged background, Roxanne had the world at her feet. The best schools and opportunities, yet she always had a rebellious attitude. Her teen years were plagued with trouble, mixing with the wrong crowds, fights and other misdemeanours. To that point, even when she finally got off her backside and entered University, her parents laid down the law and made her get some discipline, sending her off for training with the Star Fleet Academy. This was strangely more to the girls liking and she soon settled down, serving four years part time after her Law graduation and a PhD later, then attaining proficiency in flying fleet fighters after going through the usual training.

From a young age, the family moved around quite extensively throughout Europe in pursuit of the father’s career. It was this experience that gave the young Roxanne a taste for knowledge and languages, in as much, she learned to speak several fluently; being German, English and Italian. She does speak both Swedish and Norwegian as easily as her own language. During her primary school years, the family lived in Italy for six years and that moment of her life, created a deep love in her for all things Italian.

High School for Roxanne was an exciting time, not counting the last two years when she fell into bad company. But the early years introduced her to sports, track and field being her favoured choices. She focused on Javelin and hurdles, to the extent she represented her country in the World Junior Athletics at sixteen and was later selected to represent Denmark at the Olympics in the Javelin event, only to withdraw due to her commitment with the Fleet. Her own personal best for the Javelin is sixty five metres.
Roxy’s first posting with the Fleet as a young Ensign was with a mixed combat group. She excelled with her skills as a pilot and served well until shortly after her promotion to Lieutenant JG. A tragic accident saw her injured facially and partial loss of vision in her left eye. That sadly was the end of her flying career and from that point on, without missing a beat she went through other various branches of the service until eventually the call went out for security personnel on DS9, she had only received her promotion to Lieutenant a month before. Roxy is though still considered one of the services top pilots despite her handicap.
Service Record Due to the circumstances surrounding her up and down career. Not long after being released from hospital, Roxy was approached by and then recruited to join the Intelligence Division. She had received extensive training in the 'spy' arena which gave her new hope for the future. It was this lift in her CV that had seen her sent to DS9.

Roxy has had her share of ups and downs. Even with the tragic accident thrown in, she had managed to make her way to Lieutenant quite successfully. But it was that little flaw of hers that all too often got her into hot water, defending those she saw as being somewhat defenceless. In both of the two incidents, it was under the same commander, a man who shouldn't even have the bars on his shoulders who took great delight in making NCO's feel smaller than they perhaps even felt when officers were around. She stood her ground in the first instance and won her cause; the second was just a little too much when she all but came close to bringing her fist into close physical contact with that Commander.

He was wrong of course, but that didn't excuse Roxanne's behavior at the time. Luckily for her, the Ship's XO took her side, wrote a brilliant report on her service so that all she had to suffer was being busted down to Ensign, a punishment she gladly took. That report only came about due to the Security Chief Rik Caine's advice to the XO that Roxy was too good an officer to deserve any more severe punishment. They had worked well together between 2412 to 14 and had formed a good working bond. Roxy was rather sad to see him leave in the end; perhaps in some weird way it was because of him she had been transferred to the Norton.

Her role at that time was Second to the Chief of Security, a job she relished in as much as flying. It must be noted that with the loss of her peripheral vision in her left eye, questions were asked as to why she did not elect to simply have it repaired. Her answer each time was straight forward. "I need to learn through hardship, so that I can be a better person." She knew that eventually she would have to have it done.