Lieutenant Lexil

Name Lexil

Position Chief Science

Second Position Medic

Rank Lieutenant


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2021-03-11 10:00

Character Information

Op Code Name Daphne
Personal Quote “In space, no one can hear you complain.” - Toggra of Denobula, 2190
Gender Female
Species Denobulan
Birthdate January 30, 2393
Languages Federation Standard, Denobulan, Suliban, basic Antaran

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 172lbs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description Lexil is average height with a curvy build and is muscular under a layer of cuddly curves, if not really toned. She has a kind oval face, most noticeably punctuated by her light brown eyes. Her typical Denobulan ridges lead up to a high hairline from which flows a river of dark brown hair, straight at the top and moving into waves as it goes down her back, finishing at a point just below her shoulder blades. She wears her hair down on occasion but it is generally in one of a wide assortment of ornate traditionally Denobulan up-dos, especially when working on charts or in meetings and briefings. Her skin could not quite be considered white, perhaps a shade or two darker and is soft and rosy, to match her general disposition which is one of optimism and good humour, often punctuated with a wide and infectious smile that reveals prominent canines slightly reminiscent of a feline. Her left hand and leg are dominant and she primarily uses these rather than her right for activities.


Parents Tilrit (father), fellow of the Denobulan Institute of Space Sciences, Leesil (mother), noted Landscape Gardener and Designer
Sibling(s) Emril, b. 2390. Half sister on Tilrit's side, Graduate Researcher at the Denobulan Institute of Space Sciences. Four half-blood siblings from her mother's side but none from both her parents.
Other Family Too many to list, as is the Denobulan norm

Personality Lexil is generally liked, always having a kind word, a supportive comment or a smile for friend and foe alike. She is curious and inquisitive, almost unbelievably calm while she is not amongst the upper echelons of great minds she is very quick on the uptake. Her most visible flaw is her lack of belief in herself, she knows she doesn’t live up to the highest standards of intelligence set by her peers and compensates by beings extremely hard-working and conscientious.
Hobbies & Interests Water sports, especially water and jetskiing
Vintage sci-fi including the works of Isaac Asimov
Collecting and perfecting new hairstyles, especially 'up-dos'
Baking, especially cupcakes and cookies

Personal History Lexil, often known as Lexi (especially by humans) was born and raised on Denobula, spending most of her childhood living with her parents at the Denobulan Institute of space sciences. She would regularly travel, accompanying her mother to visit clients on other worlds. She had a largely safe and uneventful childhood, aside from one experience in her teens which resulted in the death of her best friend Naani, the daughter of one of her mother's Suliban clients.

Lexil intended to join Starfleet from a very young age but could never quite work out exactly what she wanted to do. She didn't have the body for combat, the mind for scientific research or the fortitude for command. In school as a teenager she enjoyed astronomy and so applied and was accepted to a course at a Denobulan school of science and technology on Astronomy and Stellar Cartography with a minor in Astrophysics. Lexil aced the course and applied soon after to Starfleet Academy.

Lexil was a fairly middling student at the Academy, generally staying out of trouble and focusing on her studies as she had to concentrate immensely hard to stay in the middle of the pack. On the odd occasion she did go socialising her cute looks and warm inclusive personality were welcomed but often brought her unwanted drama. At the Academy she continued her astronomical and scientific studies focusing on her favourite subject of stellar cartography as the preferred specialisation after graduation. For years, lots of hard work and a couple of failed relationships later she graduated towards the lower middle of her year, being assigned initially to the U.S.S. Turing (a Nebula class science vessel) working stellar cartography, astrophysics and planetary geology under first officer and scientific department head Commander T’Lan, herself an astrophysicist.

Lexil’s favourable Denobulan outlook, relative lack of connections and noted adaptability, flexibility and aptitude for thinking on her feet made her an ideal candidate for intelligence training which she started after building up enough experience in her chosen field to work stellar cartography alone. She is now a prominent member of the Joshua Norton's science department and has received a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade for her work during the recent Borg simulation.
Service Record
  • 2411: Enrolled in Starfleet Academy
  • 2415: Commissioned as Ensign
  • 2415-2416: Stellar Cartographer, U.S.S. Turing
  • 2415-2416: Enrolled and completed basic Intelligence training
  • 2416: Assigned U.S.S. Joshua Norton as Stellar Cartographer
  • 2416: Promoted Lieutenant Junior Grade


Meta: Lexil is left handed.