Ensign Lily Charlson

Name Lily Charlson

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Op Code Name Apollo
Overview Tall and eagle eyed, Lily is always looking to learn new tricks
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthdate 26/04/2392
Languages English, Klingon, Romulan

Physical Appearance

Height 5"9
Weight 159 Pounds
Hair Color Jet black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall with dark brown eyes and jet black hair.


Parents Unknown
Other Family Having been left in the dark regarding her parents, she also does not know who her bloodline includes; however she always thought of her closest friends as family.

Personality Lily's passion is caring for and saving people, which she does with quick thinking, but sometimes she has a hard time interacting with people if she's not patching them up medically.
Hobbies & Interests Phaser shooting at the shooting range.
Shooting buck/deer on the shooting range with her trusty Winchester Rifle

Personal History Lily has never known her parents, as she grew up in one of the many childrens homes found in London. Just before her 17th birthday there was a fire set by arsonists that she had narrowly escaped with her life, getting her close friend to safety by dragging her out with her. Her friend had been badly burned though, and Lily had watched on axiously as the paramedics had worked to save her. In the end they were successful, even managing to prevent most scarring that might have been expected in such a case. This was when Lily realized she wanted to be able to save people too. Soon after her 17th birthday she enrolled in paramedic training. She took to it well, swiftly passing the courses she needed, and even extended into elective courses for advanced life saving techniques. She passed the course with flying colours, as well as further certificates in drug therapy and field surgery.

Soon after, she entered Starfleet Academy, where she furthered her studies and focused on security and first responder training. Again she passed with flying colours, missing only one mark on her final exam. Her first assignment out of the academy was the USS Vindicator, where she served as a security officer and was active in ensuring the safety of her Captain.

It was here that she met Noah Waterhouse, the brother of the then Executive officers, and she instantly fell for him. The two grew close, spending much time together, but when his sister was transferred off the ship suddenly, he left too. Lily attempted to stay and continue to work on Vindicator after this, but found that she thought too much of Noah and put in for a transfer when she heard about an opportunity in intelligence to be a field medic on an intelligence ship. She returned to the Academy for the needed intelligence training, and despite failing her first attempt at the final exam, she passed it in the end and has been assigned to join the USS Joshua Norton upon its arrival at Earth.
Service Record * Civilian Paramedic Training
- Graduated Top Honors
* Graduated Starfleet Academy
- Security & First Responder training
- Promoted to rank of Ensign
* USS Vindicator, 2414-2415
- Assigned to position of Security Officer, 2414
* Graduated Intelligence Training, 2416
* USS Joshua Norton, 2416 - Present
- Assigned to position of Combat Medic, 2416