Name Fabla

Position Pilot


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2018-12-22 10:48

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Languages Orion, English

Physical Appearance

Height 5'
Weight 132lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description She's gorgeous and she knows it, but without the pheromones that her people are infamous for, she's just a another pretty green face. She's a healthy trim with curves in all the right places.


Parents Meena (mother), father unknown

Personality Like many orion women, Fabla masqueraded as a slave, but didn't realize until too late that the potent pheromones women of her race depend upon to take control of the situation never developed correctly for her. She found herself in the slave market with no way to control her situation, and none of her people would help her out.

Over the years, she was bought, sold, and used as everything ranging from a nanny, house keeper, chauffeur, prostitute and private sex toy. It was by a stroke of luck that when she was last in the slave market, her previous owner having passed away suddenly and his assets being liquidated, she was happened upon by a Ferengi by the name of Nug, who was searching for someone with piloting skills to outfit a privateer crew. When he offered her freedom and a paying job, she couldn't jump on the opportunity quick enough.

Fabla is a resilient woman, with a wide range of experience due to her days as a slave. When owned by someone else, you have no choice but to learn whatever your master tells you to, so she's learned how to acquire new skills quickly.

Her communication skills can at times be forced and a little awkward. This is a combination of coming from a society where women run the show because of their pheromones, and from not having any say in where her life went for so long due to being a slave.

Her only ambition in life had been to get her freedom. Now that she has it, she's trying to decide what to do with herself. For now, she's content to fly a freighter.

Personal History Her people often place their women in the slave markets to infiltrate other organizations, governments and worlds, and Fabla followed this course. At first, no one noticed anything wrong with her because she'd been working with a couple other women to take over the counsel of a small moon, and the pheromones of her cohorts were sufficient to make the men pliable. Next she was sent alone to influence the owner of a shipping company, in hopes of either using him for transport of goods for the Orion syndicate or changing his routes to make it easier to steal from him, and she found him not pliable like he should have been. With this failure, no one bothered to come retrieve her and with time he grew bored of her and sold her.

She passed through a few owners over the years, eventually resigning herself to her fate.and doing what was expected of her, until purchased by Nug and given her freedom.