Reverend Noah Waterhouse

Name Noah Waterhouse

Position Captain

Rank Reverend


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2021-03-29 10:25

Character Information

Personal Quote
Overview The brother of Amelia Waterhouse, Noah is usually a very easy going and friendly guy, but he is fiercely loyal and protective of those he sees as family. Most of his view on life is painted by a combination of artistic eye and pastafarian belief. On the case of the latter, he is actually ordained as a pastafarian minster.
Gender Male
Species ½ human, ¼ Klingon, ¼ Trill
Birthdate December 2, 2392
Languages Klingon, English, Pirate

Physical Appearance

Height 2.03m (6'8")
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Noah is tall, angular, and slim built. He has a wide welcoming smile, and easy going manner that makes him look nonthreatening. He wears his hair longish, and has a tattoo of a skeleton fish with eye patch and pirate hat on his left shoulder blade. Through the bridge of his nose is a barbell piercing, and on his right wrist he always wears a wide black leather band. He is not often seen without either a spaghetti colander or a pirate hat on his head, the former for informal and the latter for formal occasions.


Parents Rear Admiral Corey Waterhouse & Captain Diziara
Sibling(s) Captain Amelia Waterhouse
Other Family As his parents both raised him to believe that blood is not the only factor used to determine family, Noah has a large collection of people, across many races and cultures, who he calls family. Those who he finds herself closest to are often the ones who are called Aunt or Uncle, many of which who are past or continuing lovers of either or both of his parents.

Personality Noah's chief strengths are his creative view on life, and his desire to help people. His weakness is that he's somewhat zealous in his practicing of the pastafarian faith, and does not understand that a lot of people find it at best a little silly.

Noah's pretty happy with where he is in life. He just wants to keep wandering the stars, spreading the noodley word, and making good art.
Hobbies & Interests Noah spends his free time trying new art styles. It doesn't matter what it is, if he has a chance to try it, he will. He especially savors the chance to learn it from those who do an art form for cultural reasons. He also uses art to spread the noodley word, and teaches as much as he does.

He also had been perfecting the art of making Rum, and his current process receives good feedback from crew, family, friends, and fellow pastafarians alike.

Personal History His parents, Diziara and Corey Waterhouse, are career officers in Starfleet, so Noah grew up on starships. As both of them believed strongly in fostering curiosity, they gave him a long leash when it came to determining his hobbies and courses of studies. He quickly found art, and it resonated somewhere deep inside.

While he was young, Noah's father happened upon a footnote in history about a parody religion that sprung up in the early 21st century. Originally a protest by atheists about the teaching of religious doctrine as science in publicly funded schools, it had become a movement involving people twisting religious customs into pasta and pirate flavored caricatures. This had tickled Corey so pink that he'd jokingly make reference of it in front of his children and wife. Where Noah's mother rolled her eyes, and his sister would giggle and play along, something touched Noah, and he took the pastafarianism to heart.

When his parents first realized he was taking it serious, there was some hesitation and concern over it... but as time went on, and it became clear that he wasn't going to be easily turned from this path of pirates and pasta, they decided to just go with it. The religion, even if sprung from parody and treated as insanity by many who encountered it, ultimately claimed to teach tolerance and love. As long as he held true to that, his parents were hard pressed to attempt to discourage him too much, as long as he did no harm.

He entered the art academy on Andor at 16, became an ordained minister of the pastafarian faith at 17 — which he celebrated by getting a detailed tattoo of a skeleton fish with eye patch and pirate hat on his shoulder (Meta: Tattoo design: Hydrolycus Pyrates). Since graduating from the Art Academy he has taken to wandering in his little ship, The Pelican (named after the original name of Sir Francis Drake's ship the Golden Hind), making art, and speaking of The Flying Spaghetti Monster.