Petty Officer 3rd Class Cecil duPont

Name Cecil duPont

Position Yeoman/Mission Analyst

Rank Petty Officer 3rd Class


  • 15 Mission Posts

Last Post

2019-04-22 07:57

Character Information

Op Code Name Cerberus
Personal Quote "Do you want the Commanding Officer, or the Yeoman who knows what's going on?"
Overview Cecil is the sort of guy who will make a good impression on most, but never really leaves a mark. He works hard and passionate.
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthdate May 10, 2391
Languages Federation Standard, French, Cardassian, Bajoran

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 134lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue


Children Hinrik Redaine duPont
Parents Travis duPont & Asta duPont née Sveinsson

Personality He's got a good head for collecting details, is highly organized, and is quick to grab an opportunity that's presented to him. He's a little free about sharing personal information he collects, and doesn't usually realize when there are details that shouldn't be shared. He doesn't think of himself as a gossip, but he has been accused of being one on many occasions.
Hobbies & Interests Most of his interests are academic. He's constantly reading something; ranging from the latests news, fleet reports new and old on topics he finds interesting within his security clearance, scientific papers that he has varying levels of success understanding, philosophy, and fiction have all graced his PADDs. He has a particular fondness for fiction within the horror, noir, and detective genres.

He also dabbles in hiking, and on occasion he's made attempts at mountain climbing. His gym routine is functional, focusing on treadmill, light weights, and yoga. He's got a pretty good green thumb and his quarters have a number of plants, as well as his having a hand in the construction of an arboretum on Erebus.