Ensign Eifysiene Zivasd

Name Eifysiene Zivasd

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Op Code Name the Siren
Personal Quote "Beautiful lethality, relentless style."
Overview To say Eifysiene was unique was a understatement; being a Muni; or ‘blends’ in Orion comprised of rare Orion subcarriers with non-green, skin colourations she was also a very very small part of population about 1-3% of Orion population is Muni, ‘cause of Beliah’s hybrid status she only some-what accepted into Orion society.

Eifysiene controls her pheromones with a clear patch; it looks very similar to the nicotine patches that people used in the 21st century on Earth to quit smoking. It sends a chemical that tells the gland to essentially under-produce the pheromones.

Eifysiene also goes by Eify pronounced Eye-Fee.
Gender Female
Species Orion - Betazoid hybrid
Birthdate 2395
Languages Federation Standard, Orion, Yrevish, Kolariand Trader's Tongue

Physical Appearance

Height 160cm (5'2")
Weight 70kg (154lbs)
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Violet
Physical Description Eifysiene is a ruddy with green undertones; this skin tone has her a muni in Orion society, this also made her silver hair and violet eye color; because of her violet eye color she’s also known as an ‘erratic’ in Orion society, stick out even more. Beliah also sported an interesting hair-cut not a full mohawk only half of her head was shaved leaving the other half slightly shorter than shoulder length. You can also see a slight lighter color tone of dots running down the side of her face and neck. A very few know that she’s also part Betazoid.


Parents Lirowa (mother/Betazoid) Zataad Zivasd (father/Rhadaman (Arch-Executive)/Orion)
Sibling(s) Still deciding if I want Eifysiene to be a only child or not
Other Family Kytheon Lora (Grand-tahedri (Grand-patriarch)/male Orion) - imprisoned
R'hiyo Girisa (Acting Grand-tahedri (Acting Grand-patriarch)/male Orion/Uncle)
Kubota Girisa (Ludybuai Ot (Mistress)/ female Orion/Aunt)
Satlosi Ghvlaloss (/male Efrosian)

Guel (friend/male Human)

Personality Eifysiene's hybrid status gives her a some-what acceptance into Orion society.

Eifysiene is a young, idealistic and passionate Orion-Betazoid hybrid even with her status as a Muni-Erratic.
Hobbies & Interests Music; mostly electronic-house-chill DJ mixes she also enjoys some good pop-punk rock
Also enjoys Dark Horse comics like 'The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys'
Anything related to the show Doctor Who
MMA (mixed martial arts)/kickboxing

Personal History The Zivasd clan was a fairly small clan; compared to the other clans, by Orion standards very nomadic and spread out within the Orion colonies. The Zivasd clan wasn’t exactly the typical clan, they always had one foot in and one foot out. With them being so nomadic, it allowed them to do a floating-bazaar, which made it easy for the Syndicate to sell stolen goods without the prying eyes of the Federation.

At the age of 12, Zataad suspected after watching his daughter playing on some flight simulators that his daughter had a special gift: the natural ability to pilot anything that flew. So he started giving her simulations — each one getting tougher and tougher — she failed a lot of them but learned from her failures. By age 15 Eifysiene took the civilian pilots licensing exam. Passing the exam, Eifysiene was still limited to shuttlecraft and worker-bee size auxiliary craft; she wouldn’t be able to pilot anything bigger than that until she turned 18.

So for the next year and half Eifysiene was the chauffeur for the more affluent of the criminal underworld. Mostly piloting them between the ships within the bazaar or back to their ship, installation, or planet. With every passenger she took she started creating a database; mostly physical features, any personality traits she picked up along with any key names, words or phrases they said — knowing that at some point her little database could prove useful.

The Zivasd clan had always been on Starfleet intelligence and Starfleet security radar, but infiltrating it was extremely difficult since the location could only be obtained by invite via several prestigious auction houses in which the location of the bazaar was always encoded in a item. Most of the items that held the location were in paintings where the location could be encoded into the frame of the painting or jewelry where the box the jewelry sat in would have the location embedded in it.

As Eifysiene was chauffeuring a few affluent buyers, her shuttle the ‘Marauder’ was intercepted by two Starfleet security flotilla comprising of a Nova-class and two Saber-class destroyers. With her shuttle outgunned and outnumbered, Eifysiene had no choice but to shut down her engines and allow the ‘Marauder’ to be boarded. After herself and the others were put into custody, the ‘Marauder’ was brought into the bay of the USS Vermont (Nova class). What Eifysiene didn’t know was the USS Vermont was a Starfleet intelligence vessel and her captain an intelligence field officer; a Captain Portia Das, the leading expert on the Zivasd clan.

Instead of keeping Eifysiene in a cell, Portia decided to put her in one of the small but more lavish diplomatic suites. Portia’s hope was to turn Eifysiene against her own clan, but Eifysiene had different plans, her database—- or at least part of it —- would help her get out of this. But the plan also made sure she would be shot in the foot as well. Eifysiene wasn’t selling out her family directly, but selling out the people that did business with the Zivasd clan floating-bazaar was just as bad. After several tense weeks Portia finally got her answer, it wasn’t exactly the Zivasd clan but it would be a major blow to several criminal factions and it also meant that Eifysiene was going into hiding as a intel confidential informant.

After a couple of months in a safe house and several more ‘interrogations’ Starfleet intelligence realized that Eifysiene wasn’t going to flip on her family and they also knew that releasing her wasn’t an option either. Prior to being caught she had some very close calls with Starfleet patrols, always seeming to know exactly what vectors to use to escape tight situations. This got her the alias ‘the Golden Vector’ within Starfleet intelligence. In fact it was one of the main reasons a flotilla was sent to grab her, knowing that she could escape one and even two ships. But they also saw a possibility of having someone like Eifysiene and realizing that the Zivasd clan could be an entrance point to take down a larger part of the snake.

Eifysiene was also realizing that she was truly running out of options — she needed to keep that database and everything that she didn’t tell intelligence for her safety. After a few more months in captivity, Eifysiene decided to play a major card, a card that would guarantee she couldn’t return home ever. But she would only deal with the person that captured her, Captain Portia Das.

The person she gave up was her grandpa, Kytheon Lora, the patriarch of the clan. After verifying the information a plan was put into place to arrest Kytheon and anyone else that might be there. But when Starfleet security arrived there was only one small courier vessel with Kytheon, his wife, and a few of his staff; almost like he knew that Starfleet would be arriving. After exploring the possibility that Eifysiene alerted Kytheon Lora, they were unable to prove that she either contacted him directly or used someone to get a message to him. Despite this lack of information, they still suspected she had a hand in warning him.

It was Portia that convinced the higher ups that Eifysiene was still a valuable asset to them and repeatedly reminded them that she delivered the elder patriarch of the Zivasd clan. It was a slow process, but between Portia’s persistence, and lack of hard evidence, the higher ups finally agreed to give her the benefit of the doubt for the time being, but they also made sure that Portia knew if she was wrong, it was her head that would roll.

But luckily for Portia and Eifysiene information had been leaked to the FNN about a future raid on a non-Syndicate Orion clan, allowing them to prepare when they saw the report. That still didn’t get Eifysiene off the hook seeing as she could’ve been the one that was the source of the leak. As the investigation continued she recognized a name; the women was an aide to the lead liaison officer from Starfleet security. Supported by evidence from her database that proved this woman had done this before under another alias, Eifysiene was able to point the investigation in the right direction. After giving this up, it cleared Eifysiene’s name for the leak and the lack of arrests outside of Kytheon, his wife, and few other low-level members of the clan.

So she was given an option join Starfleet, go through the academy and then intelligence training, and become an intelligence operative, or stay in ‘witness protection’ for the rest of her life. But the deal had a timeline of 72 hours; if she didn’t come to a decision, the decision would be made for her and it would witness protection for life. True to herself, Eifysiene took the whole 72 hours but finally decided to join the people that ‘caused this mess in the first place.

So like they promised, she did her four years in the academy finishing her intelligence training on her 21st birthday. Her primary function would be as a pilot seeing as her skills were in that area. Also while in the academy she was fitted with a device that would control the amount of pheromones she produced, essentially neutering her without surgical alterations.