Sarik tr’Vrenak

Name Sarik tr’Vrenak

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Character Information

Overview Sarik was 10 years old when Romulus was destroyed, so he didn't full understand what had happened, nor did he understand the political vacuum that existed right after. All he understood was his twin sister and father had been on the planet at the time, and he would never see either again. As he continued to grow, he became more and more frustrated with what the government did not seem to be doing for the people. If he and so many others had lost large portions of their families, was it not important to rebuild quickly and strongly to honor their memories. The Ralaaram Ocala spoke to his frustrations, and he soon found himself going to their political rallies and spreading their word. When they attempted their coup, he watched in horror as they failed miserably to learn from the mistakes of the Cretak family's coup only years before, and account for the Federation being likely to get called in. His criticsm of the falled and failed leader, in turn lead to him getting pushed into a position of power.

Aside from the attempted joint coup, which the Cretak family suggested and then backstabbed them on promised compromises before the coup was even successfully executed, he has been mostly satisfied to watch and manipulate from the shadows as he seeks a better and more covert angle to take power from.
Gender Male
Birthdate 2377

Physical Appearance