Empress Janicka Selok

Name Janicka Selok

Position Empress in Exile

Rank Empress


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Character Information

Overview Janicka is a second cousin of the Empress at the time of the destruction of Romulus. As she was the closest living family member to the deceased Empress, she was soon coronated in order to establish her authority and quickly restore the morale of the people. She was ennamoured with Bok'ra Dor, and made many appearances at his rallies leading up to election, as well as many public speaking engagements after he assumed power. This perhaps helped in shaping his landslide victory, as the people saw this as an endorcement by the Empress.

In recognition of the part she may have played, Bok'ra paid a call upon her in order to thank her in person, and the two formed a fast friendship, finding themselves to be of the same age, and surrounded by the same sorts of much older people trying to control their lives. She stood by his side when he reached out to the Federation to form the peace treaty, and has continued to show her trust and support of him since then.
Gender Female
Species Romulan
Birthdate 2368

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown



Character Signature Empress Janicka Selok
Deposed Empress
New Romulan Star Empire