Chief Petty Officer Bethania

Name Bethania

Position Nurse

Rank Chief Petty Officer


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Character Information

Op Code Name Aphrodite
Personal Quote "If music be the food of love, play on," Twelfth Night
Overview Fun loving, free of spirit, but fantastically dedicated to her profession and the well-being of others in all fashions.
Gender Female
Species Risian
Birthdate 12th April 2384
Languages Risian, Federation Standard, Cardassian

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 5½ in or 166 cm
Weight 52 kg or 115 pounds
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Slim and beautifully formed, as most Risian females are, Beth has never had an issue with her body image. Her long blonde hair is most frequently tied back for work but when not on duty she prefers to wear it loose. Her green eyes vary in hue depending on the light. She doesn't wear a lot of make up on a regular basis, but she does enjoy dressing up, and the of course includes killer heels when possible. She doesn't mind showing a lot of skin if the occasion allows for it, but she's keen to not make anyone feel uncomfortable with her choice of attire.


Parents Darune (father) and Aridne (mother)
Sibling(s) Tessile (younger sister)
Harvan (younger brother)

Personality Beth loves fun, she always has, and like many of her species she isn't afraid of being open about her sexual preferences. She holds true to the work hard, play hard opinion that many people don't realise they hold. She's always happy to help, no matter what the situation and has a variety of ways to work out what her fellow crew members really need out of a conversation.

Despite always being up for a laugh she is fiercely dedicated to her work, which shows in her career progression, though for her it's more about the act than the rank.
Hobbies & Interests Beth has always been active, she's quite athletic, and when she home she loves going for a run on the beach, swimming in the ocean and basically any kind of sport that can be played in a sports bra, shorts, and in the sun. She's not afraid of trying new things, and she's quite musical. She enjoys playing the Risian Harp and the flute.

Service Record 2402 - Graduated from Risian Education
2403 - Joined the Risian Entertainment Industry Medical Team
2404 - Completed basic training
2406 - Enrolled at Starfleet Technical Services Academy
- Participated in Xenobiology Medical Training
2408 - Graduated from Starfleet Technical Services Academy
- Promoted to rank of Crewman
- Assigned USS Baden Powell
2409 - Promotion to Petty Officer Third Class
2411 - Promotion to Petty Officer Second Class
2412 - Approached by Intelligence, and attended Intelligence Training
2413 - Assigned USS Mae Jemison
2414 - Promotion to Petty Officer First Class
2416 - Assigned USS Joshua Norton
- Promotion to Chief Petty Officer