Lieutenant Caterina "Kate" Edanza

Name Caterina "Kate" Lena Edanza

Position Chief Tactical

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Op Code Name Circe
Personal Quote That’s a terrible idea. What time?
Live like you mean it.
Fortune favors the bold – Terence
Overview Kate is a dedicated Starfleet intelligence officer with a mischievous streak and a passion for thrill-seeking.
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthdate 6/2/2386
Languages Federation Standard, American English, Italian, Romulan

Physical Appearance

Height 1.7m (5’8”)
Weight 59kg (130lb)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Kate is a 30-year old human female in excellent physical condition. Standing just over average height for her species, she is lean and strong for her size. Her most notable features are her jet-black hair, crystal blue eyes and her roguish, Mona Lisa smile. She speaks in a neutral Federation Common accent but can put on a flawless New Yorker or Italian accent whenever in the mood.

Kate has many scars and a history of several bones broken while parachuting, kickboxing, or any of her other dangerous hobbies. She has several body piercings, though she doesn’t wear much bling when on duty. She has piercings visible in both her upper and lower lobes, her left eyebrow, right nostril, and belly button.


Spouse None
Children None
Parents Marco Edanza (64), a retired restaurateur; and Angela Edanza (65), a retired schoolteacher, who live in the greater New York area on Earth.
Sibling(s) Stefano Edanza (34), older brother
Anna-Maria Knight (32), an older sister.
Other Family Both of Kate’s siblings are married and have started families. These include a niece and nephew named Stella Giuseppina Edanza (2) and Jayden Knight (1); whom Kate adores.

Personality Kate is an intelligent, playful, free-spirited original thinker who was born to conduct covert operations. Crafty and mischievous, her Mona Lisa smile and crystal blue eyes often hide something nefarious. A decisive leader, she has a history of making difficult decisions under fire.
Although she is a thrill-seeker and an adrenaline junkie, her dedication to her craft and her team prevent her from asking others to take unnecessary risks (even though she often takes those risks herself). She loves being an Auntie even though she doesn’t see her niece and nephew in person very often. She also loves mentoring younger crew members when given the chance.

Kate has always disliked applying sexual orientation labels to herself. (If asked, she usually refers to her orientation as “fluid”). Her first love has always been her career, but she has been in a few relationships along the way with men and women.

In addition to her personal behavior being a bit on the reckless side, she also has a bad habit of finding humor in other’s troubles. This schadenfreude, together with her driven and thrill-seeking behavior, can make it difficult for her to form lasting relationships.
Hobbies & Interests Kate loves anything dangerous. Her top two hobbies are skydiving and kickboxing, which she practices as regularly as she can for real or in holodecks.

Personal History Kate grew up in the greater New York area as the youngest daughter in a family proud of their predominantly Northern Italian heritage. A troublemaker from a young age, Kate’s favorite pastime was driving her father crazy, such as by intentionally mixing up words in the Italian they spoke at home, or by insisting their surname was Serbian in origin.

She often would enlist the aid of fellow classmates to pull elaborate pranks on their teachers, to the point that she was kicked out of multiple schools. Her mother, a schoolteacher herself, was mortified by these antics, but appreciated the intricacy of Kate’s schemes. Eventually Kate went too far, though, and her father made good on a previous threat. Her parents packed her up and shipped her off to the New York Military Academy (NYMA) in nearby Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY. To everyone’s surprise—including Kate’s—it was just what the doctor ordered.

Kate thrived in the competitive environment of constant mental and physical challenges, and for the first time she knew what she wanted to be: a Starfleet officer. One of her advisors recommended that she try for a post in Starfleet Intelligence due to her talent for conducting covert operations around campus. Everything clicked, and her grades and experience eventually earned her a place in the Academy.

As a driven, goal-oriented Cadet, Kate did well at the Academy and managed to make several friends along the way. Cillian Jarkil was one of them. The ace pilot and she became close friends after he helped her pass her piloting exams. As thrill-seeker by nature, Kate was guided by Cillian to make more sane choices in the pilot seat. His help doubtless saved her life (as well as a few shuttlecraft) on more than one occasion.

That thrill-seeking nature also led her to take part in skydiving clubs, which eventually led to her becoming HALO (high altitude, low opening) jump qualified while at the Academy. In the skydiving groups she made a few good friends, including Talia Refelian, a younger classmate. She would later serve with Talia again on two other ships.

Perhaps her most notable acquaintance during the academy was with her fellow cadet, Amelia Waterhouse, whom was in the same graduating class as Cillian and Kate. Amelia and Kate didn’t begin seeing each other until senior year after Amelia turned 18. Their romance was intense but brief. At graduation, the two parted amicably, both realizing the difficulties of trying to manage a long-distance relationship with their shared line of work. They two have stayed in touch over the years and remain friends.

Kate later served admirably as an intelligence officer in two tours of duty before her current assignment, earning the rank of Lieutenant and the role of Chief Tactical Officer.
Service Record 2404 Graduation, New York Military Academy (Secondary School) (age 18)
2404 Recruitment to Starfleet Academy
2408 Graduation from Starfleet Academy, B.S. in Military Intelligence Gathering and Tactics (age 22)
Promoted to rank of Ensign
2408 Assigned to the USS Eleanor Roosevelt as an Infiltration Specialist
2412 Promoted Lt JG (age 26)
Assigned to the USS Billie Holiday as Assistant Chief tactical officer 2416 Promoted to Lieutenant (age 30)
Assigned to (TBD) as Chief Tactical Officer


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