Ensign Talia Refelian

Name Talia Refelian

Position Forensics Specialist

Rank Ensign

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Character Information

Op Code Name Themis
Personal Quote “It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. It biases the judgement.” – Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Scarlet

Talia is a highly motivated and driven individual with an almost annoying curiosity into how and why things are why they are. Combined with an infectious enthusiasm and positivity makes Talia, to some, intolerable but to most well liked. While incredibly driven to be the best at what she does, her need to solve the problem means she takes failure personally, and worst feels like she is letting down the victim she tries to speak for through her work. Constantly drinking K-Va, an energy drink she created with her sister, means she is often perceived as eccentric and excitable but really, she is very meticulous and detail-orientated.

Gender Female
Species ½ Bajoran, ½ Human
Birthdate 28 July 2389
Languages Federation Standard, Bajoran, Vulcan, Klingon.

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 126 lbs
Hair Color Brown, dyed dark pink
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description

Talia is of average height and a slender build. With the Bajoran genes being dominant to her Human genes, Talia has distinct nose ridges. Growing up, she enjoyed emulating her favourite video game characters and often changed up her appearance as a result, leading some to mistakenly judging her as being flaky. While she prefers her hair down, when working, or working out, she will often tie it back in a bun or double vertical bun.Typically, her hair is pink unless regulations require a more formal appearance in which case she reverts back to her natural brown. Her Bajoran earring is gold and a pale pink gemstone native to Bajor; a family heirloom that she wears with pride. She has bright blue eyes and a pale complexion. Talia has four tattoos, a tri-force from her favourite retro videogame on her wrist, ancient Bajoran scripture and vines intricately weaving all the way up her left arm, an ethereal polar bear on the back of her right calf and her sister’s gamer tag emblem with the birthdates of her siblings and parents inside it on her right inside forearm.


Spouse None
Children None
Parents Commodore Marcus Refelian (Director - Internal Affairs, Starfleet)
Jaxa Refelian (Belaklavion first chair, Federation Philharmonic Orchestra)
  • Lt Commander William Refelian (35) (Chief Engineer, USS Echo)
  • Marika “Nyx” Refelian (31) (Pro-Gamer)
  • Cadet Naomi Refelian (18) (Freshman, Starfleet Academy
  • Other Family
  • Jonas Refelian 14th generation paternal ancestor who was transported in time to 2416. Currently undergoing debriefings, acclimatisation and reintegration at Starfleet HQ.

    A full family tree can be viewed online at Family Echo

  • Personality

    While her appearance can often be misleading or disarming, Talia is very cheerful, hardworking, empathetic, dedicated and very smart. She is fiercely loyal and honest and can be a bit stubborn when she knows her cause is just, or there is a puzzle that needs to be solved. Her deeply inquisitive nature, combined with a slight hyperactivity, has been known to be exhausting to some. Her family are incredibly important to her, especially her older sister who is her best friend. She can be a bit awkward in large crowds, but one-on-one is very affable.

    Hobbies & Interests

    Growing up Talia always had such a fascination with puzzle solving that she was naturally drawn to science and instantly fell in love with the subject. Growing up with her parents doing the work they did, justice was a concept introduced at an early age which also fascinated Talia and she quickly became obsessed with the two fields of thought, and where they intersected. Outside of these academic pursuits Talia, like her sister, was hugely into video games, retro and new. When she joined Starfleet, as a congratulations present, her engineer brother made her a handheld device that plays thousands of games from the twentieth century up to more recent releases. Spawning out of her love of games Talia is a bit of an adrenaline junkie and really enjoys springball, hover-bike racing and other extreme sports like skydiivng, HALO jumping and snowboarding. More recently, since getting close to her brother’s wife, she has started playing Kal-toh and learning the martial art of Suus Mahna; trying, as she often does, to master them both.

    Personal History

    On July 28, 2389 Talia Refelian was born as the third child of respected Bajoran musician Jaxa Refelian and then-Captain Marcus Refelian during a return trip from Bajor to Deep Space Nine, the command posting for Marcus which he had taken in 2385 following his work as part of the legal team that saw Bajor admitted to the Federation in 2383. Talia was not due for another month making the birth a surprise to all; as such, the family did not quite make it to the infirmary and Talia was delivered on Landing Pad C. Talia’s early childhood was a happy one; she attended the school on the station and made friends with the other children and would often be seen running around on the Promenade, much to security’s annoyance. From a very young age Talia expressed a deep interest in science and puzzle solving.

    Growing up on Deep Space Nine was an amazing experience for Talia who enjoyed seeing all the people coming and going and the exposure she got to other cultures. When she was old enough, Marika took Talia to the Arcade where she got her first taste of video games and fell in love. When she wasn’t studying or playing Talia became enthralled with games and begun delving into the Federation Archives to see and play what existed in both Human and Bajoran cultures. It was during this time that Jaxa gave birth to her fourth child, Naomi. Talia instantly took to the role of big sister.

    In 2403 when she was 14 Talia was in a prayer sermon in the Bajoran Temple when an Orb was opened. While a lot of the specifics of what she saw are now hazy, she firmly remembers that she was given a cause; to fight injustice and for those who had their voice silenced. Immediately afterwards Talia, scared, ran out of the temple and bumped into her brother, William, who had just graduated the Academy and was at Deep Space Nine to meet his new posting as an engineer on the USS Echo. William was able to calm his sister down, and while he doubted her story as interactions with Orbs in that way were incredibly rare he talked to her about their father and the concepts of bravery, intelligence and compassion being vital for excelling in Starfleet and if she was determined to pursue justice she could combine that with her love of science and explore forensics as a career path.

    Just a few months later things changed for the Refelian family. Jaxa accepted a seat within the Federation Philharmonic Orchestra and Marcus was offered the position of Deputy Director of Starfleet’s Internal Affairs. With both parents accepting their new roles, the family had to leave Deep Space Nine; Talia was angry at first because she loved the station; the only home she had ever known but after many late-night conversations with Marika, grew excited at the prospect of living on Earth. The family moved to an apartment in the Holborn area of London; in what used to be the country’s main criminal courthouse during the twenty-first century.

    Talia loved school, loved learning and especially loved sciences. When not working she was playing video games with her sister, spending time with family which included vacations to visit her Bajoran relatives. She loved being a part of two distinct cultures and being on Earth allowed her to explore that side of her in more depth. In particular, Talia was fascinated by law and order due to the history of her new home. She had a close-knit group of friends who to this day she considers family.

    It was during this time the unthinkable happened. News spread quickly at school that Admiral Christopher Refelian, Talia’s parental grandfather, for treason. While the details were kept out of the press that didn’t stop the bullying. Especially as it was Marcus that had carried out the arrest. Talia was thankful for her sister and friends who kept her strong and out of fights, but the experience only strengthened her morals and values.

    From the age of 16, Talia helped her sister’s growing gaming career by working part-time as her assistant; and went to every show and competition she could. Having an affinity for science; and remembering some of the old recipes her maternal grandmother shared; Talia helped her sister and her business manager come up with an energy drink K-Va; made with the Bajoran Kava fruit. From that day forward; Talia has consumed K-Va almost exclusively.

    While not wanting to leave her sisters, especially Marika who by now was Talia’s best friend, she knew it was time to follow her path and join Starfleet. Having researched every sciences avenue, how to apply and what all the tests consisted of, Talia talked, at length, to Marcus about her chosen path, forensics. Marcus couldn’t help but agree considering his daughters love of science and strong sense of justice, something that inspired him in his newly appointed post as Director of Internal Affairs and promotion to Commodore.

    Talia applied to Starfleet Academy in 2406 and after being put through rigorous entrance exams, physical tests and psychological evaluations was accepted into the class of 2407. As a congratulations gift from William Talia received a handheld console that allowed her to play thousands of historic, retro and modern games. It was at this time Talia had her tattoos done by a fantastic artist in Tokyo. Talia joined Starfleet with one of her best friends from school, a Klingon named Ishk'a. The two were inseparable and shared a dorm room at the Academy. While Ishk'a pursued medicine, Talia was firmly on the sciences track. The two often pursued extreme sports when not studying hard for their classes and exams. Hover bike racing, snowboarding, HALO jumping and skydiving predominantly. It was in the skydiving and HALO jumping sessions that Talia met and befriended a final year cadet named Caterina Lena Edanza. When they weren’t doing that, Talia and Ishk’a enjoyed the bars of San Francisco, including one that styled itself on a retro arcade. As soon as she could, Talia declared her major as forensic science with a minor in forensic anthropology. Talia graduated in the top five percent of her class.

    Upon graduating in 2410, Talia was encouraged by her instructors to apply for Intelligence Training School as that would afford her the best opportunities to develop her clear talents for forensic science. So, rather than accepting a posting immediately, Talia carried out further training to make her qualified for intelligence work. Sure enough, one month prior to the training being completed Talia received her first posting; as a forensics specialist aboard the USS Billie Holiday. A year into the assignment Talia was excited that Caterina was going to be joining her on the tour. Rekindling the friendship from where they left off at the Academy, the two enjoyed downtime in the holodeck trying out new skydiving and HALO jumping programmes. During once such adventure, Talia managed to break her arm which required medical treatment.

    In 2415, Starfleet Intelligence HQ notified Talia that she had been reassigned and she was to report back to Earth to teach a class in forensics at the Academy. En-route she was briefed that this was to be a cover and she was to work with Internal Affairs and Starfleet Security to investigate a drug incident that had taken place on campus just weeks prior. Talia recalled the story as she was concerned for her youngest sister, Naomi, who had just enlisted herself.

    Arriving on Earth, Talia joins up with Starfleet Security to begin the investigation.

    Service Record
  • 2405 - 2407 - Student / Assistant to Marika “Nyx” Refelian
  • 2407 - 2410 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy
  • 2410 - 2411 - Intelligence Training, Starfleet Intelligence Training School
  • 2411 - 2415 - Forensics Specialist, USS Billie Holiday
  • 2415 - Present - Forensics Specialist / Academy Tutor, Starfleet Academy, Earth

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