Chief Petty Officer Ludwig Ryan

Name Ludwig Ryan

Position Nurse

Rank Chief Petty Officer


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2021-11-07 11:18

Character Information

Op Code Name Dionysus
Gender male
Species human
Languages Standard, German, Vulcan

Physical Appearance

Height 1.88m
Weight 82 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Brown


Parents Elma & Rufus Ryan
Other Family Maternal Grandfather, Ludwig Stauss (deceased)

Hobbies & Interests Even though he decided not to pursue a career as a concert violist, he still keeps in practice and can occasionally be talked into pulling it out for close friends. He's also taken a casual interest in alcohol collection, typically picking up a bottle of something unique every time he takes shore leave while assigned to a ship. He's generous in sharing the contents of his collection with anyone he considers a friend, though he is understandably protective of the half finished bottle of pre-nova Romulan Ale.

He has a small collection of replicated reproductions of all of Franz Kafka's published works, and his parents keep a first edition of Der Process for him at their home since he does not feel a starship is a safe enough place for such an irreplaceable treasure. He has considered donating it to a museum or another collection of antiquities, but it was his grandfather's and was gifted to him by his grandmother on his sixteenth birthday.

Personal History Ludwig was named for his grandfather, who had died on Galen IV about a decade before. Ludwig grew up hearing of his grandfather often — he'd been a doctor and frequently traveled to Federation colonies where he felt he could be the greatest help. He'd been due to leave at the end of the month when the Talarians had attacked the colony there as part of the border dispute with the Federation.

From an early age, his parents encouraged him to try his hand at a number of things — sports, art, music, writing, history, science, no subject was neglected. He seemed to have primarily settled on the Viola as his primary focus by his early teens, but he showed a natural aptitude for nurture, and was soon convinced to give medicine a try. He wasn't interested in the sheer amount of education needed to become a doctor, but the high level of involvement of nursing with the patients appealed to him and he soon started down that path. Starfleet recruiters showed up at his school, looking for upcoming and recent graduates that would be interested in a Starfleet career. Ludwig considered it to be a fitting nod to his grandfather, in that a starship would have the potential to travel and help many people. He did his clinical training at Starfleet medical in conjunction with his enlisted training and was soon assigned to an exploration vessel.

Over the years he's moved from one deep space assignment to the next, occasionally pulling tours closer to home when the paper pushers said he'd volunteered for too many deep space assignments.
Service Record Overlapped with Beth on USS Mae Jemison when writing service record.