Ensign Siriad sh’Eikshah

Name Siriad sh’Eikshah

Position Security Personnel

Rank Ensign


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2020-06-01 10:23

Character Information

Op Code Name Tyche
Personal Quote Barrel up front with two hands to guide it
Overview Siriad is a young, somewhat naïve but bratty girl. Although she’s intellectually quite gifted, her lack of experience often lead her to freeze up in unexpected situations. Although she acts distant Siriad is actually is a spontaneous quick-witted girl, something that she believes is not something fit for her position.
Gender Shen
Species Andorian
Birthdate 5 November 2394
Languages Andorii, Federation Standard, Vulcan (speech only), Low Orion, Ferengi

Physical Appearance

Height 1.67m (5'5 ft)
Weight 44kg (98 lbs)
Hair Color White
Eye Color Ruby Red
Physical Description Siriad is a small girl, both for her species as her age. With her 5'5 height she's quickly intimidated, and as a result she often treats taller colleagues harsher in a face to face confrontation in order to show that she's not afraid of them. Siriad is athletically build, yet deceptively strong. Ever since she was a small girl she has always been on the slim side, something she was quite fond of. She enjoys keeping her body top-fit in order to keep her condition and her lesser endurance as andorian from interfering with the different martial arts she's fond of trying.

Siriad's skin can best be described as a light sky blue, in opposite of her more dark coloured parents. Her eyes are bright red as contrast to her light coloured skin, and although they initially seem soft she is incredibly capable in hardening them to a hard glance, something which certainly help her with certain matters that require intimidation.

Siriad's hair is long and purely white. She enjoys keeping it loose and is willing to spend more time in the morning to enable her to keep it that way. On very strict occasions she's known to tie her hair up, although this often also happens if she's very nervous about something.

Siriad isn't known for wearing anything eccentric, but if it was up to her she would always carry her ushaan-tor to wherever she goes. She's very proud of her heritage, but enjoys it more to talk about other cultures. She's also known to change her hair and clothing style per occasion, often tied to the persons she expected to meet. These choices often are based on the other person's race, as well as other factors.


Spouse None
Children None
Parents Shryhl Th'ochyllis (Andorii Ambassador), Thiv Ch'zhiathrok (Andorii Merchant), Pyza Sh'achykrik (member of the qavni), Throthaot Zh'kialnak (Language Teacher)
Sibling(s) None
Other Family None

Personality Siriad is someone best described as a studious, smart and eager person mostly held back by things she views as fit or unfit for someone like her. Although appearance may look the opposite, Siriad is actually very unsure about herself, and as a result is always looking for validation for her efforts. This however has resulted in a stern, enthusiastic type that won’t easily back down once she has set her eyes ononto something. She often acts harsh and cold towards new people, this is due to her (perhaps somewhat exaggerated amount of) of dutifulness as well as her insecurity.
Hobbies & Interests Siriad is extremely interested in learning about other cultures, and especially their fighting style and use of weaponry. Originally this hobby was instilled by one of her fathers, who is an andorii ambassador, but the shared love for languages her mother taught also had a big influence on her. Aside from being.

Personal History When Siriad was 6 her big affinity for learning, especially learning languages got discovered by her mom, who coincidentally was a language teacher. In the years that followed Siriad was put apart from her fellow peers to be taught privately. 6 years later her drive to explore the unknown was finally satisfied once she was allowed to travel with her dad, whose profession was ambassador. When she travelled along her dad and got introduced to all new kinds of cultures especially the combat forms and in extension their weapons intrigued her. As an andorian she had been well versed in the cultural ushaan. Eventually she decided to spend her spare time learning about the different kinds of weapons and how to utilize them. By the time she enrolled for SFA she already was more than familiar with most of the common weaponry.

Once she finally enrolled in SFA, Siriad was going through a hard time. Due to her life before school she had a hard time adjusting to the people around her as they were a different age than she was used to. This ended up with her getting isolated from the others, something which needlessly made her school life a lot more harsh. Due to these circumstances she got the reputation of being a lone, distant and silent person. This eventually resulted in her unsure, but sometimes harsh behaviour on things that aren't going as she had expected, and often secludes herself from the others in order to write or play/sketch some of her favourite weapons.

In the next years of SFA Siriad prove to be a skilled diplomat and translator, although her true passion and skill lied with her knowledge of arms and other related topics, and after the required intel training she was allowed to graduate as weapons officer. To her delight she was commissioned and assigned to the Joshua Norton to start her new personal adventures into the unknown
Service Record 2412 - Enrolled into SFA, diplomatic track.
2414 - Switched to tactical track.
2415 - Completed routine intelligence training.
2416 - Commissioned at the rank of Ensign.