Ensign Aemrys t'Laris

Name Aemrys i-Brel’kar t'Laris

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Op Code Name Nemesis
Personal Quote "Heis'he ishae, Kheh'irho ishae, Llaiir ishae, merht ahr'lhao draed lli lloannvher." - The Romulan Way
Translation: "Love burns, Ale burns, Fire burns, but cold where life is without them."
Overview A rather timid and shy girl on the outside, Aemrys always aims to end conversations before they have even taken their proper course. Highly independent, Aemrys will always attempt to do something herself, even if what she is doing will ultimately fail, she will always stubbornly try to get the task done. A rather curious girl, Aemrys has a tendency to stare at another individual, especially if they are strangers, for a prolonged period of time; usually with a stare of amazement. She knows this to be rude however, and will always try to catch herself before anybody else can notice, usually diverting her gaze elsewhere.
Gender Female
Species 1/2 Vulcan 1/2 Romulan
Birthdate December 24th, 2393
Languages Federation Standard, Rihan(Imperial Standard), Vulcan, Upper Silesian, Korean(Conversation only), and Low Orion(Conversation only)

Physical Appearance

Height 5’8” (177 cm)
Weight 143 lbs. (65 kg)
Hair Color Originally jet black, often dyed in other color.
Eye Color Emerald Green
Physical Description A woman of just average height, Aemrys has always floated on the slim side when growing up –either that be a result of her Vulcan mother’s rigid regime of martial arts training or the fact that the food on a space freighter is often focused on cramming the most nutrition into the smallest mass. Regardless, she was always healthy and had the body of a professional athlete.

Aemrys possesses a head full of jet black hair, though she has a tendency to dye it in different colors. She shy's away from anything flamboyant however, often choosing something more natural such as hazel, ginger, or even blonde. Aemrys often keeps her hair trimmed down to her shoulder, usually wearing it in a bob though there are the times when she would wear it past her shoulders, usually in the form of braided ponytails or pigtails. Her eyes are of a light emerald green, though she has a nasty tendency to stare at another individual for far too long, sometimes even widening her eyes whilst she stared. Under the right conditions or when permitted, Aemrys wears two dangling earrings, often in the shape of a raptor talon—gifts from her father. Other jewelry includes a necklace of an emerald style jewel, tied around her neck by a piece of leather—a gift from her mother. Aemrys often wears a light coating of makeup, usually lipstick or eyeliner. She rarely wears foundation, given the natural smoothness of Vulcanoid skin. Her skin color is also that of a pearly white, as opposed to the usual bronze of Vulcanoids. A training incident has left their mark on Aemrys, in the form of a vertical scar over her left eye. Her right hand has also been replaced by a prosthetic hand following an incident during her first infiltration operation in the Orion Syndicate.

As for more exotic, personal aesthetics, Aemrys have two distinctive tattoos. Firstly, the characters “사랑해영원히” tattooed on the inside of her left forearm. Secondly, a large web of different tattoos decorating her back. Most prominent is that of a Romulan Dhelan, a raptor native to Romulus that closely resembles an Earth harrier. The bird is tattooed in the fashion similar to the underside of a T’Liss bird of prey, with the main body sprawled over the back side whilst the two wings are tattooed on the backside of the arms. Supplementing the tattoo of the Dhelan are several small but cultural markings.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Parents : T’Pir(Maternal, Cmdr. currently assigned to SFI), Torak tr’Laris(Romulan Merchant)
Sibling(s) N/A
Other Family Distant cousins and aunts within the Star Empire, have since lost contact with.

Personality Having an overbearing parent can often have detrimental effects on a child once they are of age. Aemrys grew up with a very overbearing mother, who often not, isolated the girl. As a result, she grew to be very timid and shy when around others she is unfamiliar with, but a curious heart, Aemrys will soon become a chatterbox when she is familiar with someone. Her time spent alone forced Aemrys to come up with her own form of entertainment. Often entertaining herself by playing different characters, Aemrys grew to be able to articulate her voice and accent in different fashions. Be that the aggressive and loud demeanor of a Klingon, the logical and stern demeanor of a Vulcan, or the inquisitive nature of a Cardassian, Aemrys was able to replicate each with respectable accuracy.

When interacting with a stranger for the first time Aemrys is often reserved, taking the time to study the subtleties, usually extrapolating information to which she will use at a later date for beneficial purposes in future social interaction. Depending on what the others may prefer, Aemrys often change persona to fit their needs, be that a listener or someone to fill the ears. A consistent factor of her personality, however, is the dark sense of humor, though Aemrys is well capable in toning it down when interacting with certain individuals who may not appreciate such dark humor.

Ultimately, Aemrys is young and very naive. She often overestimates herself but more importantly, underestimates those around, especially if they are not of vulcanoid origins but given her Starfleet discipline, is well aware and respectful towards the chain of command or those that are her elders. She is curious and if allowed, would become rather inquisitive towards individuals she respect, especially if they are older in age. When one gets to know Aemrys better, she can be rather handsy, often preferring physical contact most of the time as opposed to gestures. She can be rather pouty as well, often when denied something but will generally move on without a second question. She holds a high pride of herself and usually hates situation where she ends up being embarrassed. She doesn't blame others for the loss of face though, usually herself but when it is blatant that the others caused a loss of face, she will often remember the infraction.
Hobbies & Interests Aemrys through her short life has developed an obsession with martial arts, either that be a direct influence from her mother or really the only exercise and fun she got when growing up. Suus Mahna has been her preferred technique. An ancient Vulcan art that was drilled quite extensively in her youth by her mother, Aemrys has since become an expert in the art. Paired with the more defensive and logical oriented art of Suus Mahna are the Romulan opposites of Kormerek and Llaekh-ae’rl. Taught by her father, seeing as to how his daughter was becoming far too Vulcan than he had ever intended her to. She lacked true expertise in either however and it was deemed her fire burned too strong for her to truly master Llaekh-ae'rl; or because her father really didn't know what he was talking about, after all, he was just a merchant. Regardless, she still makes her daily attempts at practicing either Kormerek and Llaekh-ae'rl, even if half of the time ends with her falling square on her ass.

Aemrys also hold close, a Romulan dagger known as a Sienae. It is similar in shape to an Indonesian karambit, with the exception of the blade being a few meters longer. It is paired exclusively with Llaekh-ae’rl though it seems Aemrys ignores this exclusivity, even daring to mix Suus Mahna, something a true Vulcan practitioner ought to cringe at. Through her early childhood on the human colony of New Silesia, Aemrys have picked up on a very Earth game of baseball. She keeps with her a Niners baseball cap along with a baseball signed by one of the most prominent Niners pitcher. She rarely takes out the baseball itself, though she sometimes does wear the cap when not adhering to strict uniform discipline.

Less known hobbies of Aemrys would be her love for 19th century and 20th century human political and philosophical works. She tends to keep this part of herself to herself exclusively, though she has no shame in being caught reading works of Nietzche or Marx on her PADD. Bajoran liberation literature is also another series of books Aemrys reads often, usually acting as a good comparison with human works during their age of turmoil. For more cultural works, Aemrys keeps with her a collection of paper bound works written by those who marched beneath the raptor’s wings. She does, however, also keep a book written by Surak among the collection for the sake of brevity.

For a more embarrassing hobby or tick perhaps, Aemrys sings to herself when focused on a task. Her preferred music tend to be pre-eugenics war human pop culture, though she really has no idea of their origins since they often were the music that would play in an archaic music player she was given at the age of 4, something she still keeps with her to this day. Often embarrassed of this hobby, Aemrys will generally make sure there are no pesky eavesdroppers or anybody in the current area before singing.

Personal History The only child of a Romulan businessman and a Vulcan idealist, Aemrys grew up relatively lonely with the exception of her parents who tried their best to be in every moment of her life. Her mother, a retired SFI operative made it her sole purpose to educate and mold Aemrys at a young age. A rather controlling mother, the young and slightly rebellious Aemrys developed a slight resentment to her mother. Regardless, she was obedient most of the time and paid close attention to her mother’s lessons. When not being drilled in martial arts, Vulcan philosophy, early Vulcan history, Aemrys would attend the human school on New Silesia, the colony she was born on. There, she was profoundly influenced by the human culture, often replicating some of the antics displayed by her human classmates to the much dismay of her mother. Her schooling on New Silesia saw her refine her Federation Standard, also allowing her to learn the native tongue of Upper Silesian.

At around the age of ten, Aemrys' mother took the offer for recommission within Starfleet. She stated that she had no purpose, but both Aemrys and her father knew that her mother ultimately left because of the girl. Her mother wasn't able to mold Aemrys into the perfect, little logical Vulcan that she wanted and so, seeing how her efforts could be better spent elsewhere, Aemrys' mother left. While sad, there was still a silver lining. As a result of her mother's abandonment, Aemrys grew closer to her father. She often accompanied him during the summer, on his voyages to other worlds. She soon grew an affinity for space and loved the zero gee feeling when in the vacuum. As a result of these voyages, Aemrys was exposed to several different individuals from different species. Her father, a quite progressive Romulan man, encouraged her interaction with the many different xenos, even explaining to her the history they’ve had in respect to her own race. Now without her mother's constant push for Vulcan supremacy within Aemrys' life, she was able to explore the Romulan side of her existence far clearly, often with the help of her father.

As time went on, different dreams crossed over the girl’s mind. Starfleet definitely wasn’t the first choice, but it eventually grew to dominate the girl's thoughts. Torak was initially reluctant of this, as he was well aware of the horrors of serving; he himself, a veteran of the Dominion War, did not want his only daughter to go anywhere near this life. But Aemrys wouldn't budge. Her experience on board her father's freighter and her exposure to many culture piqued a fascination within the girl. Seeing no way around this and not wanting to drive a rift between him and his only daughter, Torak gave his blessings for Aemrys to attend Starfleet Academy.

She began her Starfleet Academy career first as a linguist, given her rich background in languages. Aemrys struggled with many dead languages however, finding it overtly difficult to formulate a language from reading ancient text or other materials. Finding herself sinking and after consulting with her mother, Aemrys switched her focus from linguistics towards diplomacy, before finding that boring causing her to settle with intelligence.

Already trained extensively in martial arts at a young age and still keeping the practice, Aemrys was among the few selected to be on the infiltration tract within the intelligence department. Of course, there was still much more to learn, especially in the art of espionage and the mastery of subtlety. Aemrys found far more success in this than any other courses she may have taken during the academy, leading to her graduation as one of the top five operatives of her year. Aemrys did find time for herself during her years in the academy however, even attempted a courtship with a human. A cute, Korean girl, their personalities meshed but as they grew older and as their career path diverged, they both realize the frugality of their relationship once they both receive their commissions. Alas, a spook can never mesh successfully with a respectable explorer. They spent their last days together, before parting on their respective path, though Aemrys still hasn't fully gotten over the relationship.

Aemrys first assignment upon being commissioned was a rather odd one. A general rule of thumb among green infiltration operatives was that their first assignment often involved infiltrating groups they are familiar with. Aemrys however, wasn’t sent to any Romulan cells or within the Star Empire rather, her first assignment was to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate. Still, Aemrys was eager to prove herself to her superiors and took on the assignment with great vigor.

Few weeks after commission, she was picked up via shuttle before being dropped off on New Sydney. There, she made contact with her handler and senior field agent, the individual she would be supporting within this infiltration operation. Their cover would be Vulcan logic extremists, looking for safety from the Federation. This attracted attention of course and eventually the attention of the Syndicate, who were more than happy to harbor the logic extremists, for a price of course. The price came in the form of carrying out extortion plots, sabotaging enemy interests, assassinations, and overall debauchery that required a Vulcan’s strength. The two grew closer to the Syndicate, eventually finding several others who were convinced of their loyalty. The two were “witnessed” and eventually were made as part of the Syndicate.

Of course, not all was so simple. To no fault of Aemrys but rather, the senior field agent, their true loyalties were discovered by the Syndicate. Aemrys lost her right hand in the ensuing scuffle but was able to flee the area before being extracted off of New Sydney. The one who lost their identities to the Syndicate weren’t so lucky however, nor the ones that “witnessed” their membership into the Syndicate. After being exfiled and debriefed, Aemrys was found to be at no fault for the incident and all possible reprimands were redacted from her file. She was fitted for a new prosthetic hand that looked identical to an average Vulcanoid hand and given a month of medical leave. She still craved action however, and after the month was over, returned to SFI to await further assignments.
Service Record 2411: Enrolled in SFA, Linguistics track.
2412: Switched and approved for Intelligence track, Infiltration specialist.
2415: Commissioned as Ensign, assigned for infiltration duty within the Orion Syndicate.
2416: Exfiled from infiltration assignment in the Syndicate, cited as identify compromised. Given one month of medical leave before being placed on standby for further orders.