Commander Nadiv Sharir

Name Nadiv Sharir

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Op Code Name Kratos
Personal Quote History repeats itself, it’s inevitable, all we can do is hope that we get things a little more right this time around…
Overview Born to parents who were intent on not letting their son grow up as a slave, brought up in a place where violence and deceit were the norm, it's a wonder he ever came to be more than the sum of his parts, but peace is a goal worth risking everything for, and he's risked more than his fair share.
Gender Male
Species Terran
Birthdate 2372
Languages Terran, Cardassian, Klingon, Bajoran, Japanese, Denobulan, Arabic, Hebrew.

Physical Appearance

Height 187cm/6’ 1 ½”
Weight 77kg/170lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Tall and muscly, definitely showing his age these days, with grey hairs starting to creep through at his temples, but with the stress of the life he leads that isn't surprising. Nadiv cuts an imposing figure, he works out, and it shows, even with the soldier lifestyle he leads, where being in peak physical form is a huge advantage. His dark eyes aren't a window to his soul, but more his mood, which is darker and more serious than not these days. He dresses casually but practically, because his whole life function has been more important than fashion.


Spouse Tarleeya – Half Denobulan – Deceased in 2411
Children None.
Parents Ravid & Akira Sharir (both deceased)
Sibling(s) Chouko & Elkanah (born 2377)
Other Family In-Laws Somewhere

Personality Nadiv didn't have much of a childhood, he was born a slave and it shows. He's not afraid of hard work, and risking his life is just part of the status quo, to some extent at least. He's as honest and straightforward as Terrans tend to get, and hes seen his fair share of betrayal and knows its not something anyone should take lightly. He's been in love, and lost it, and he cares deeply about the people he's fighting with. Overall you could say he was an optimist, after all, he does beleive that one day Terrans will gain their freedom, and that maybe there is hope for peace in the mirror universe.
Hobbies & Interests - Martial Arts & other Hand to Hand Combat Techniques
- Melee Weapons Combat Techniques
- Weapons Development
- Learning Languages
- Playing the Harmonica

Personal History Nadiv was born to parents who fought hard as freedom fighters against the oppression of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. He has known nothing in his life but hardship and fighting for something better. After his birth and spurred on by the defeat of the Alliance at Terok Nor, his father actively joined the fighting in secret, quickly becoming the leader of the local Cell, the rest of the cell trusted him to make decisions that would serve them best in the long term and keep them all as safe as they could. They wanted peace, not a return to the tyranny of the empire.

During the fighting, it became clear that there were two factions within the Terran forces. One that agreed with the philosophies of the Terran Cell Nadiv’s father ran, and one that wanted to honour the memories of the Empresses of the Past. Nadiv’s mother supported their extremist ideals and this led to the pair separating. Nadiv and his siblings went with their mother while their father had his Cell join The Defenders of Earth.

It was during this time that Nadiv was exposed to the exact means that the Daughters of Sato were willing to go to achieve their ends. His teenage years were spent surrounded by violence and subterfuge, and as his mother climbed the ranks of their leadership, he was very soon an experienced soldier, narrowly avoiding getting overly maimed on several occasions he was a passionate and seasoned fighter by the time he came face to face with his father again.

The War never ended, but the passion seemed to chill as both sides reached a sort of stand still. The Terrans might have stood a chance at winning were it not for them fighting amongst themselves. The missions Nadiv went on became more and more covert in nature, and at first, he didn’t realise he was being sent to undermine the other Terran Faction. When he did, he wasn’t sure what to think, and wondered what kind of people his mother and sisters had become. He’d always known the movement was pretty cutthroat, but that was the environment he’d grown up with, what he was used to. Despite his doubts, and being the good soldier he was, he kept fighting.

Only, the next time his finger was on the trigger, he hesitated, and it led to his capture.

The base they were infiltrating was supposed to be abandoned, and they hadn't expected the ambush, he hadn't been expecting to have to shoot his way out, and, against a force that very quickly revealed themselves to be the other Terran faction. He couldn't pull the trigger, not against people who were ultimately fighting for the same thing he was, an end to the oppression of the alliance. He found himself with a Phaser to his head, and chose to stand down instead of dying. The half Denobulan with the gun to his head escorted him to a cell and it wasn't long before the rest of his team were dead or captured themselves. He waited, the half Denobulan woman his most regular guard as they waited for... something...

He had expected to be interrogated, but he had not expected the man who walked in to do it to be his father. He was older, greyer, and his face was more lined than he'd ever seen it, but it was him. It had been fifteen years since they'd seen each other, and the recognition from the other side was slower, but it was soon confirmed. They caught up, through the bars of the cell but Nadiv didn't even wait to be asked to provide information. He betrayed friends and family that day, but he honestly believed that the Daughters of Sato were in the wrong and that their ends justifying the means outlook just didn't sit well with him anymore. He gave up every bit of information he had, without asking for anything in return. No one trusted him as immediately as his father did, but eventually the rest of the cell grew to realise that his defection was genuine.

The half Denobulan who'd captured him was the slowest to warm up to him, but he soon understood why Tarleeya was so guarded. He soon broke down her walls and they started dating. He made friends pretty easily, another half Denobulan who knew Tarleeya as a distant relative and had joined up after her last visit home, called Cillian. He was young and enthusiastic, a little reckless for his father's tastes, but he helped Nadiv feel younger, he was a complete asshole, flirted and normally fucked anything that breathed, but he was willing to fight for the cause and didn't want to fuck the galaxy over for a facade of peace. so, who was Nadiv to judge? His other friend was Trav, other end of the scale, to some extent, but you could tell he'd had an interesting youth, he was a smart ass, and as serious as they all took this, they all learned how to laugh. They had to.

There was a near miss a few years after he joined the cell, a near miss that had Nadiv looking to seize life by the balls and live his life beyond the long and tedious fight they didn't even know if they could win. He asked Tarleeya to marry him and she agreed. IT was simple, but they were surrounded by the people who mattered most, the people closest to them, those they would lay down their lives for. They talked about children, but it never happened, both agreed that they didn't want to bring children into a world like this. The Cell was largely unchanged for about eight years, they lost people, it was inevitable, but their core group remained the same. They were like a family, and Nadiv didn't think of the mother or sisters he'd left behind.

Nadiv's world was blown apart in one operation, in a heartbeat he lost everything, as an explosion took the lives of his wife and father. Trav stepped up to lead the Cell, but he also stepped up to try and help Nadiv through his grief. He trusts Trav with his life, but he can't deny that something just doesn't add up for him anymore. This stalemate is costing them lives that should never have been lost, and five years later he still hasn't moved on from the two people he loved most. He's convinced that peace is worth fighting for, but something has to give, and he's not sure what is going to tip the balance... if it ever will...
Service Record 2372 - Born
2384 - Joined Daughters of Sato with his mother and sisters
2399 - Allowed himself to be caught by The Defenders of Earth, and was reunited with his father
2400 - Defected from the Daughters of Sato and joined Defenders of Earth
2403 - Married Tarleeya
2411 - Was widowed and lost his father
2416 - Met the Crew of the USS Joshua Norton.
- Helped them escape the Dragon's Lair.
- Convinced their Captain to take him back to their universe and came up with a cover story to convince starfleet.
- Promoted to Commander
- Assigned Executive Officer USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-B


Character Signature Commander Nadiv Sharir
Executive Officer
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-B