Ensign Aysel Lakkari

Name Aysel Lakkari

Position Forensic Psychologist

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Op Code Name Galatea
Personal Quote “It's like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story.”
Overview Aysel is a, for human standards, small and slender woman. She is usually calm and collected and always willing to lend her ear to any of the crew or give some advice when she is able. One of the few things that might invoke her ire is the disrespect of others or even worse, their cultures.
Gender Female
Species Haliian
Birthdate 06/11/2380 (Converted to earth day/month/year system)
Languages Federation Standard, Haliian 

Physical Appearance

Height 1.62m (5’4’’)
Weight 56kg (123lbs)  
Hair Color Dirty blond
Eye Color Dark Blue
Physical Description Aysel is a tiny woman with a decent build. Like all members of Starfleet, she makes sure to stay in good physical condition though even then she is rather thin and tiny. She has dark blond hair, bordering on brown which reaches till her shoulders and is usually kept in a ponytail. Her eyes are dark blue. Her most eye-catching feature is the bulge and indentation above each of her eyebrows together with the crevice between the brows, on the bridge of her nose. The defining feature of her race.


Spouse None
Children None
Parents Eldarni Lakkari and Terok Lakkari
Sibling(s) Two older brothers
Elan Lakkari - murdered at the age of 20
Brani Lakkari - works in law enforcement on Halii
Other Family One living grandfather, three younger nephews, one older niece, and an aunt and uncle with all of whom she has little contact.

Personality Aysel is a calm and cool-headed person who never raises her voice and manages to stay rational at the worst of times. She is a kind person who genuinely cares for the crew and those who come to her for counseling. That said, Aysel has a bit of a naughty side to her and can not help to flirt and be cheeky at times. It is hard for someone to get her angry however disrespect towards others that are not her or cultures, in particular, is a sure-fire way to wake her ire.
Hobbies & Interests Most of Aysel’s free time is spent reading novels and watching series and movies from other cultures. However when she is not enjoying her free time in solitude she can usually be found at the mess hall chatting with various members of the crew and keeping her hand on the pulse of social life aboard the ship, few are likely to be more informed on who is dating who aboard the ship. 

Personal History Aysel was born as the third and last child within her family on Halii in the earth year 2387. Her mother was a well-renowned psychologist, a rather impressive feat on a planet of empaths, while her father was staying home full-time to take care of the children.

As she grew up she proved to have the same talent in empathy as her mother as well as her intelligence. Her parents were strict and ambitious people and thus she was always pushed to perform at her very best. Naturally, she passed her education with flying colours and proceeded to the university to follow in the footsteps of her mother, aiming to become a psychologist as well.

Things went reasonably well when she was at university and studying abroad in the capital was a much-needed breath of relief for Aysel compared to the strict rules back home. She was already in her second semester of her first year when the event that would change her life happened. On the 5th of July in 2405 (earth time), she got a phone call that her eldest brother had gone missing. The search for him would take several days but at some point, his body was found in a container at one of the airports in some weird artistic display. The work itself was identified as the work of a known serial killer that had yet to be caught.

Despite the loss, Aysel managed to finish the first year of her course after which she took a prolonged break, following every little bit of the investigation to the serial killer that she could as well as devouring book after book on the psychology of criminals. It became an obsession to the point that it was unhealthy and only due to the constant support and advice of her mother she managed to overcome the loss without the obsession going too far.

Still, when after a year the killer still was not caught and she had to continue her education she decided to switch her courses to something more appropriate, in the hope she could get some kind of understanding on how someone must think to commit such gruesome acts.

After getting her degree with flying colors Aysel had plenty of options for a job. However, Aysel was set in doing something within law enforcement and spend the next several years as a Forensic psychologist, interviewing prisoners and criminals as well as testifying at trials. It was not the most glorious existence but she felt content though a bit lacking.

After several years in service, she was recommended for a promotion to serve aboard a starship. Although she would, in the end, be passed over due to a lack of training, it planted an idea inside of her head. From a young age, she had read about other cultures and been fascinated by their history and traditions. A few months later Aysel resigned from her position as Forensic psychologist and joined star fleet academy a few weeks later after the long journey there.

Due to already having a degree in forensic psychology Aysel could skip most of the modules taught at the academy. Still, there were plenty of other things to learn and plenty of ways to fill up her schedule. Besides some mandatory subjects to brush up on some of the less common aspects of forensics, Aysel studied normal psychology as well as several subjects on the culture of various other races. Two years into her study she started to specialize in intelligence, (Humint) or human intelligence to be precise, on the recommendations of her study councilor.

After graduating from the academy Aysel first served aboard the USS Valkyrie, an exploration ship that was about to embark on a two-year deep space mission. Aboard she served as a member of the medical staff as well as a counselor in training under the actual counselor aboard the ship.

After the two year mission, Aysel was let go of the ship crew with a letter of recommendation as well as being deemed ready to fully take on the job of a counselor with all the responsibilities that come with such a thing.

After the second year mission and a few months vacation, she was contacted again by star fleet. This time for a mission of a different nature. To serve as a forensic psychologist and counselor aboard an intelligence vessel. Although her preference would always be exploring the galaxy, you went where you were ordered to go and at least she was more likely to be able to use her knowledge as an expert of the mind than as only a councilor.
Service Record 2401: Graduates from the University of Halii in Forensic Psychology

2402-2409: Served as Forensic Psychology expert in Halii law enforcement

2409: Joined Star Fleet Academy.

2413: Graduated Star Fleet Academy Cum Laude with specialization in Humint and Forensic Psychology. Also certified as Councillor aboard starships for long away missions.

2414-2416: Spend two years in active service on a deep space exploration mission aboard the USS Valkyrie and performed exemplary.

2416: Got appointed to the USS Joshua as a member of the medical staff specializing in Forensic Psychology as well as the ship's counselor.

Extra: Brother was killed when Ensign Aysel Lakkari was 18, no mental trauma has been diagnosed.