Petty Officer 2nd Class Kennet Ek

Name Kennet Ek

Position Security Personnel

Second Position Medic

Rank Petty Officer 2nd Class


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Character Information

Op Code Name Eris
Overview Kenny was named after her Uncle, her father's twin, who had died not long before she was born. She hardly knows her mother, as her parents weren't together long after she was born. Her mother came to the conclusion that her mating with Kenny's father had been an illogical choice made as a result of pon far, and had only lasted as long as it did because it had resulted in Kenny.
Gender female
Species ½ human, ½ Vulcan
Birthdate 2394-06-02
Languages English, Swedish, Vulcan, Cardassian (primarily written)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Slender but strong, Kenny has well defined muscles that hint at the strength her mixed heritage gives her. Like most half Vulcans, her ears are pointed and nearly indistinguishable from that of a full blooded Vulcan — save for the series of piercings through the cartilage near the tips and in the lobes. Her hair is currently in an asymmetrical angled bob. She also has a simple rainbow colored ring in her belly button.

Each of Kenny's piercings are a celebration of some major event in her life — be it an achievement or just the fact that she survived something big. Her first set of holes in her lobes were to celebrate when she summited Kebnekaise with her father on her 16th birthday, her second set to celebrate her high school graduation. She did her first cartilage piercing on her left ear when she finished bootcamp for Starfleet. A right cartilage piercing followed after a particularly rough away mission on her first assignment. A fight with an Elasian to protect her Captain during an away mission resulted in a stomach wound and was followed by a belly button piercing her next leave. Completing Intel training brought the second cartilage hole in her right ear. She has recently added a series of microdermal implants down the side of her right arm and her right leg — little studs with starburst cut gems in a rainbow of colors, to acknowledge her surviving getting a plasma burn just before having to evacuate the ship prior to its destruction.


Parents Matteus Ek & T'Rol

Personality Kenny lacks a lot of the discipline one would expect from the Vulcan half of her heritage, but she has a firm grasp of logic. Following her father's influence, she is strongly emotional and enjoys the surprise she causes by being so.
Hobbies & Interests Kenny and her father spent much of her childhood outdoors. Skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, fishing, among other things. Since joining Starfleet, she continues to do these things in the holodeck.

She loves to collect geological samples from everywhere she visits. A pebble here, a mineral there, she carefully scans everything she finds and sends the data home to her father.

Personal History Her parents met when her father was a graduate student and her mother a visiting junior professor at his university. The two formed an unlikely friendship, working very closely for the duration of T'Rol's visit. Near the end, they were at a geological survey site when weather prevented their leaving when T'Rol's pon far hit. Matteus confessed he was attracted to her, she accepted his proposal, and they mated.

After, they attempted to settle together on earth in Matteus's hometown of Gothenburg (Göteborg in Swedish). Matteus was a doting husband, but his emotions and passion soon turned to a point of contention between them as he longed for T'Rol to return the feelings in kind. As they reached the end of the pregnancy, they were constantly arguing — her cold quiet logic only making him more passionate, pleading and yelling in hopes it would get some reaction from her. After Kenny's birth, T'Rol saw more and more of Matteus in her and before Kenny was six months old, T'Rol was packing to go home to Vulcan without her husband or daughter.


Character Signature PO2 Kennet Ek
Security Crewman
USS Joshua Norton