Petty Officer 3rd Class Kaeriss

Name Kaeriss

Position Science Technician

Second Position Linguistics

Rank Petty Officer 3rd Class


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Character Information

Op Code Name Elpis
Personal Quote Purr...
Overview Kae never loved art the way her mother did, or music the way her sister did, she wasn’t a sculptor like her brother, or a warrior like her father. It wasn’t until she stopped to watch the ice creeping across her bedroom window in the coldest winter her mother could remember that she saw what she would count as true beauty. A chemical reaction, causing a delicate and intricate pattern on the glass, and she was fascinated by it.
Gender Female
Species Caitian
Birthdate 23rd June 2392
Languages Caitian, Standard, Vulcan, Romulan, Orion, Andorian, Cardassian

Physical Appearance

Height 180am
Weight 77kg
Hair Color Dark Reddish Tan
Eye Color Gold
Physical Description All Kae’s features are distinctly feline. Her eyes are a deep, almost amber shade of gold, rimmed with dark lines of fur, she’s never had need of eyeliner, surrounded by strips of paler fur which spread out into the start of the mottled markings covering her body. She has vertical pupils and her eyes are warm and expressive, rarely narrowed with anger or distaste. The tip of her nose is dark, and the fur on it a little paler than most of the fur on her face. Her forehead bears markings that are more common in the area she grew up than on other continents of her home planet. The fur inside her ears is white, as are her whiskers, as are the lynx-like tufts atop the ears poking through hair that has a more reddish tint to it than the rest of the fur on her body. A swathe of pale, almost white fur runs from her whiskers, down the front of her neck and onto her chest. Her hair has natural highlights in it, that were it cut short would match the patterning in her shorter fur.

She likes to keep her fur at it’s natural length, but is always immaculately groomed. At home, most people don’t bother with clothing, unless it is needed for their job, protective clothing and such, but she has adapted well to wearing a uniform as well as casual clothes, although maybe her casual clothes might cover less of her body than other humanoids might consider appropriate. Her argument is that she can’t leave home without a coat on. With regards to uniforms, she favours Skants, as they sit better once adjusted for her tail.


Parents Reruuf - Father - Lieutenant Commander HoS USS Hawke Ret. - 2346 M’Nora - Mother - 2349
Sibling(s) Sh’Rin - Sister - 2375
M’Rati - Sister - 2375
Narurr - Brother - 2384
Diruss - Brother (littermate) - 2392
Other Family Daraar - Grandfather - 2313 —> 2411

Personality Like a lot of her race, Kaeriss has a great appreciation for all things beautiful, from art, to music, to the natural simplicity and grace of a sunrise. She is almost always cheerful, optimistic, and while she appreciates the art of language prefers silence, or very quiet background music while she works, this is more due to her sensitive hearing than anything else.

She’s a lover, not a fighter, and strives to get on with everyone she meets, and though she knows this is not always possible, as experienced with her school lab partner, she will always remain at least pleasantly civil. She is only so optimistic because she believes in perseverance, she will keep practicing until she gets it right, she’s not someone who ever gives up.
Hobbies & Interests Kaeriss never considered art as anything more than a hobby, and is a fairly skilled painter, nothing like her mother of course, but then she wouldn’t want to be. She always liked languages, and learning a lot of them lead to that being her secondary skill. She likes things that facilitate quiet thought, things like chess, and has even been known to have a go a Kal’to every once in a while. She is also pretty good at playing the Caitian harp.

Personal History Kaeriss is the youngest in her family, apart from her nieces and nephews at least. As such she always felt she had a lot to live up to, her grandfather was one of the great thinkers of his generation, and she always aspired to be like him. Her mother was an artist, renowned well beyond their province for it too, with her paintings residing in galleries on many different worlds. Her father was a warrior, serving his people by joining up with star fleet, where he served as a security officer, moving up the ranks and eventually serving as Head of Security and Tactical Officer on board the USS Hawke for ten years.

As children they spent part of their time on board ship as a family, and part of it on their homeworld. They tended to leave ship a month or so before their father was due leave, and rejoin him a month or so later. As such they were well accustomed to being around members of other species and hearing different languages. Kaeriss just happened to pick up a lot of them on the way, her school teachers picking up on her aptitude and encouraging her to study them, thinking it might lead her to her future career. She made many friends during this time, from many different cultures, always keen to learn more about the people she met.

Though her siblings all seemed to affiliate with more traditional artistic pursuits in their spare time, Kaeriss struggled to find something she loved doing. That was until one of the coldest winters her mother could remember. She was sat on the windowsill watching ice crystals forming across the surface. Mesmerised by the chemical reaction taking place before her eyes. She asked her grandfather about it, who introduced her to one of his friends who was a scientist. She spent a lot of free time in his lab watching him work and picking up things that put her ahead of her classmates in all science based subjects.

This love only grew as she grew older, and at sixteen, having completed her mandatory studies within the Caitian Education System she secured herself a place at the Ferasa Institute of Science. She made a great many friends here too, a lot of them she is still in contact with, from all areas of the Caitian Community, different tribes with different outlooks, to the point where she hadn’t realised just how much variation there was within her own race. In her second year, her Gandfather was taken suddenly ill, and died rather unexpectedly. Kae felt this loss deeply, to the point where her friends were worried about how quiet and introverted she had become. After some counselling she learned to use her grief, to stop feeling the loss and learning to not throw away the opportunities he had helped make for her. He’d always told her to follow her heart, and during her third year she decided that she would not enlist as an officer, her heart wasn’t in making great discoveries, but in the simply beauty of a well run lab, experiments running in simultaneous sometimes not quite perfection. She applied to join the Starfleet Technical Services Academy on Mars after she graduated and received a conditional offer following the outcome of her basic training. She became more determined than ever to graduate. She did so, with honours and soon left for basic training, and then to Mars once she had managed to pass. Having expressed an interest in languages, they enrolled her on several courses to compliment her Scientific studies should she wish to progress beyond the enlisted ranks.

Her first posting was in the research labs back home on Ferasa where she went on a variety of field expeditions based out of her home planet, she gained a lot of lab experience to go with the time she’d spent in labs a young teenager. Her sense of loyalty helped her form respectful and lasting relationships with her colleagues, and earned her more and more responsibilities within the department she was working in. Her dedication and diligence caught the eye of an intelligence officer who had needed to use the facilities in the lab she was working at. She clearly knew how to run a lab, even at such a young age, and her discretion in in dealing with the tasks he assigned her was above par. He passed her name onto intelligence, and they soon contacted her, asking if she would like to complete her intelligence training.

Initially unsure, as she was happy where she was currently posted, and able to go home at regular intervals. She wished that her Grandfather was still here to talk to about it, as he had always given her great advice, but instead approached her father. Without being specific about it, and having had dealings with Intelligence in the course of his career suspect why she was being so cagey about the opportunity she had been offered. He understood why she was so unsure about it, they were fairly close knit family who told each other everything and it was so far from everything both he and her mother had ever said they wanted for their youngest daughter. He assured her that whatever she chose they would support her, and they would adapt to what she could and couldn’t talk about. It still took her a while, but she accepted.

Having completed her training, Kaeriss returned to her old job, to await assignment in an intelligence facility. When her orders came, she found she was assigned to a ship, the USS Joshua Norton.
Service Record 2408 - Graduated from Mandatory Education
- Enrolled at Ferasa Institute of Science
2412 - Graduated with Honors
- Basic Training Completed
- Enrolled at Starfleet Technical Services Academy
2414 - Graduated from Starfleet Technical Services Academy
- Promoted to Rank of Crewman
- Assigned position of Junior Lab Technician at Ferasa Research Lab
2415 - Promoted to Lab technician
- Offered Intelligence Training
Late 2415 - Accepted and Attended Intelligence Training
2416 - USS Joshua’s Norton
- Assigned Role of Science Technician