Ensign Lia t'Rehu

Name Lia Hilea t'Rehu

Position Combat Medic

Second Position Infiltration Officer

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Op Code Name Phoenix
Personal Quote “There are moments when everything goes well; don't be frightened, it won't last.”
Overview Very quiet and reserved almost to the point of rudeness. She can be friendly but does not trust easily. She actually has a quick wit but only her fellow co-combatants will probably ever see it.
Also very patient and determined. Sometimes to the point of distraction as she rarely lets things go and can carry a long grudge.
Gender Female
Species Romulan Vulcan hybrid
Birthdate July 21 2342
Languages Romulan, Vulcan, some Federation standard

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 165
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Hilea has dark hair and amber eyes. She is young but her eyes give her a harder edge than her years. In very good shape, is muscular but not overly so, with great flexibility.

Medical symbol branding on her upper left chest near the left shoulder. It was a warning to others that she was special and should not be touched. She now wears it as a badge of honor, though it is rarely seen.


Spouse None
Children none
Parents Father-Temek t'Rehu/ Mother-Jira t'rehu
Sibling(s) none
Other Family Captain T'Lira (starfleet)

Personality Strengths & Weaknesses Determined and focused. Her greatest strength is her cool demeanor. Her temper can be her worst weakness. While it takes an effort to provoke her, once done, it can be hard to stop it.
Ambitions Her only ambition in the last 15 years has been survival. She doesn't know anything else. Ambition is for people that have somewhere to go.
Hobbies & Interests Yoga and fighting arts
Botany and chemistry
Music (guitar)
Ancient Weaponry ( Swords, bows, and blowguns)

Personal History Hilae grew up on the Rehu province on Romulus. Not a rich town, but prospered enough to be a local area government. Her parents met during a political rally on reunification and fell in love. She spent her formative years learning the balance between what was knowledge ( some forbidden as it was Vulcan heritage), and what was acceptable. They later her parents executed when Hilae had already finished her Officer training and had been posted to a Warbird. The only reason she wasn't also executed, was no evidence was found to incriminate her while she was away at the Romulan Naval academy. That didn't stop the Senate from removing her from the Romulan Navy.

Soon after that, the Dominion war started, Hilea was moved to the infantry, known as Death squads. They were filled with the dissident, unwanted, and some downright dangerous people, the Romulan government wanted to be rid of anyway. She actually flourished there, earning a reputation for keeping her fellow co-combatants alive as well as fighting along side them.
When the conflict ended with the Dominion, she was reassigned. A penal colony called Carraya IV. Several installations where on the planet. Her job, to assist with the limited and overworked medical facilities. It was there where she honed her skill in botany. Local plants were picked and cultivated to supplement the meager supplies allowed for their job.

During the next several years. Hilea was once again thrust into the mix. Much of the time, she was fighting in the thick of things, even during some hasty ship encounters during a pitched battle in orbit of a penal colony, where Hilea led a contingent of fellow death squad personnel to board and commander an enemy heavy destroyer. A bold stroke that earned her the admiration of the then Romulan Naval Commander.

The Senate even in it's fractured state, refused to allow any redress of the wrongs committed against her. The Commander did manage to get her reinstated though it was after the war was over before she could take advantage of it.
In the year 2388, she managed to get her Decurion rank back, with the provision that she would never rise past the rank of Centurion. She was posted to the ChR Decius, a heavy cruiser in early 2390.

Serving for the next 26 years, Lia served quietly. She was astonished to learn she'd been picked for the Officer's exchange program, until a little digging had uncovered that her Commanding Officer did it to help save her, the Senate was going to bounce her out of the Romulan Navy. Determined to make the most of it, she packed her bags and headed for Starfleet. Not a moment too soon as she had heard of her former home, the Decius, killing nearly 25% of the crew, her former Commanding Officer amongst them. Now she mourned lost comrades there as well.
Service Record Decorations: Praetor Colius Award ( removed by Romulan Senate ) During a battle with superior Klingon forces, Hilea fought along side the bridge crew as well as keeping the Commander of the ship from dying. It ended up being a battle of note, but after awarding the medal, 'new facts' were allowed into evidence, letting the Senate remove the medal from her military file.
Reprimands: Aiding seditious activity. Emails between herself and her parents were cited as evidence of said activity, and Hilea was stripped of her Decurion rank.

Education: Romulan Naval (College 4 years)
2368: First year cadet: Medical training
2369: Second year cadet: Finishing Medical training (Combat Medic)
2370: Third year cadet: Advanced hand to hand, tactical ground operations
2371: Fourth year cadet: Tactical ship operations. Graduation with honors
2372: Officer Integration on Artaleirh
2388-90:Finished her Doctorate and internship medical training.

Service Record:
2372: Posted to the Warbird T'mek as Assistant tactical officer
2373:Stripped of rank and transferred to Romulan infantry known as the death squads.
2373-2375 Served in the Death squads as Infantry and combat medic during Dominion War.
2376-2382: assistant Nurse practitioner at Carraya IV penal colony
2382-2388: recalled to death squads, served as combat medic
2390: Posted to the Decius as Assistant Chief Medical Officer.
2401: Promoted to Centurion and made Chief Medical Officer
2416: Transferred indefinitely to Officer's Exchange program.
2416: Earned accreditation as Nurse Practitioner with Federation Medical specializing in General Practice.