Ensign Kaya

Name Kaya

Second Position Medic

Rank Ensign


  • 7 Mission Posts

Last Post

2019-07-15 08:25

Character Information

Op Code Name Mneme
Gender Female
Species Trill
Birthdate 30 Jan 2387
Languages Federation Standard, Trill Languages, Bajoran

Physical Appearance

Height 160 cm
Weight 79 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kaya is sturdily built; while not necessarily the typical cut of a Starfleet officer, she easily passes any physical demands. She has shoulder-length dark brown hair, olive skin, and strong features. Her spotting pattern has a rhythm common to her province, larger scale and darker colored. Her voice is naturally a little low and raspy, and she has a loud laugh. She knows how to smarten up for the bridge and senior officers, but her normal mode is a relaxed way of sitting and walking.


Personality Most of the time, Kaya is easy company and self-assured. She’s one of those introverts who can throw a riot of a party but needs time alone deep in a Betazed punk album and home-food to recharge. She enjoys listening to others talk about what they care about, mostly for her own edification. It’s a good skill to have in the intelligence corps, putting others at ease and and getting them to talk... Having an absolutely winning smile and easy laugh doesn’t hurt either.

On the job, Kaya’s in control and borderline possessive of her purview. She treats computer systems holistically, almost as if they were alive; accordingly they recieve her patience and wrath as called for. In her previous assignments, she’s been disciplined for insubordination. On the other hand, she’s also been commended for being superlatively fast at her job; once she starts something, she’s heads down and elbow deep until she’s cracked it, sometimes at the expense of eating or sleeping.

Starfleet, to Kaya, is a steady job and a perfect opportunity to get her hands on interesting systems and meet interesting people. Now that she’s in Clandestine Operations, her values may be challenged as lines between the personal and professional and political become blurred.
Hobbies & Interests Kaya is a connoisseur of music and cinema from across the galaxy, sampling heavily from as much as she can get a hold of. The rarer, the better. Or, lacking that, loud. (Her fluency in Bajoran is entirely due to her interest in Bajoran freedom anthems.) She likes food, cinema, fashion, sport - anything sensory that provides another lens to interpret existence.

Personal History Kaya grew up in a provincial city capitol Tellanastre on Trill; one of her mothers is an officer in the security corps and her other mother is a public health specialist. As a kid, Kaya quickly became fluent in all manner of computer systems as part of her thirst for finding all the best new music and cinema from across the quadrant. She may or may not have gotten into a spot of trouble here or there for hacking in where she wasn’t allowed, but her family and teachers deftly kept her energies on the straight and narrow, funneling her into public works projects and hands-on apprenticeships across the homeworld. When she was fourteen, she had the opportunity to attend a youth computing academy on Bajor where her musical eyes were truly opened and she got a taste for their hot sauce.

Like many Trill, Kaya applied to be considered as a symbiote initiate in her early twenties, but her application was declined after an unsatisfactory psychological evaluation. She was gutted, but you press on, right? Take the long view. Most Trill are never joined, so they all said. Kaya redirected her interests towards Starfleet where adventure was the promise. She applied to Starfleet Academy, was turned down twice - tanked the astrophysics and biology sections both times. She would have tried a third time, but a Joined mentor suggested she enlist - there was no shame in that and Kaya would get to do what she wanted to do - get hands in the systems of starships and travel the galaxy.

So, Kaya attended the Starfleet Technical Services Academy specializing in starship computer systems. After a few years serving as crew on ships and upon the recommendation of her CO’s, she went through officer training at Starfleet Academy on Earth and was commissioned an Ensign. It was during her training at the Academy that she was identified as a candidate for the Clandestine Operations - something about the way she handled her practicals, her way of speaking to people, her different approach to her work; it was all enough to have her file flagged.

It was during her second posting on the USS Thomas Paine that she was transferred to the Erebus to await her next billet on the USS Joshua Norton.

By the time she was 25, she was serving a brief assignment on an Excelsior-Class destroyer, and then a New Orleans-class frigate.
Service Record 2387 - Born on Trill
2403 - (16) Basic education requirements fulfilled
2408 - (21) Application to symbiote initiate declined
2409 - (22) Starfleet Academy applications declined
2410 - (23) Starfleet Technical Services Academy
2411 - (24) USS Centaur, Crewman (Excelsior-Class destroyer)
2413 - (26) USS Thomas Paine, Promoted Petty Officer Third Class (New Orleans-class frigate)
2413 - (26) Starfleet Academy
2415 - (28) Commission to Ensign, returned to USS Thomas Paine
2416 - (29) USS Joshua Norton, Ensign Computer/Communications Engineering Officer