Ensign Bella Dubois

Name Bella Dubois

Position Fighter Pilot (hologaphic)

Rank Ensign


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2019-03-21 07:32

Character Information

Overview An eccentric and methodical hologram with a love of cartoons and animation which is portrayed in nearly every interaction she has.
Gender Female
Species Hologram (human appearance)
Languages Universal Translator with following localizations equipped: Standard (French variant), Klingon, Romulan

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 123lbs (appearance of)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Bella, when in human form takes her basic appearance from the 21st century actress Blanca Suárez, being the closest she can come to being Belle (or Bella) from the Disney Epic Beauty and the Beast, her favourite film. When out of uniform she tends to wear a simple but clean blue dress depicting something similar to a peasant's dress from 17th-century France, albeit with some slight modification to make it less jarring to modern sensibilities. Bella also spends time experimenting with her physical form when spending time with her friend Yolana Menari – either as a small, black Cocker Spaniel when out and about or as a five-year-old child when they are together watching cartoons on the holo.


Parents Torchwood Team: R. Admiral Corey Waterhouse, Captain Diziara, and Lt. Commander Quintin Calhoun
Sibling(s) Project Torchwood holograms including Bad Wolf, Drayok Fenlux, Centurion Drummond.

Personality Bella is quite eccentric, very imaginative and extremely excitable. When she is on duty the excitability is put under an electronic cosh so as not to impact her work, however when she is not on duty she can be quite a handful. Her program has determined strong aspects of her personality in line with that of a developing child so she spends a certain amount of time portraying one. She tends to walk the line, but so far her propensity to entertain has kept most other officers good opinion.
Hobbies & Interests Bella's random personality construction quickly honed in on 20th and 21st century animation as a way to express herself and her true feelings. When not with her friends Bella spends all of her free time watching shows on the holo in human form and adapting the concepts and ideas she discovers there into animations she can perform herself. Comments have been made by engineering on how much cpu runtime this uses...

Personal History Bella is one of the newer Project Torchwood pilots. She has been allowed to join the programme on Erebus under the watchful eye of Bad Wolf and more recently Doctor Gilah who has taken the torchwood holograms under her wing.