Danielle Atarah

Name Danielle Adi Atarah

Position Privateer


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Character Information

Personal Quote PERSONAL MOTTO: What can be taken, deserves to be taken.
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthdate Age 30
Languages Universal English, Hebrew, Trill (novice)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 145lb
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown (metallic)
Physical Description Tattoos:
* Artistic drawing on left upper arm.
* White Shark on right ankle.
* Red rose on the lower abdomen.

Medical file:
* Prosthetic eyes
* Severely allergic to peanuts.
* Mild allergy to grass pollen.


Spouse Kalina Zett
Parents Joseph and Rachel Atarah
Sibling(s) Ido Atarah (38), Natan (36), Leah (35)

Hobbies & Interests

Brain Teasers and Puzzles

There's nothing more fulfilling than solving a good puzzle! Dani loves execrising logic and strategy with good brain teasers at the holodeck.

Old Technology

Dani loves reconstructing old technology items from scratch, in particular ancient weaponary from different cultures.

She has so far reconstructed a working Mark I Starfleet Issue Phaser, a fully operational Mark I Tricorder, a Mark II Communicator unit and an Earth 15th century musket.

20th Century Cartoons

Bugs Bunny, the Animaniacs, 'Pinky and the Brain' and the Smurfs are Dani's most favorite cartoons.

Much of her sense of humor and pranks are based on those. One of her mother's Average annoyances is Dani's insistence that her future children, if she has any, will be named Yakko, Wacco and Dot. During her teen years she could recite - in perfect and properly quick rythm - the Animaniacs' "The Nations of the World" and "All of the Words in the English Language". It is the general consensus of her academty friends that it is good to avoid asking her to sing either of those songs.

Camping and Hiking

Dani appreciates being in good physical fitness, and considers that the source of a functioning brain. She loves nature in general, and the desert in particular, and tries to spend as much time as she can outdoors, or, at least, pretending the outdoors in the holodeck.

Personal History Growing up in the spiritual city of Safed, to well connected spiritual leaders of parents, Dani's childhood was always mixed with the attraction towards philosophical understanding of the world and a deep desire to rebel against authority, joining various groups her parents were very much unhappy with, and so were the authorities.

At the age of 19 she was caught near the national arts museum after a break in.
Since nothing was stolen from the museum, and due to her father's political influences, the judge in the matter has offered Dani a settlement deal in which she would have to give 500 hours of community service in addition of joining a more stable and disciplined system: Starfleet Academy. Though suspected in multiple other cases, none were ever officially proven, and Dani has spent 10 years inside Starfleet.

During the last few years, Dani has been discharged from Starfleet and rejoined her childhood friends on Earth. She is the head of the recently formed Zetarah Corporation with her partner, Kalina Zett, a corporation that authorities suspect is a front for one of the biggest criminal syndicates on the planet, with no tangible proof.
Service Record
2400RecruitRecruited to Starfleet Academy
2402CadetEarly Graduation from Starfleet Academy: Majored in Engineering and Electronics.
2402EnsignAssistant Engineering Officer, Starfleet Academy Compound
2402EnsignAssistant Engineering Officer, Starbase Aurora (SB 742)
2404Lieutenant JGChief Engineering Officer, Starbase Aurora (SB 742-A)
2406LieutenantChief Engineering Officer, Starbase Aurora (SB 742-A)
2407LieutenantChief Engineering Officer, USS Kojira
2408Classified / Retracted
2408LieutenantEngineering Officer, Barbosa Ship Yard
2409LieutenantAssistant Engineering Officer, USS Griffin-G
2409Acting Lieutenant CommanderChief Engineering Officer, USS Griffin-G
2410Acting Lieutenant CommanderActing Executive Officer, USS Griffin-G
2410LieutenantActing Chief Engineering Officer, USS Griffin-H
2410LieutenantAssistant Engineering Officer, USS Griffin-H
2414CivilianCaptain of the trade ship The Bristol
2416CivilianCo-founder and head of the Zetarah Corporation with Kalina Zett

Penalties and Reprimands

Reprimand Duration Charges Authority
Community Service 500 Hours Valdalism Ruth Benami Rehabilitation Center, Earth
Brig Sentence 5 Days Insubordination to a Senior Officer Starfleet Academy, Earth
Academic Suspension 10 Days Offensive Behavior towards Senior Staff, Unauthorized Use of Essential Systems, Sabotage, Vandalism Starfleet Academy, Earth
Denied Replication Rights 10 Days Neglect of Duty Starfleet Academy, Earth
Brig Sentence 3 Days Offensive Behavior towards a Senior Officer Starfleet Academy, Earth
Brig Sentence 10 Days Offensive Behavior towards a Senior Officer Starbase Aurora (742-A)
Brig Sentence 10 Days Subotage, Unauthorized Access to the Computer Core Starbase Aurora (742-A)
Confinement to Quarters 10 Days Offensive Behavior towards a Senior Officer USS Kojira
Brig Sentence 3 Days Insubordination to a Senior Officer USS Kojira
Classified / Retracted94 DaysClassified / Retracted USS Kojira
Suspension of Replicator Rights 30 Days Tampering with Essential Ship Systems USS Griffin-G
Demotion, LtCommander to Lieutenant - Neglect of Duty, Offensive Behavior towards a Senior Officer,Sabotage USS Griffin-G
Suspension of Replicator Rights 45 Days Insubordination to a Senior Officer USS Griffin-G
Brig Sentence 5 Days Offensive Behavior towards a Senior Officer USS Griffin-G
Brig Sentence 8 Days Sabotage, Tampering with Essential Ship Systems USS Griffin-H