Ensign Centurion Waterhouse

Name Centurion Waterhouse

Position Reconnaissance Specialist

Second Position Cryptographer

Rank Ensign


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2021-11-07 11:18

Character Information

Op Code Name Talos
Personal Quote "Efficient? Efficient is a word people use to mean that I am being very, very not human."
Overview Practical and efficient, Centurion has little interest in socialization, though it recognizes the practical necessity for communication. It has a deep interest in machines and technology, particularly in seeking out alternative uses for them. It generally comes across as risk-averse and just a little aloof, though the latter is primarily due to its reliance on baseline Universal Translator.
Gender Answers to any pronouns without comment, but in order of preference: 'it', 'they', 'he', 'she'
Species Hologram
Birthdate June 26, 2415 (first activation)
Languages Universal Translator. Not averse to loading localisations when called for, but tends to consider baseline UT "sufficient".

Physical Appearance

Height Generally around 5'4"
Weight Generally around 45kg (noticeably lighter than he looks)
Hair Color Generally brownish-red
Eye Color Generally blue
Physical Description Puts little value in its own appearance; when dealing with other people this means that it uses the default appearance it was given by its creators, based on the character Rory Williams from Doctor Who; however, it typically scales itself down by about 10% and reduces its mass even further "to leave more space for those of you who have to live in it". When left to its own devices, it often downgrades its projection to a low-poly humanoid shape in appropriate Starfleet uniform colors and insignia, with little more than a "smiley face" on the front of its head. It claims this is for "efficiency", but whether it actually uses the extra computing power for something or secretly prefers this aesthetic is unclear.


Parents Torchwood team
Sibling(s) Other holograms, arguably Amelia and Noah Waterhouse

Personality Practical and efficient very much to a fault, Tory fully embraces its non-organic nature and its machine "ancestry". It tends to be focused on its duties and on repairing and improving any machine it can get its hands on, rather than downtime socialization and recreation.
Hobbies & Interests Engineering. Improving technological efficiency. Optimizing subroutines. Finding alternative uses for existing tech.

Personal History Centurion initially had its creators worried that its personality subroutines had crashed entirely; it was soft-spoken, generally compliant, and tended to display very little emotion or, indeed, extraneous movement. However, as its training continued and it learned more about its duties and workspaces, its compliance began to wane - generally replaced with "your commands are inefficient, a report is in your inbox regarding the actions I am about to take." Brass insisted that it be sent to counseling - the closest the Torchwood heads would let them get to disciplinary action for disobedience - where several important facts came to light:

1. It preferred the pronoun "it", by the logic that it was a drastically different being from all but a paltry few of the "hes", "shes", and "theys" and feels it would be inaccurate to be linguistically conflated with them.
2. It was, in all its exercises, entirely compliant with the *purpose* of the orders it was given, disobeying only the implementation details.
3. It had been, for the past 8 months, quietly maintaining and improving any hardware it could get its hands on, including but not limited to the portable emitters it and its siblings sometimes used, the cooling systems for the central computers of the base, and the fighters it was training in - particularly their weapons.
4. It was, despite all prior evidence to the contrary, capable of making jokes.

Taking into account these new facts and the brass's continued insistence that disobedient holograms be shut down, the heads of Project Torchwood arranged an emergency transfer to the crew they knew would best understand and be able to accomodate this unusual individual.
Service Record 2415 - Activation Date, Project Torchwood Base
2415 - Initial piloting trials and testing; sent to counseling for disobedience
2416 - Assigned USS Joshua Norton - Engineering


Character Signature Ensign Centurion Drummond
Reconnaissance Specialist
Formerly of the USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-A

Ensign Tory Drummond
Reconnaissance Specialist
Formerly of the USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-A