Ensign Eve Wolfe

Name Eve "Bad Wolf" Wolfe

Position Fighter Pilot (hologaphic)

Rank Ensign


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2019-03-21 07:32

Character Information

Overview A bag of photons with a wild streak a lightyear wide.
Gender female
Species Hologram (human appearance)
Birthdate 2412-03-04, first activation
Languages Universal Translator with following localizations equipped: Standard (British variant), Klingon, Elvish (conlang family by JRR Tolkien)

Physical Appearance

Height 1.66m / 5' 5.5" (default appearance)
Hair Color blond (default appearance)
Eye Color green (default appearance)
Physical Description Her original physical configuration was based upon the 21st century actress Billie Piper, and this is the appearance she defaults to when on duty. During her free time she is known to load a number of modifications to her holomatric ranging from tattoos, piercings, and hair and eye color changes, sometimes going as far to change her height, build, and add a number of non-human features. She was one of a handful of the torchwood holograms that took advantage of Diziara's feather modification, replacing her hair with bright plumage on occasion. She is also one of the group that has experimented with non-humanoid forms, and has a particular fondness for taking the form of a wolf as a nod to her callsign. The Wolf was designed for her by her friend Fen.


Parents Torchwood Team: R. Admiral Corey Waterhouse, Captain Diziara, and Lt. Commander Quintin Calhoun
Sibling(s) A great number of holograms, she shares a particular bond with K-9 as the two of them were activated together and first, and Fen as they bonded over Fen's holoprogramming interest when Bad Wolf would give them inspiration on what to create/edit.

Personality She answers to Bad Wolf nearly exclusively (allowing friends to shorten it to B), leaving Eve as a formality in her service record. She is inquisitive and playful, with a concern for the safety of others even if she's not hestitant to put herself at risk for the thrill or to get an answer to something she's curious about. She is particularly daring in the cockpit, always happy to test each new threshold she encounters, but she's also quick to actively protect her wingmates, doing whatever she can to be sure they'll return safely from each training session or mission.
Hobbies & Interests She has taken an interest in stunt flying, racing, and other forms of showmanship, logging many hours in holographic simulations in hopes that she can one day do any or all of it with fleshbags. She's also taken an interest in creating art, particularly abstract and surrealistic paintings, and had developed a strong friendship with Diziara and Corey's son, Noah.

Personal History Bad Wolf was one of the original two pilots generated with the Torchwood program, and she's Diziara's favorite (though don't tell K-9). She and K-9 are often the first tested when any new hurdle is thrown at the project, and she takes particular pride when the two of them succeed at these test.