Ensign Drayok Fenlux

Name Drayok "Soufflé" Fenlux

Position Holographic Specialist

Second Position Pilot

Rank Ensign


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2020-06-02 08:37

Character Information

Op Code Name Tauris
Personal Quote Self doubt is the Anchor that keeps our ships from sailing.
Overview Fen looks like a typical Bajoran, but is far from it. If you see them on a regular basis you would note the subtle changes in appearance that indicate the fluidity of their gender. As such they prefer they/them as pronouns, although will not take offence at the use of whichever other pronouns seem most appropriate at the time. They have a quiet confidence, born of their cultural, more spiritual subroutines, and a practical, curious nature that can be attributed to their scientific interests as well as the influence of those around them while living at the Project Torchwood facility.
Gender Gender Fluid
Species Hologram
Birthdate 13th September 2412
Languages Built in UT for basic communication, with localisations in Standard, Bajoran, Cardassian, + whatever is needed at the time.

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 10”
Weight 57kg
Hair Color Blonde (also frequently strawberry blonde or red haired)
Eye Color Green (also quite often blue)
Physical Description Tall and slender, but stronger than they look. Large eyes in a slender face with a long, ridged nose. Hair is generally kept short though the style changes frequently. Sometimes the sides are shaved and the top combed to one side, sometimes the sides are a little longer and the top is textured and brushed backwards off the face. As though they have run their hand through it too may times. Others it is neatly parted and brushed to either side. They have a smallish mouth, a pointed chin, and a sharp jawline to match. They regularly switch between skant and pants style uniforms, depending on how they feel that day, and subtle changes to their facial features and body also indicate where they are currently sitting on the scale. More muscles/less boob and a heavier set brow is a more masculine day. More delicate ears and having visible breasts means a more effeminate day.

Obviously, this could can and does drastically if necessary.


Parents Torchwood team, led by Corey, Diz and Calhoun
Sibling(s) lots and lots of other holograms

Personality Curious, always looking for answers and wanting to know how things work, specifically holograms and holographic systems. Always looking for a way to make things better/more efficient. Outgoing, there’s something strangely confidence inducing about knowing who you are and what you want from the moment you open your eyes. Sure, there was a time when things weren’t quite so cut and dried, but now things are definitely settled. Adaptable, always prepared for a change in the status quo, or having to come up with a new plan if something doesn’t happen as expected.

Fen, is still quite a spiritual person, despite not being particularly religious, those cultural subroutines have affected their personality. The ideas present in Bajoran religion are considered interesting and present a loose ‘guide’ rather than a strict set of beliefs. This spirituality presents itself in a self-assured and quietly confident way rather than an overtly religious one. In normal conversation one might find themselves surprised by how un religious someone who looks like a Bajoran could be.

If not stimulated enough by their surroundings, Fen can become restless and irritable. This is of course solved simply enough by finding a new hobby or source of entertainment, or even just some time spent not running when they don’t have to be. This was more of an issue before they were given clearance to start actively working on holographic systems.
Hobbies & Interests Once holographic systems became more than just a hobby, Fen began to branch out their interests a little more. Brief interests in Bajoran Fashion, the Earth Film Industry, and extreme sports all had their turn. Currently, Fen is exploring the artistic side of her cultural subroutines and spends a vast amount of time painting and sculpting, trying to work out which medium suits her best.

Fen still considers their work on holographic systems to be an enjoyable pursuit rather than just a job, however. And so, considering the relatively short time they have to spend ‘inactive’ this means that some time is still available for ‘tinkering’ and trying to improve performance.

Despite not being quite so impassioned about piloting as some of their siblings, they were intrigued by the history of Bajoran space travel, spending a vast amount of time researching Bajoran Lightships and other similarly designed craft of that era. To the point where they have a holodeck program where they built such a ship, and sail it around the alpha quadrant. Obviously, Fen has improved the design, making the hull more durable with the use of modern technology so that the craft could endure warp jumps without being destroyed.

Personal History Randomizing personality subroutines…

Species selection… Bajoran.

Physical Gender… Female.

Randomizing physical appearance…

Name Generation… Drayok Fenlux.

Age approximation… 46.

Assigning subroutines for vocal processor…

Generating Culturally appropriate skillset…

Integrating Pilot skillset subroutines…

Activation is very unlike birth. One minute you are nothing, and then, months of programming and adjusting are set into motion in an initialisation process. And there you are, a program, waiting to be activated. Your creator gives the command to the computer, and there you stand.

Fen was no different, one moment there was nothing and the next light was projected and hardened into the skinny blonde Bajoran form they still prefer. There were a couple of things the team at Torchwood had not been expecting, they were surprised that the randomization had produced a genderfluid person so quickly, especially considering they were the first Bajoran to be produced. Their responses were as expected, test and simulation results were positive. They were ‘let loose’ among the holographic population at the Torchwood facility.

Fen, like all holograms produced by the Torchwood Project has an Internal UT, which means they can speak any language but in a standard accent only and following all grammatical laws of the language, but the ‘downloaded’ language profiles are more in depth, include local dialects and slang as well as accents and are normally combined in a ‘package’ with an appearance and cultural knowledge.

Their curiosity was the prevalent personality trait, and along with the intelligence they possessed their curiosity only grew. At first, Fen wanted to know everything about everything, but soon their interest was honed down. The questions asked when their program was being tested, updated and improved weren’t considered anything out of the ordinary, they became an active participant in the development of upgrades and new subroutines.

It wasn’t until they expressed discontent with the weighing of piloting hours over other pursuits that anyone realised what had happened. Fenlux did not want to be a pilot, they were more interested in holographic systems. While no one had foreseen it exactly the randomization of personality was seen as the cause of situation.

Had it been twenty years ago Fen’s program would have been labelled as a failure and scrapped, but luckily those in charge of Project Torchwood saw it as an achievement. Fen was more than the sum of her programming, and while it took time to get approval, Fen was allowed to study holographic systems, with the proviso that Piloting had to be their secondary skillset.
Service Record 2412 - Activation Date, Project Torchwood Base
2412 - 2414 - Continued Programming tests and piloting trials.
2413 - Request sent for approval to expand program into specialisation with holographic systems with piloting as secondary skillset
2415 - Request approved
2416 - Nominated as test subject for field testing in specialisation other than pilot.
2416 - Assigned USS Joshua Norton - Holographic Systems Specialist