Ensign Liam McKenzie

Name Liam Elias McKenzie Ph.D.

Position Linguist

Second Position Security

Rank Ensign


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2021-11-07 11:18

Character Information

Op Code Name Icarus
Personal Quote Words are your most powerful tool. Don’t waste them.
Overview Liam, who goes by the nickname ‘Mac’, is a sharp, well-spoken expert in linguistics and cultural anthropology. He speaks several languages fluently and has a passion for learning new ones. As a recent graduate of the Academy, his lack of field experience sometimes gets the best of him, leading him to occasional bouts of overconfidence. Although his training helps him to hide it, he is still somewhat shaken from the death of a close friend during his cadet cruise, which he blames himself for.
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthdate 10/22/2390
Languages In addition to Federation Standard, he actively maintains fluency in Rihannsu (Romulan), Klingonaase, High Orion and Cardassian. While not fluent he can understand and communicate basic concepts in many related languages, especially those from the continent of Europe on Earth. He also has some exposure to archaic Earth languages like the reconstructed Indo-European tongue.

Physical Appearance

Height 1.9m (6'2")
Weight 84kg (185lb)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Liam is of Scottish ethnicity with fair skin, brown hair and piercing hazel eyes. He has a strong and athletic build. His has a distinctive scar on the left side of his chest from hand-to-hand fighting, which he chose to keep.

Having been away from home for many years, and because of his language training, Liam’s Scottish accent is only barely discernible. It does become stronger and more noticeable when he is under stress, though.


Spouse not married
Children none
Parents His parents, Madeleine (58) and Elias (59) McKenzie, both work at a regional secondary school in Moray, Scotland. His mother is a language arts teacher, and his father a history teacher. While Liam never saw himself becoming a teacher himself, their passion for language and culture certainly rubbed off on him.
Sibling(s) Liam has one sibling, a brother named Colin Elias McKenzie (20). Colin is at University College London studying to become an archaeologist. The two of them remain close, even though they don’t see each other in person very often. Colin has a rare disorder called tetragametic chimerism, the result of him having two sets of DNA. With modern health care this doesn’t pose a significant risks at the moment, still Liam is concerned about how the condition might could worsen as he grows older.
Other Family Distant relatives only

Personality Liam is intelligent, resourceful and self-reliant, and is a very fast learner. He loves learning languages and dialects and talking to native speakers in their own tongues. Unlike some in his profession, Liam sees himself as an intelligence officer first and a scientist second. To Liam, science is his means to contribute to the protection of the Federation – rather than an end unto itself.

Generally Liam is level headed and cool under pressure, but his limited experience outside of the Academy can make him at times cocky and overconfident, and even lead to bouts of hubris and stubbornness. He has a difficult time trusting people and is very critical of himself for his own mistakes, especially for the events that took place in the Onias system, described below.

He also has a irrational fear of transporters, even though he must use them constantly.
Hobbies & Interests Liam was a competitive hoverball player during the academy and is always up for a game. He is a also a practitioner of Anbo-jyutsu as a means to stay in shape. He also enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities whenever he has the chance.

Personal History Liam was born 2390 in Moray, Scotland. The oldest of two very competitive boys, from an early age he had always been a hard worker and overachiever. As the children of secondary school teachers, education was always a priority for the boys growing up. Early on Liam developed a knack for languages and found he could learn them quickly. These talents evolved into dual interests in both linguistics and cultural anthropology. When he began looking into a career he wanted to make use of these talents in a practical way, rather than studying Earth’s past. That led him to the Academy and the Starfleet Intelligence program which was actively looking for language and cultural specialists.

Liam quickly adapted to the Academy life, and especially the warm climate of northern California. While studying for two separate Ph.D.’s and taking his Starfleet Intelligence training, he didn’t have much spare time. What little he had was spent learning Anbo-jyutsu and playing varsity hoverball.

Towards the end of his time at the Academy he began to neglect his hobbies to spend time with a fellow classmate, Kacey Sterling, who was also studying in the Intelligence track with a focus in Science. They both agreed to keep their new relationship a secret as a personal choice, and for multiple reasons. Partly this was because they didn’t want anything to get in the way of being posted together on their cadet cruise. As budding intelligence officers, another reason was simply that they both liked keeping secrets.

While at the Academy Liam became so proficient at learning accents that he could give convincing impersonations of some of his instructors. His imitations earned him a lot of laughs but also landed him in trouble more than a few times. By September of 2415 he had completed his coursework and dissertations and was assigned to his cadet cruise.

Both he and Kacey were posted to the science vessel USS Svante Pääbo, although this was only after Kacey spliced into the Academy computers and edited her assignment – which was Liam’s idea. The ship was assigned to quietly monitor pre-warp civilizations near the Romulan Neutral Zone, where Liam assisted in cultural and linguistic studies, as well as intelligence gathering.

In November of 2415 Liam and Kacey were both assigned to help set up a monitoring station on Alpha Onias II Gamma; an uninhabited, class-M moon. Unbeknownst to the Federation crew of the Pääbo, the moon was secretly being used as an advance base of operations for a Ralaaram Ocala, a Romulan terrorist movement. Without warning the Romulans attacked the Federation officers in brutal close-quarters combat, hoping to take some of them prisoner. The ensuing melee was vicious and claimed the life of many officers, including Kacey Sterling - despite Liam’s best efforts to save her. Liam was seriously injured in the process and was nearly killed himself. He and the other survivors were rescued only by the quick action of Captain Halsey and the security team from the Pääbo who rushed in to help.

Although Liam has since physically recovered, he has not been able to forgive himself for inadvertently putting Kacey in harm’s way and failing to protect her. He chose to not have a large scar on his chest removed as a way to never forget what had happened.

By March of 2416 the cruise was complete and Liam was permitted to return home for shore leave while awaiting his first assignment. His first posting came through only a few days into the leave, and he quickly packed his bags and headed off-world again. He traveled to the Utopia Planitia shipyards to join the USS Joshua Norton in early April.
Service Record 2390: Born in Moray, Scotland (Earth).
2408-2415: Studied Lingustics and Cultural Anthropology, as well as underwent Intelligence training at Starfleet Academy. Earned two Ph.D.'s.
2415-2416: He took part in his cadet cruise, which involved a skirmish with Romulans of Ralaaram Ocala.
2416: Posted to his first permanent assignment on the USS Joshua Norton.