Captain Diziara

Name Diziara

Position Fighter Craft Design Team Lead

Second Position Co-Creator Project Torchwood

Rank Captain


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Character Information

Personal Quote      "When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."
     -Leonardo da Vinci
Overview Diziara is co-creator of the Torchwood project, currently overseeing it, and serving as a senior test pilot at the Utopia Planitia shipyards. She is a passionate pilot, fighter, lover, and boozer, who often has problems with authority. She will never do anything she isn't willing to take the consequences for, but if she feels that the consequences are unjust, she will do everything in her power to seek vengeance. Considered by most to be an ill match for Starfleet, she's somehow managed to not get drummed out of the fleet despite her epic laundry list of reprimands on record.

She is a very private person. If it is not on the topic of sex, booze, or flying, she will not talk about it unless she trusts you explicitly. On the topics of sex, booze, and flying, she will tell you anything and everything you want to know if she herself knows it. Combat related subjects are unique. If you have shown her that you are adept at combat, she'll be as open about the topic as she is with the sex, booze, and flying, but if she considers you inept, she will avoid the topic as much as she avoids almost every other topic.
Gender female
Species ½ Klingon, ½ Trill
Birthdate June 12 2345
Languages Klingon, Federation Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 1.82m (6')
Hair Color red
Eye Color blue-green
Physical Description Diziara is tall, muscular, and curvy — the definition of built like a brick shit house. While she'd rather not need to wear clothes, if she must she's decided she's going to enjoy it. Her tastes are eclectic, ranging from high fashion to high utility, all of it customized in some way and often including blue of some sort. She has a weakness for tourist shirts, collecting them from the replicators of her favorite destinations; she has a particular fondness for both New York and San Francisco, and both feature in her collection prominently.

She has a tattoo on her upper right arm in a tribal sun style, which she and her cousin Mara each got together. She also has a scar on her hip which looks like a bite mark, it's faded and hard to spot if you don't know to look for it because it's so old now. These days she keeps her hair between shoulder and mid-back length, on duty opting for a utility bun or letting Corey braid it for her, off duty she'll usually throw it in a ponytail if it'll be in the way or leave it down. She always wears her wedding ring—a platinum band with a single twist making it a möbius strip—and sometimes wears a necklace with a platinum ring with a blue stone set flush in it.


Spouse Rear Admiral Corey Waterhouse
Children Captain Amelia Waterhouse
Reverend Noah Waterhouse
Parents B'Lalen & Jarnel Ortan
Sibling(s) Kaith and Kang
Other Family Mara (cousin), Korth (cousin-in-law)
Jelnazia (sister in law, married to Kang)
Thinshalrablu "Blue" th'Zhaath, Eustace "Stace" Houghton, Tobias "Toby" Amsel (other romantic partners)
Travis Foster (fiancé, deceased 2365)

Personality Diziara is a cynical person, a little too smart for her own good, and has a hard time respecting people who do not meet her high standards. In her youth, the only thing that prevented her from developing a criminal record was a very carefully planned system of bribery and techniques that kept her and Blue from being arrested and charged for the public disturbances, assault, and property damage they were responsible for. When she joined Starfleet, she only really made it through their recruitment gauntlet because she'd been in mourning and numb to her surroundings due to the loss of her fiancé, but when she returned to herself it quickly became clear she was an authority problem.

A number of things over the years have helped her figure out how to work within the Starfleet hierarchy, not the least of which was meeting a number of people within the fleet who met her high standards for respect, as well as answers to some questions that had left her angry at the organization. Marrying Corey helped as well, as he helped her focus her restlessness and anger in more productive directions and in ways that did not end up on the radar of those above them in the chain of command.

Diziara is fiercely loyal to anyone she considers family. Genetics and matrimony are not the primary deciding factor as to who she considers family, with chosen bonds of camaraderie often being the deciding factor instead. She is very much a believer in the old adage: Blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.
Hobbies & Interests If it involves booze, fighting, flying, or sex, she's eager and willing to be involved. She's also got a major weakness for karaoke, holo-programming, and most sports that get the adrenaline pumping, either as a spectator or participant. In her younger days, she regularly got into bar fights for the hell of it with Blue, and has occasionally been known to still do so outside of Federation space.

She is particularly skilled in hand to hand combat, trained in the use of a number of weapons. Highlights of her personal collection include the following:
  • d'k tahg - given to her by her Aunt Ba'el and Uncle Kergan, when she'd been accepted into her first flight school at age 15. It has been her dependable companion through many events in her life, big and small.
  • Glock 18 - her "In Case of Borg" weapon, usually filled with the large clips and tucked into the back waistband of her pants if worn on her person.
  • glass throwing knives - handles wrapped in black leather and designed to fit within sheathes that are sewn into Diziara's leather coat
  • modified phaser - looks like a type I, has the power level of a type II. a present from her brother Kang.
  • modified Klingon disruptor - like the phaser, it was a gift from Kang and had it's power level kicked up so that it's significantly more powerful than its original form.
  • daishō - commissioned specifically for her by Mouse, a katana and wakizashi with black lacquered sheathes decorated with blue roses.
  • bat'leth - usually displayed on the wall of her quarters. not her favorite weapon, but she's effective enough with it.

She has experience flying a number of air and space craft, both due to her time in Starfleet and personal interests. She has a particular fondness for the old earth airplane, the PT-17 Stearman, but will jump at the chance to fly anything she can get her hands on.

She has been maintaining a journal since she was ten years old, replicating a new blank copy of the same blue leather one as her mother had given her for her birthday all those years ago. She's very protective of the journals because she is vary candid with what she writes within and she knows a lot of people do not do well with that level of candor, especially given her cultural upbringing and how it flavors her life view. Reading a passage of her journal was the source of the only real fight she ever had with Travis. By this point in her life, she'd probably let Corey read it if he wished — but she won't offer it, he'd have to ask, and he's unlikely to ask as he's accepted it's a private thing of hers.

She enjoys the pop culture of 20th century Earth, in part as a way to remember Travis as he was the one who initially introduced her to it. This comes up in her choice of songs when doing karaoke, but also leads to watching old earth movies, reading old earth books, and visiting sites of historial importance to that era of Earth history. She frequently listens to music of the mid to late twentieth century, as well as some of the early twenty-first.

Personal History Diziara is the eldest of a set of fraternal triplets, the younger two being monozygotic. They were born on Luna about six months after their father was reported missing in action in Starfleet. She, her brothers, and mother lived on Luna until she was ten, when B'Lalen moved them all back to Qo'noS so that she could be with her family as her sister died of a terminal illness.

When she and her brothers were enrolled in Klingon schools, Diziara found herself targeted by bullies for being a half-breed and very conspicuous with her red hair and pale skin. Her brothers looked more typically klingon with their dark hair and skin like their mother's, and they both stayed out of the way to avoid ending up in the cross hairs with her. As a result, she had to learn quickly to defend herself, and she managed to get her hands on a regenerator — one she kept for many years, and has long since passed onto her daughter. Teachers did nothing to help her, and she'd never been particularly close to her mother, so she assumed that she wouldn't get support from her and instead didn't tell her about the bullying.

Her cousin Mara was her lifeline, she introduced Diziara to a friend of hers who had an old earth plane and gave her her first taste of flight. Soon after it became an obsession and she worked her ass off to get accepted to a flight school that was outside of Klingon space. Out of the shadow of Klingon xenophobia, Diziara finally started to come into her own — she thrived in class, started to make friends and develop interests of her own, and had her first boyfriend. The relationship went to shit when he broke it off, claiming her mother scared him and he was emotionally abusive of her after the breakup, getting jealous when she moved on. Her rebound with Toby was the start of one of her longest running relationships, as well as when she got her tattoo and her cousin met her husband. Toby bailed on her just as she was starting to fall hard for him, she went on to graduate early and with top honors from her flight school, and jumped straight into a job with a freighter company.

It was here she met Blue and Travis when the three of them made up a crew. At first she hated Travis with everything she had—his ego seemed unjustified, he didn't seem to give a shit about her, but she was hopelessly attracted to him—and this lead to a fuck buddy relationship with Blue. As their fuck buddy relationship quickly transformed into a close friendship, with the two of them sparring together and finding fights in bars between runs, Travis broke up with his long distance girlfriend back on Earth when she cheated on him... and suddenly it was as if he noticed Diziara for the first time. For whatever reason, Blue stepped aside to allow Travis to pursue Diziara, and in the end the three of them formed a tight little family unit even though there was only a romantic bond between Diziara and Travis. Things were good for a time, Travis proposed to Diziara, and they made it nearly to the wedding when disaster struck.

Normally it was Diziara and Blue who went out to the bars, because a fight was usually on the menu, and Travis would stay behind because that wasn't his strength. For whatever reason, Blue had other plans between these runs, and Diziara and Travis instead decided to go to the bar without a plan for a fight. An Orion decided he'd taken an interest in Diziara—tried to force himself on her—and when she defended herself, his buddies backed him up. Travis tried to call Blue for help, but him communicator failed and he found himself cornered by a couple of guys. His cause of death was a broken neck and emergency response not being called soon enough, and Diziara effectively shut down to survive the emotional trauma of the loss.

She was in her second year at Starfleet Academy when she'd been able to pull herself out of autopilot and become aware of her surroundings again. It was only due to making friends with Corey and Jack while on autopilot, and their support, that she even made it to graduation — though she nearly was expelled over an incident that involved punching one Admiral Owen Paris. Her first few assignments after graduation were ill suited to her skill sets, and she found trouble in the form of blatant insubordination, conduct unbecoming of an officer, and any number of other reprimands that quickly filled out her service record — it was only her great skill as a pilot and fighter that kept her from getting flushed out.

The Klingon and Dominion Wars did a lot to both shore up her career and complicate matters drastically. She was a popular choice of her commanding officers for a number of missions due to her skill sets, and saw a lot of highly decorated combat duty during both wars, but her half-Klingon heritage caused a lot of strife with her fellow officers during the Klingon War, and with their Klingon allies during the Dominion war for her being on the "wrong" side of the previous conflict. Red tape moved slowly, as it always did, and she was moved away from the front lines too late for it to truly be a help with crew mates and allies.

Things moved quietly after that for a few years, until she was recruited for the Delta Force mission. Under the command of a Romulan defector, Admiral Khazara, this mission was tasked with establishing a presence in the Delta Quadrant using brand new technology that allowed for significantly shorter travel times across such vast distances. She thrived there for about a year, serving as the chief conn officer, but put in for a transfer away after she allowed a personal relationship to interfear with her duties. She was transferred to the USS Terra Nova when it was reassigned back to the Alpha quadrant, and served there for a year until her past caught up with her and brass transferred her to the lowest point in her career.

Starbase 668, informally known as Milliways as a reference to an old earth book known as Restaurant at the End of the Universe, was a station that was unofficially used to dump officers who hadn't quite earned themselves a discharge from the fleet, but were seen as a problem for one reason or another. The end goal was to either leave them out of the way, or encourage them to resign from the fleet. 668 turned out to be a hell of a culture shock. While she was known for causing trouble, she was the picture of efficiency when on duty and her tasks for any given shift or assignment were always completed, even if she ruffled a few feathers along the way. On 668, she was one of a very very small number of people who actually consistently and effectively did their job. It was mostly the non-fleet locals and the occasional person with a story similar to hers of crossing the wrong Admiral at some point or another, that ran the whole of the station. She continuously considered quitting, but made a couple of friends that kept her dragging her feet on turning in her resignation. Then like a cat with nine lives, a lifeline was dropped to her. She received transfer orders to serve on a ship again.

The USS Takeda Shingen was a turning point in her life and her career. Under the eye of one Admiral Zachary Johnson, he took a special interest in Diziara; she was recommended for a number of unconventional missions and given resources that went above and beyond necessary. Rumor started to go around that she was an Admiral's pet, and though she bristled at it and shut it down whenever she heard talk, she also didn't dissuade the favoritism as long as it didn't require her to break any of her own moral codes. This favoritism lead to her being given access to a prototype runabout that directly lead to a crossover incident with the mirror universe, where she encountered the doppelganger of Travis. Coming back from that left her shook up, especially when the debriefing was excessively probing and too personal. The strange man who'd conducted the debriefing also was present when she was promoted to Lieutenant in the prototype.

She was soon tapped to help Starfleet Intelligence look into him, and was a key player in uncovering his association with Section 31 and arresting him — she punched him as he was being brought in, something she still brags on as that made two admirals she'd punched in her career. The aftermath of Johnson's arrest also lead to answering a question that had long hung as a dark cloud over her career — what had happened to her father. The man who's debriefed her after the mirror universe revealed himself in a letter that he was her father, a long time associate to Johnson, and also an asset of Section 31.

As the dust settled on all that drama, Diziara's relationship with Corey took a turn from friendship to romance, and it was like fireworks. The two of them had been very close friends since their time at the academy, but due to a bit of a comedy of errors involving their friend Jack, and the crush he had on her at the academy, they had only been friends in that time. It wasn't long before he asked her to formalize their relationship and introduce him to her other romantic partners, settling into a polycule that's remained for the most part stable since then — only a couple people have come and gone from it over the years. Marriage followed not long after and they were able to get assigned to the same ship with little difficulty.

Between Corey's presence in her life, and the questions surrounding her father having been addressed, Diziara's career settled out. She was no longer getting regular reprimand, her promotions proceeded are a normal pace, and life was normal. She and Corey decided to have kids after a few years of marriage, eventually having Amelia and Noah. They eventually managed to pull an assignment at the Utopia Planitia shipyards on Mars, where they initially were both involved in fighter development which lead into the Torchwood Project.
Service Record
  • Graduated Starfleet Academy: June 2369
    • Promoted to rank of Ensign
  • Deep Space 6: June 2369 - August 2369
  • USS Mulligan: August 2369 - December 2369
  • Personal Service of Admiral Owen Paris: December 2369 - June 2371
  • USS Rothmore: June 2371 - June 2375
    • Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade: March 2374
  • USS Ashland: June 2375 - January 2378
  • USS Remington: January 2378 - January 2379
  • USS Terra Nova: January 2379 - January 2380
  • Starbase 668: January 2380 - January 2381
  • USS Takeda Shingen: January 2381 - August 2395
    • Promoted to Lieutenant: February 2381
    • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander: June 2389
  • USS Audie Murphy: August 2395 - September 2402
    • Promoted to Commander: April 2398
  • USS Zhukov: September 2402 - March 2404
  • Utopia Planatia: March 2404 - current
    • Promoted to Captain: December 2405