Ensign T'Kena

Name T'Kena

Position Engineering Officer (Computer & Communications Specialist)

Second Position Archeologist & Anthropologist

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Op Code Name Agnodice
Personal Quote "If you let other's dictate your life, you'll never find who you are."
Overview T'Kena is far from your typical Vulcan. As a child, she was best friend's with an 'outcast' Varik, which her parents disapproved of. This instilled a sense of wanting to rebel inside of her, because she didn't want her family deciding who she could be friends with, and what she could and could not do. Because of this, she's been labelled an outcast as well, a title which she takes pride in.

She isn't afraid to show her emotions, although she does control them in certain instances. She likes to dance, and to play the violin, as well as write.
Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Birthdate 12th July 2387
Languages Vulcan, Romulan, Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 5"4
Weight 115lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description At first look, T'Kena might appear as a traditional Vulcan. She usually has a serious look on her face when she's working, and keeps her naturally curly hair as neat as she can. She is slender built, and keeps in shape as much as she can. She will sometimes give a slight smile, which some have considered to be a good feature of hers, but whilst she can look very serious, off duty she will always let her hair down, preferring a casual look over a serious one.


Spouse None
Children None
Parents Savok - Father. T'Kela - Mother
Sibling(s) S'dan (Brother)
T'Kara (Sister)
Other Family Various nieces and nephews

Personality T'Kena is proud of showing her emotions, at the right times. She is stubborn when it comes to her family, because she really doesn't like living up to expectations of cultural norms. She often disobeyed her parents when she was younger, because she didn't like the idea of having them control her future.

When with friends, she is warm and bubbly, and can often be found either singing, dancing, playing the violin or cracking jokes. She is as far from a traditional Vulcan as possible, but doesn't like comparison's with Romulan's, because of their actions. When asked how she identifies herself, she always replies as 'T'Kena' because she doesn't need labels.

Her closest friend is Varik, and she sometimes looks to her for advice. She is also friendly, and doesn't always understand body language or subtle hints.
Hobbies & Interests Playing the Violin

Personal History T'Kena was born on the Nebula class Federation starship Hutton, and spent the first seven years of her life there. As she grew up, her parents tried to raise her in a traditional Vulcan manner, but she was always curious about other species and people. She met another Vulcan, who was only a few weeks older than her, called Varik, on the Hutton, and wanted to be friends with her. Because of Varik's mother being an outcast, T'Kena's parents forbade the friendship. This, however, did not stop T'Kena.

When she was seven, T'Kena's parents returned to Vulcan, fearing that she was being influenced by others on the ship, especially Varik. But T'Kena had already decided to make up her mind, and kept in contact with Varik, despite her parents not wanting her to do so. This brought out T'Kena's rebellious side, and no matter how much her parents tried, T'Kena would remain stubborn and refuse to follow their demands for what they saw as her future plans.

This wasn't too much of a problem until she turned 18, and her parents wanted her to join the Vulcan Science Academy. Using their influence, T'Kena was granted a place, despite not wanting to go, but she was told she had to. To stop this, when she was brought before the admissions board, she removed a small container containing several sausages from Earth, and ate them in front of the board. Her place was revoked immediately, and she was disowned by her parents. That suited her, so she left Vulcan, and made her way to Earth, where an old family friend was able to arrange for her to have a place to live (In fact, it was her father who made the arrangements, but did so in secret, not wishing to go against the wishes of his wife).

After spending four years trying to decide what path she wanted to take, she found out that her friend, Varik, was joining Starfleet, so she applied to the academy. She was admitted as a cadet, and decided she wanted to become a computer specialist, something she enjoyed doing. She liked any form of Engineering work, but working with computers appealed to her, because she was always able to understand them better than she could understand people. She made a request to be room mates with Varik, which was granted.

When she graduated, she was assigned to the USS Freedom, as a computer specialist. She enjoyed her work, but she found that it was...rather mundane. She wanted to do something exciting, and so in 2416, she was given the opportunity to take Basic Intelligence Training.

After completing the training, she was assigned to the USS Joshua Norton, as a Computer Specialist. She was looking forward to this, as it gave her a chance to try something new and different.
Service Record 2409: Enrolled at Starfleet Academy
2413: Commissioned as Ensign
2413: Posted to USS Freedom
2416: Completed Basic Intelligence Training
2416: Assigned to USS Joshua Norton