Rik Caine

Name Rik Horatio Caine

Position Gumshoe

Second Position Batman


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Character Information

Op Code Name Helios
Personal Quote "You know my method. It is founded upon the observation of trifles”. - Sherlock Holmes in The Boscombe Valley Mystery by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthdate March 12, 2379
Languages Federation Standard, Mandarin, Romulan, Orion, Klingon, Dominon and Cardassian

Physical Appearance

Height 6"0'
Weight 162 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Ice Blue
Physical Description

Rik is of medium height and build with an athletic tone. He has styled messy dark brown hair and ice blue eyes that show a lot of sorrow but a hopeful glimmer. Whenever possible he likes to keep a distinct five o' clock shadow, however, not while on duty. He is a mix of clean cut and rough around the edges keeping an enigmatic vibe that can't be placed while wearing his typical off-duty or cover operations attire.

On his left hand side upper pectoral muscle he has a tattoo of the Batman logo with a silver H and C either side of a red V. Directly above this is a severe patch of scarring. While none are visible when clothed, Rik Caine has numerous scars adorning his torso and legs.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Parents Captain Horatio Caine (Deceased)
Doctor Clara Caine (Deceased)
Sibling(s) Verity Caine (Missing, presumed dead)(30)
Other Family (Ret) Commodore John Caine (Grandfather)


Rik's primary ambition is to solve the case of his parents' murder by any means necessary. While he isn’t sure what closure will mean or what form it will take, he is determined that no matter what he will find the killers. Ancillary to this, he hopes to find his sister and restore their relationship.

In terms of career, Rik has had a long and successful run in Starfleet and has achieved all he wanted and more, now he is driven by justice and defending those who are unable to defend themselves.

More recently, Rik has had his eyes opened to a life with someone, beyond work and his cause and exploring that path and where it may lead is of great interest and importance to him.

Hobbies & Interests
  • Fencing
  • Kendo
  • Martial Arts/Keeping Fit
  • Comic Books
  • Noir Fiction (Film and Literature)
  • Batman Holo-novels
  • Private Eye Holo-novels
  • Spy Holo-novels
  • Forensic Science
  • 1920's American History
  • Reading
  • Blues and Jazz Music
  • Playing the guitar and piano

  • Personal History

    On March 12 2379 Rik Caine was born to Starfleet officers Captain Horatio Caine and Doctor Clara Caine in the family home in Chicago, Illinois on Earth where his mother worked in a medical research facility. Rik’s mother, Clara Caine, was a doctor at a research facility near the family home and spent her time compiling data and developing chemicals for Project Odin. Project Odin was the name given to a top secret biochemical stimulant development project for use in the field to improve the reflexes and stamina of combat personnel in extended warzones.

    Rik's father, Horatio, was a distinguished special investigator based out of San Francisco, Earth. He was particularly famed for his ruthless style and almost unnatural insight into the crime scenes he attended on behalf of the Judge Advocate General of Starfleet. After the Dominion War and the successful capture of numerous Dominion operatives that had infiltrated Earth he was awarded the Starfleet Medal of Honour and was asked to teach forensics and criminal investigations at Starfleet Academy. His academic work in the field proved to be highly insightful, based on his experiences, and his four volumes entitled ‘Telling Lies: Uncovering Truth in Criminal Investigations’ became a number one bestseller among professionals and amateurs alike. On his fifth birthday Rik was given the first published set of these books and inside his father had written a quote spoken by Sherlock Holmes in one of the great Conan-Doyle stories: "You know my method. It is founded upon the observation of trifles”. A quote which has remained with Rik throughout his life.

    When Rik was just three years old his sister, Verity, was born. Since she could walk she idolised her brother and he became very protective of her; looking out for her at school and in the neighbourhood. During their young childhood their father taught them basic detective skills and they often played 'cops and robbers' in the street. Shortly after his tenth birthday, while his sister was just seven, the family home was invaded by assailants unknown. Rik's mother, who had been downstairs, was killed first while his father hid Rik and Verity in the wardrobe before trying to apprehend the intruders and getting shot himself. When they were eventually found by Starfleet Security the children were sent to live with their grandfather, retired Commodore John Caine.

    An investigation was launched and after months of attempting neither Starfleet Security nor Starfleet Intelligence had enough evidence or enough of a case to bring anything before the Office of the JAG. Rik, although only ten, requested to keep the case file as a memory of his parents which they allowed due to Rik's grandfather pulling some strings. He now keeps these files under lock and key hoping one day to solve the crime himself and bring his parents' killers to justice. While John Caine tried to do the best his could by the children both Rik and Verity, distraught with such a loss at an early age, turned to the streets for something to fill the void. While neither did particularly well in school they did enough to get average grades. During his late teenage years Rik fell into a spiral of bad behaviour that saw him kicked out of school, just after finishing his exams, for violent behaviour towards teachers and other pupils. Growing increasingly distant from his sister and grandfather Rik started drinking and getting into fights, just to feel something.

    The week before his eighteenth birthday in 2397 Rik was brought home by Starfleet Security who had arrested him for a fight that had broken out in a dive bar near the waterfront instead of taking him to the local holding facility because of his father's legacy. Upon arrival, Rik found his grandfather sitting with then Commander Sam Chandler; the security officer that had worked with his dad and had released both him and his sister from their hiding place on the night of the murder who initially did not believe Rik's story that he was defending another patron from assault. The three spoke for hours, and initially Rik wasn’t prepared to hear anything being said and got increasingly more aggressive, until finally he was made to realise that going down this path was going to lead to a criminal conviction in addition to insulting the memory of his parents who had taught him better. At this point, Rik broke down and his grandfather produced an old graphic novel from a drawer. After explaining that this was his father's favourite and that now Rik had come to his senses, the stories may help him finding a better path to follow. Rik to this day still has Batman: Year One and the rest of his father's antique comic book collection. Through reading the comics he found an affinity with the Caped Crusader and it was this that he based his chosen path on. He needed to atone, protect and fight for justice - just like The Batman and just as his father had done.

    At the age of eighteen Rik got a tattoo on his upper left pectoral of the Batman logo, with three letters inside, a silver H and C to represent his mother and father and a ruby red V in the middle of them both for his sister who was heading down the same destructive path as Rik had done. Despite his best efforts Verity pulled away from her family and became more destructive and more reclusive. Rik tried to bring her back, however, his efforts resulted in her stabbing him through the letter V on his tattoo and running away from home.

    Rik started volunteering at the local Starfleet Security offices as the punishment arranged in lieu of a conviction and a criminal record by then Commander Sam Chandler. It was also during this time that Rik took up a number of sports and martial arts to better prepare himself for a life in Starfleet and in particular, security investigations. He taught himself numerous different forms of martial arts including; Bartitsu; Jujutsu; Muay Thai; Krav Maga; Capoeira; Taekwondo; Judo; Kali; Boxing; Kickboxing; Wing Chun; Shorin Ryu; Silat; Chin Na; Aikido; Varma Adi; Jeet Kune Do; Shaolin kung fu and Hung Gar with help from several of the local security staff who had taken it upon themselves to mentor the reformed teenager. As well as this, Rik also used his time to take up the sports of Fencing (épée) and Kendo, which he was taught by his grandfather. Rik's natural ability in sword fighting and martial arts won him numerous tournaments.

    Later in that same year Rik applied to Starfleet Academy with letters of recommendation from his grandfather, the senior officer at the Starfleet Security station and then Commander Sam Chandler. He sent this off to the Academy in San Francisco on Earth and was accepted. Rik was invited to undertake the entrance competition exams and made the trip to San Francisco to complete them. The exam contained sections on hyperspace physics and dynamic relationships, among others; along with the infamous "psych test", where Rik faced his greatest fear; the loss of loved ones. After surviving the initial stage of tests, Rik was exhausted as per the norm for this stage of the entrance competition. He was then surprised with a physical test of strength and mental agility under severe pressure which exhausted him further. Several weeks later he received information that he had finished in the top two percent and had gained entry into Starfleet Academy in the September of his eighteenth year.

    During the summer of 2397, prior to his Academy training start date, Rik Caine underwent the Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program; which consisted of six weeks of summer classes. He successfully navigated his way through classes and exams while still having enough time to practise his various sporting and martial arts pursuits. In addition, and secretly, Rik attempted to find clues that would solve his parents' murder case. On the second day of the programme, Rik met and befriended a science recruit named Felix Carris from Rigel IV. With a shared interest in criminal investigations as well as fencing, movies and drinking they bonded over a Gotham City inspired holoprogram they developed which allowed them to play partners in the GCPD and solve crimes in a universe they loved. On the first day at the Academy they moved into the same dormitory on campus along with several other cadets that quickly formed a tight-knit and fiercely loyal group. During his academy years Rik became increasingly interested in old Earth blues and jazz music and took the opportunity to learn the guitar and piano.

    Although the group (nicknamed the Rat Pack) all had plans to follow different paths in their Starfleet career, the first year was comprised of basic training modules which all cadets had to pass in order to progress to the second year. Rik completed this basic year and finished the top quarter along with the rest of his dorm mates. After this basic year Rik, along with his friends, had to choose the major degree that would impact their future career choice within Starfleet. It was at this point that he enrolled in Criminal Investigations with a minor in Forensic Science. Shortly after the second year begun, Rik took part in the Academy Fencing Championship and with an impressive final bout won the gold medal over his friend Felix who came second.

    On the day of the Graduation Ceremony in the summer of 2401 Rik accepted his completion of the Academy and shocked his tutors and friends when he turned down numerous roles on starships and starbases alike and refused his commission to Ensign. Accepting his decision, and acknowledging the role he was truly destined for, his personal tutor Thaka Shral helped him get through the Starfleet Security Investigations entry programme.

    On completion of the training programme Rik was assigned the rate of Petty Officer Third Class and placed as an Investigator in the Criminal Investigations Division of Starfleet Security on Earth. Here Rik thrived as a cog in the machine and was part of several successful and high profile cases. Wanting to further his training Rik applied and was accepted first into the Airborne Training School and then the Hostage Rescue and Reconnaissance School where he completed the course and subsequently joined a Hostage Rescue and Reconnaissance Security Team (HRRST) attached to Starfleet Security Command. During his time as team leader, Rik was able to negotiate the rescue of countless civilians and Starfleet personnel, complete covert assignments and provide protective detail for high profile targets. It was also during this time Rik earned his freefall jump wings.

    At the age of twenty-seven, Rik Caine was seconded to a new unit being developed as a joint effort by Starfleet Security, the JAG Corps and Starfleet Intelligence known as the Starfleet Active Intelligence Network, codenamed S.A.I.NT, and was promoted to Chief Petty Officer.

    The mission objective of S.A.I.NT was to infiltrate enemy or potentially hostile zones both inside and outside of Federation space and gather intelligence and evidence to build the cases that would take down the biggest criminal organisations that threatened the heart of the Federation. With the evidence in place, their assignment was to apprehend the individuals or criminal organisations in question and ensure safe transit to trial. Rik was appointed as the team leader and handpicked three other members of Starfleet to build his S.A.I.NT Team. (The S.A.I.NT Programme was disbanded in 2410). The team was equipped with top of the range equipment and given a special unmarked Delta Flyer and top level access to security files. Rik relished this covert experience that came with his new assignment. On joining the team, his grandfather handed him a book, The Maltese Falcon, that led Rik to fall in love with the hardboiled private investigator style. It was at this point he adopted the same hardboiled style and language into his own investigative modus operandi which proved to refine his astute powers of deduction and become a successful approach to deal with cases.

    One such operation, and perhaps the one that defined his career, took place on the lawless world of Nimbus III where Rik went undercover for three years in the local Orion Syndicate who had built a cartel in that region of space smuggling arms, drugs and people in addition to the leader, Harok, being wanted for over twenty counts of murder of Federation citizens. With his team running back-up, Rik had a fake identity created and became Joel Cairo; the name of the villain that he had taken from the book his grandfather had given him.

    Rik built the trust of the family and took part in numerous Syndicate activities as he worked his way up the ranks to become one of the top enforcers and trusted with important assignments and deliveries. Once in this position of trust, Rik was able to use his influence and access to begin gathering evidence in the case against the group and feeding it back to his S.A.I.NT team. Rik was forced to partake in numerous shake-downs and high profile, violent, robberies although he managed to disguise his own involvement and avoid any lethal violence. During this time Rik formed a close personal relationship first with the Cardassian bodyguard Katilya and then with an Orion dancer at the club Harok owned named Zela. As a daughter of Harok, Rik was able to manipulate Zela into providing him with information and prestige allowing him to get closer to the inner circle. At the end of nearly three years assimilating himself into the Syndicate and gathering data; Rik was able to transmit it to his team and make arrangements for the raid. However, hours before it could take place Rik was captured and taken off-world. Hooded and disorientated he was informed by Harok that the game was over; he'd been ousted as Rik Caine, Starfleet undercover officer by Harok's most trusted bodyguard, a Cardassian woman named Katilya who had been tipped off. What proceeded could only be described as hell. With two metal rods forced through his knees he was electrocuted frequently, cut, whipped and beaten repeatedly day and night along with having to endure severe psychological torture. The aim of which was to work out how much Starfleet knew about the Syndicate operations in the sector. Rik was also informed during one interrogation with Katilya that the raid had failed, leaving many of his colleagues dead.

    Rik endured the torture, relying on his extensive training to remain strong; but came close to breaking point on numerous occasions. He developed a deep bond with his torturer, Katilya, who broke him physically and mentally. Rik trusted her, and their relationship rekindled briefly, and he promised to protect her from prosecution. This was later explained by his debriefing counsellor as Stockholm syndrome; and is something that Rik is now ashamed of. After six months of torture Rik was finally rescued by Starfleet Intelligence who had managed to trace the ship trajectory and locate him. Taken back to a Starfleet medical facility the broken Rik Caine was treated for both physical and psychological wounds.

    After his escape from the clutches of the Syndicate, Rik wanted back in to complete the assignment and catch the mole that had tipped off the Syndicate as well as put the gang behind bars. Initially his superiors disagreed with the danger that this brought but eventually conceded. It was arranged that Rik would be publically arrested for killing another Starfleet officer; who needed a way to have his identity erased to become an undercover officer for Starfleet Intelligence. The set up went perfectly and Rik was charged, found guilty and sent to a penal colony to serve a life sentence for murder, and conspiracy to smuggle Starfleet data and weapons; which had been the story leaked to the media. With his reputation seemingly in tatters, Rik fended off numerous attacks from criminals he'd had locked up. Rik's time incarcerated was painful, hard work and regimented, which was briefly alleviated by visits from his grandfather and then Captain Sam Chandler who, due to their clearance levels, had been informed of the true nature of the incarceration. S.A.I.NT orchestrated a prison riot and attack on the colony which allowed Rik, who had since made friends with an Orion named Galia, to escape from the colony with her and steal a shuttle back to her father; the crime lord who had previously tortured Rik Caine believing him to be a Federation undercover officer.

    While initially Harok was sceptical he had seen the reports on Federation news and couldn't doubt his younger daughter's word that Rik Caine was not truly who he had believed him to be and had saved his daughter's life. Being accepted back into the family after providing the planted Starfleet equipment Rik worked tirelessly to gather intelligence and evidence by whatever means he could and noted Katilya did not seem to be among Harok's group. One fateful night, however, he was faced with a dilemma that no undercover officer ever wanted to face. Kill or be killed. Up to this point he'd been able to avoid doing any serious harm to anyone. Rik made a choice and placed his combadge on the hooded figure under the pretence of violently assaulting him. The signal alerted the covert operations ship in low orbit which was masked from the scanning devices of the complex. Aiming his own specially modified disruptor, he fired the vaporising shot in the same instance that the man was beamed to safety.

    After a year and with all the evidence in place a Starfleet Security team led by his colleagues in S.A.I.NT stormed a school, where Harok was conducting a deal in secret. A fire-fight broke out without warning; the clean operation looking as if it was to fail again. In the fire-fight that ensued Rik was tossed his weapon of choice, a shotgun modified to fire to micro-photon shells, and revealed himself as an undercover officer and rushed to protect a group of children from Harok that he had taken hostage. Rik was too late and found the bodies; a violent fight broke about between Rik and Harok ending with the Orion crime lord being impaled on a piece broken pipe. The remaining members of the syndicate group were arrested and Rik returned to Starfleet officially, criminal record wiped clean. It was later discovered that Harok had received the tip-off from an unknown source within Starfleet referred to only as "D.R."

    In 2410 Rik was accepted into the Starfleet Intelligence Clandestine Operations Division on the disbanding of the S.A.I.NT Programme. On being accepted into SICOD Rik trained at Starbase Credenhill, completing the basic training course and specialising in SERE Training to become multi-qualified. On completion of the course, Rik was assigned to Detachment Gold on the USS Pathfinder as the Weapons and Investigations Specialist. During one operation in Dominion Space the team was ambushed on the planet surface and the operations specialist was killed, having sufficient training in the field Rik was given a field promotion into the role and continued the operation successfully completing the objectives to neutralise a Jem`Hadar bio-weapon facility. On the follow-up operation which took place deep in the Gamma Quadrant in a Jem`Hadar cloning facility, the team commander was killed in a gas chamber explosion. Taking command of the remaining team Rik led them out alive and told them to go back to the shuttle, returning on his own to plant the explosives to successfully destroy the cloning complex.

    Accepting a transfer in 2411, Rik became a special investigator for the office of Starfleet's JAG. While working as an investigator, Rik was part of an operation investigating the arms trade and the illegal dealing of arms to non-Federation members by key and notable members of Starfleet. The two men in particular which were investigated and eventually indicted were then General Donald M. Raven and then Admiral Drixx. Rik Caine went undercover as their security advisor on Earth until he was able to unravel the clues and find the necessary evidence to make an arrest. Rik arrested both senior figures at a UFP Peace Conference under Section 15, Paragraph 1, Sub-section 12 of the Trafficking Act 2023 where it is stated that ‘the distribution of advanced technology including, but not limited to weapons, Intelligence and other artefacts beyond the receivers advancement is an automatic removal from Starfleet or other said military organisation and a trial by jury with the maximum penalty of life imprisonment.’ As such the information gathered by Rik Caine and his team, who suspected both men to be funding terrorism and supplying weapons, was passed on to the senior prosecutor once the arrest had been made. It was during this case that Rik Caine discovered a connection between Admiral Drixx and Project Odin. Following up the lead during some shore leave Rik discovered a name of a former officer turned bartender called Harry West, who had somehow been involved. Not wanting to loose the lead Rik transferred to the frontier colony world of Jaril VI as a security investigator to pursue the case of his parents' murder and try and work out what the connection meant.

    Arriving on the colony in late 2412 Rik quickly made a name for himself helping locals and Starfleet personnel in criminal investigations ranging from theft, assault and burglary all the way to the more extreme murder and sexual offences. While stationed on the colony, Rik made sure he spent a lot of time in Harry West's bar, befriending him and trying to fit him into the Project Odin picture. Rik eventually discovered that Harry worked for Drixx as chief of security and they had spent most of their time attempting to bring down Project Odin; not through violent means but protest, political manoeuvrings and lobbying. Three months later Rik Caine was called to a disturbance at the bar and found Harry West had been murdered. Being tasked to investigation, Rik didn’t admit any personal connections with Harry West in order to keep access to the evidence with the hope of finding a link between his murder and Project Odin. During the investigation, Rik discovered that Harry West had been sending encoded messages almost monthly to a person known as Jörmungandr on Deep Space Nine and, after one year on the colony, Rik transferred to Deep Space Nine as the chief constable and was subsequently promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer in January 2413.

    On Arrival at Deep Space Nine, Rik was involved in numerous investigations involving the local civilian population including several assignments taking place on Bajor. One such investigation which Rik fondly nicknamed 'The Case of the Blue Orb' saw him track down a missing Tear of the Prophet that had been stolen en-route to Bajor and smuggled down to the planet surface to be sold on to a private collector. During the investigation, Rik uncovered a link between the courier and a group of Ferengi traders on the station who had arranged to sell the Orb to a Cardassian woman named Katilya. During a showdown in the shuttle bay, Katilya escaped; however, the Orb was recovered. Returning it to the Temple, Rik was invited to gaze upon the Orb and seek clarity. When Rik was off-duty he worked in secret on his own private investigation trying to trace the communications between Harry West and the station by bartering with some of the seedier station personnel. As Rik moved closer to finding out who Jörmungandr was a posting came up on the USS Vindicator which Rik Caine was put forward for by the Station Commander and his transfer was accepted. Rik still has not discovered the reasons behind his former commanding officer and friend putting him off the station in the manner he did.

    Upon joining the USS Vindicator, Rik become involved romantically with the Executive Officer, Commander Amelia Waterhouse after their first meeting in his officer. During his first assignment he played a key role in securing the safety of a legal scholar and political dissident named Imrol Kessek, in order for him to testify and provide evidence against the self-appointed interim ruler. In the process of this, Rik and Imrol were chased by guards and attacked, resulting in serious injuries to Rik's shoulder among other cuts and broken bones. Maintaining composure and with the evidence in play, Rik was given special dispensation to arrest the self-appointed ruler. Upon return to the USS Vindicator, Rik spent time in sickbay and Amelia's quarters recovering before returning to duty.

    Shortly after, Amelia received transfer orders back to Starfleet Intelligence and requested Rik accompanied her, to which he obliged and the couple requisitioned a penthouse in San Francisco on Earth where they live when not on assignment. Part of the arrangement sent Rik back to Starfleet Academy to undertake refresher courses and command courses to convert his time served to an officer billet. In 2415 Rik Caine was made a Lieutenant Commander and appointed as Amelia's first officer onboard the newly commissioned clandestine operations Intelligence ship, the USS Joshua Norton.

    Service Record =/\= SERVICE TIMELINE =/\=

  • 2416 - Retires from active duty
  • 2415 - Executive Officer (USS Joshua Norton)
  • 2415 - Security Investigator (USS Vindicator)
  • 2414 - Security Investigator (Jaril VI)
  • 2412-2414 - Security Investigator (Deep Space Nine)
  • 2411-2412 - Special Investigator (Office of the Starfleet JAG)
  • 2410-2411 - Operator, Detachment Gold ClanOps (USS Pathfinder)
  • 2405-2410 - S.A.I.NT Team Leader (four years undercover in the Orion Syndicate)
  • 2404-2405 - Operator (Hostage Rescue and Reconnaissance Security Team, Starfleet Security)
  • 2403 - Investigator (Criminal Investigations Division, Starfleet Security)
  • 2403 - Completes Starfleet Security Investigations training
  • 2402 - Completes Academy training and refuses commission
  • 2398 - Joins Starfleet

    =/\= QUALIFICATIONS =/\=

    Starfleet Qualifications
  • Starfleet Academy Degree in Criminal Investigations and Forensic Science
  • Advanced Weapons Training
  • Advanced Criminal Investigations Training
  • Advanced Crime Scene Examiner Training
  • Advanced Culture Studies
  • Advanced Federation Law (Criminal Justice)
  • Basic Federation Law
  • Basic Applied Sciences
  • Basic Combat Training
  • Borg Studies
  • Close Quarters Combat Training
  • Federation and Universal Culture
  • HALO Jump Course
  • Hostage Negotiation Training
  • Hostage Rescue Training
  • Intelligence Gathering and Analysis
  • Investigative Interviewing of Victim & Witness Training
  • LALO Jump Course
  • Master Parachutist
  • SCUBA Training
  • Special Operations Intelligence Training
  • Special Operations Training
  • Urban Warfare Training
  • Undercover Operations Training
  • Zero-G Combat Training

    Starfleet Training Schools Attended
  • Starfleet Academy
  • Starfleet Security Investigations School
  • Airborne School
  • Hostage Rescue and Reconnaissance School
  • Starfleet Intelligence Training Academy
  • Command School

    Non Starfleet Qualifications
  • High School Diploma
  • Diploma in Fencing from the FIE (épée)
  • Master Diploma in Fencing from the FIE (épée)
  • Teaching Diploma in Fencing from the FIE
  • Master of Epee Qualification from the CEE

    =/\= MEDICAL HISTORY =/\=

    Throughout Rik's career he has suffered with numerous broken and cracked bones throughout his body. Predominately, arms, legs and ribs. In addition, Rik has been subject to cuts and energy weapons fire leaving a varying array of scars all over his torso, back, legs and arms. It is assumed all but one scar above his tattoo occurred in the line of duty. Rik Caine has refused all cosmetic treatment to remove or reduce the appearance. It is known that at one point during his career, Rik Caine was subjected to extensive physical and psychological torture.

    Current Medical Status: Fit for active duty
    Current Psychological Status: Emotionally well adjusted for continued service

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