Lieutenant Zola

Name Zola

Position Research & Development

Second Position Pilot

Rank Lieutenant


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2020-12-24 12:23

Character Information

Op Code Name Metis
Personal Quote "What does this button do?"
Gender Female
Species Ferengi
Birthdate 2359 (24 year gap due to time travel, see history)
Languages Ferengi, Federation Standard, Orion, Tellarite

Physical Appearance

Height 1.42m (just shy of 4'8")
Weight 96lbs
Eye Color hazel
Physical Description Her petite form makes it easy for her to move and work in the Jefferies tubes of a starship. Like most of her species, she has large ears, though as a female hers are smaller than those found on the more familiar males of her species.


Parents Nula (Moogie), Zeg (Father)
Sibling(s) Nug (brother)

Personality Zola comes across as a happy person, but is often cynically analyzing as a result of the business sense her mother beat into her and the mistrust bred by the older generations on Ferenginar who still felt that women shouldn't earn a profit, shouldn't wear clothes, and should stay at home. She tries to be social, but often misunderstands the customs of other species where they don't overlap with engineering and profit.

Before her unexpected trip through time, she'd been the chief engineer of a Defiant class ship on patrol in the Gamma quadrant, the original USS Joshua Norton. She would like to be a chief engineer again, but feels that it'll take her some time to get a grasp on the advancements of technology during the approximately two and a half decades she skipped. She's currently excited to be tapped to serve on the second defiant class ship to bear the Emperor's name, the USS Joshua Norton A, this time as an Intel trained R&D specialist.
Hobbies & Interests From a young age, Zola was fascinated with how things work. In her spare time, she'll pour over technical manuals, tear apart and rebuild things, and generally just learn whatever she can about the technology she encounters both professionally and casually.

Even though she's not good at making sense of other species social interactions, she loves parties and socializing in general. Due to her naivety, she's been the butt of numerous jokes during her fleet career, but because she's oblivious, she is the perfect straight-woman.

Her roommate at the Academy loved going to clubs and loved teasing Zola. This was combined together to lead to Melissa dressing Zola up in a pair of high heels that had chicken legs for heels, and dragging her into whichever club was hot at the time. When the club of the week happened to be an industrial club with a noise room, Zola found herself fascinated with this form of music that was so different from the other stuff she'd been exposed to. She spent the whole evening in the noise room, and even started coming back without her roommate to make recordings and talk with the DJs about their techniques.

She also attempts to be a bit of a fashion maven, experimenting with clothing from numerous cultures and time periods when she gets the chance. She absolutely loves the chicken foot high heels her roommate gave her, and a lot of her wardrobe features loud colors and patterns all working together. If she has a more subdued outfit within her wardrobe, it is usually the influence of someone else that placed it there.

Personal History Zola was the result of a contract for her father Zeg to artificially inseminate her mother Nula, which Nula brokered. The two parted ways when Zola and her brother Nug were born; Nula taking custody of Zola and Neg taking custody of Nug.

Nula had intended to raise Zola to be a shrewd business woman like herself, but instead ended up with a daughter who looked to the stars and broke things to see how they worked. Despite this, Nula did manage to instill the Rules of Acquisition into Zola, as well as the ability to negotiate a mean contract... It's just not a passion for her like it is to Nula.

Nula only accepted that she wouldn't be able to turn her daughter to the righteous path of profit when Zola enrolled at Starfleet Academy. Since then, Nula has sued Zeg for breach of contract and failure to deliver promised goods.

While on assignment with the original USS Joshua Norton, Zola and Lt.jg Evie Jones were investigating an unstable wormhole. When their shuttle craft was pulled inside, they soon found themselves in 2414, 24 years in the future. When they attempted the journey back to 2390, the wormhole collapsed. The team was found by the USS Titan.

After being debriefed by Temporal Investigations, both were cleared to continue serving in Starfleet if they wished, and training was made available to them to bring them up to date for what they'd missed. Zola elected to stay, but Evie retired to try and catch up on the time she'd missed with her daughter.

Once Zola was cleared by Temporal Investigations, she attempted to make contact with her family. Her mother refused to acknowledge her, beyond charging her 24 years worth of storage on a pair of white pumps with chicken legs for heels. Nula had already collected life insurance on Zola, as well as sold off all her other belongings. The shoes she'd been unable to sell, so she'd stored them. Zola paid the storage fees, and regretfully accepted that would likely be the last contact she'd have with her mother, knowing Nula's dedication to contracts. Also, Zola suspected that Nula was bitter that her suit against Zeg failed to compensate her for Zola's failure to live up to expectations. She did have better success with her father and brother, and enjoys better relationships with them now than she did before.


Character Signature Lieutenant Zola
R&D Officer
USS Joshua Norton