Don't be a dick

I could go into more, but I think that pretty much covers it. If you're not sure if you're being a dick, or if someone is being a dick to you, take it up with management by emailing command (at) sfintel (dot) space On advice of the formerly retained legal mind, it is hereby noted that the above rule, while containing points not contrary to the necessity of the facilitation of the game is in need of expansion to fully outline the expectations, legalities and otherwise important matters which have been notarized below:


  1. Due to the content of the Sim and the nature of the plots, Players can not be under the age of 18.
  2. Do not use Player Characters or NPCs without the permission of their Player. Do not cause serious harm without the Player's consent.
  3. No behavior and/or conduct that could be construed as illegal in your country of residence will be tolerated. The Command Team and Sim take no responsibility for any such actions undertaken.
  4. Out of character communications need to be kept polite and respectful. No abuse, sexism, racism, or discrimination based upon sexual orientation, gender identity, cultural background, political values, or anything else will be tolerated.
  5. In case of dispute, the Command Team's word is final. Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in your removal and/or banning from the Sim and/or associated chat programs and social media.


  1. Users are required to comply with the Discord Community Guidelines.
  2. Users must have a verified email on their Discord account, or be assigned a role on the server, before they can send messages in the chat or initiate direct messages with other server users. Guests will only receive a role if the command team knows them, or they can be vouched for by a current crew member.
  3. Discord will automatically scan for explicit content if a user does not have a role. Users with a role are trusted to not post explicit images and may only link explicit content if it is clearly labeled NSFW and preview images are disabled.
  4. Channel use guidelines:
    • #announcements - All can read and react to messages, but only command team may post. Used for announcements and useful info.
    • #lobby - General purpose conversation, open to everyone.
    • #wharf - Sim operations and large scale plot planning. Only accessible by crew.
    • #tags - Discussion about logs currently in progress. Only accessible by crew.
    • subspace - voice channel for general use, only users with a role may speak, though anyone can listen.
    • If the channel is not listed here, please consult the channel topic within Discord for guidance on channel use.
  5. Command team will make a good faith effort to have all crew assigned roles for all departments they have characters in. Department roles are purely informational and do not affect feature access on the server. Please let us know if you're missing any, so we can fix it.


  1. This sim uses a passive activity check, where the command team keeps an eye on activity and reaches out to players who may not be meeting requirements.
  2. The goal is for every player to release at least one log every two weeks. We recognize that sometimes logs require more than can be written in two weeks and there isn't always a good spot to split, or at least one readily apparent before the log of finished, so as long as you're actively contributing, you're considered active.
  3. If you expect to be more than 48 hours in replying to a log you're actively participating in, please make sure to let your logging partners know. If you're expecting to be away longer than a week, please take a leave of absence and make a good faith effort to resolve logs you're involved in before your departure. If you're going to be delayed more than four days, or you fail to let everyone know you're unavailable, the command team reserves the right to continue moving the plot forward without you in order to keep the sim moving for everyone else.
  4. Our game is rated Language 3, Sexual 2, Violence 2 by the RPG Rating system. Content of logs should conform to the following standards:
    • Violence should be limited to where it is necessary by the plot, and avoid extending into gratuitous descriptions. For example, while it is understandable that your character may need to take a life in the course of duty, you do not need to explain in detail how your character disembowels their opponent.
    • Sexual content should be limited. We are a ship in a military-like organization, therefore sexual relationships are not the focus of our sim. This means, while you may pursue sexual relations with your crew mates and other characters that will cross your path during the course of the game, we do not need to read the full details. Hinting at it, fading to black, and use of metaphor are acceptable.
    • Language should be appropriate to context. While on duty, it is unprofessional to use profane words and thus unlikely you will do so very often. In other situations more casual, different people have different language standards. While we understand this, please consider how others may take your word choices before electing to use them in a log. You can also be creative in obscuring your more colorful metaphors by use of alien language, and other descriptive metaphor.
  5. All logs need to be titled in the following format: characters involved (does not need minor NPCs listed), and a descriptive "pretty" title. If the log is a critical plot log, adding PLOT to the beginning of the title is recommended. When posting a backlog (a log out of chronological sequence), please add BACKLOG to the beginning of the title. If splitting the log into multiple parts, please append Pt. # of # to the end of each title. Examples:
    • PLOT - Cmdr Waterhouse & LtCmdr Caine - "Who'll Survive If You And I Should Fall?"
    • Ens Peters - "All Around the Mulberry Bush"
    • Lt Zola & Rev Waterhouse - "We Extort, We Pilfer, We Filch And Sack"
    • PO3 duPont - "Shout! Shout! Let It All Out!" Pt II of IV
    • BACKLOG - Lt Oswin - "Our Time Will Never Come Again"
  6. All logs need to include signatures of the major contributing characters. You don't need a full signature for all characters you write in the log, just your primary character or the one you wrote the most with if not logging with your primary. You should also include a quick by-line for credit on other characters written. The signature format for your primary character is three lines with your character's formal title/rank and name, their position, and the ship/location they're based out of. NPC listing format is formal title/rank and name, then their position, each character separated with a semicolon. For example:
    • Captain Amelia Waterhouse
      Commanding Officer
      USS Joshua Norton
    • Empress Janicka Selok
      Empress of the Romulan Star Empire
      New Romulus, Yridian Home World
    • The following NPCs written by Amy: Rev. Noah Waterhouse, Pastafarian Minister; Michelangelo Waterhouse, Fuzzy Green Pain in the Ass
  7. Please sort characters in the title and signatures on the log in order of rank/importance. If there are multiple characters of the same rank, preference is given to PCs, then the characters with the most IC time at that rank.
  8. All logs are to be in English (the dialect is at the preference of the Player, such as American, British, or Canadian) and are expected to be checked for correct spelling, and a good faith effort needs to be made towards correct punctuations and grammar.
  9. For consistency, all logs should be written in past tense, and all joint logs need to be in third person. Personal logs may be in first person.
  10. For the purposes of the Sim, a quality log is defined as providing either plot development or character development for the characters involved in the log, and is written coherently and in line with the rules set out above.


  1. No canon characters or direct relations to canon characters
  2. All new Player Characters will start no higher than the rank of Ensign. If applying for an enlisted position, or wishing to put an enlisted character in a position otherwise intended for an officer, please discuss with the command team before application to determine the correct rank. Promotions are at the discretion of the Command Team, and will follow a realistic time frame; more specifically, this is typically quality participation at least six months out of character, and typically on the range of two years in character since the last promotion. Characters may have some experience between leaving the Academy and joining the USS Joshua Norton. Also keep in mind that no new Players will take department head positions upon initially joining, and as such only existing Players with experience in this Sim will take department head positions.
  3. Please remember, Starfleet is similar to the United States military and as such keep in mind, without special circumstances, your character will be at least 22 when they graduate Starfleet Academy. Please remember to age your character appropriately for whatever experience they have after graduation.
  4. All Player Characters aboard the ship will have gone through Intelligence training in addition to any other training which makes sense for the background of the character and the post they intend to fill.
  5. Similarly, all characters stationed aboard the USS Joshua Norton are specialist Intelligence Officers who have been thoroughly tested both psychologically and physiologically and therefore no traitors, double agents, or those of an unstable mind or body would be allowed onto the ship.
  6. Under no circumstances will your character have heard of, or be a part of, Section 31.
  7. Our sim canon does not recognize the fandom assumption that Marines exist within starfleet. The only canon organization that was similar was MACO and they were disbanded at the founding of the Federation. If you wish for your character to have experience and training of that nature, please reach out to the command team for assistance.
  8. When creating a character, please ensure you fill out as much detail as possible. For new applications, this will assist the Command Team in approving you to the Sim faster and prevents you being stuck in purgatory.
  9. The “Op Code Name” should be taken from Greek mythology and should not duplicate any already selected by a member of the crew. For existing names in use, and links to resources to assist in selecting yours, please visit our Operational Code Name list in the LCARS.
  10. The following species are not available for Player Characters under any circumstance:
    • Q
    • Founders
    • Borg
    • Species 8472
    • Kazon
    • Talaxians
    • Tholians
    • Breen
    • Horta
    • Joined Trill
  11. The following species are only available as Player Characters with Command Team approval, due to either plot concerns, or the problematic nature they present:
    • Ocampa
    • Gorn
    • Jem'Hadar
    • Tribbles
    • Romulan
    • Reman
    • Vorta
    • El-Aurian
    • Telepathic species that do not require physical contact or pre-established connections in order to use their telepathy.
    • Soft Canon, which is CBS/Paramount sanctioned non-TV/Movie medias such as books, games, and other materials.
    • Player created species may only be submitted by existing players in good standing, and require a detailed species entry in the ship LCARS before being allowed for PC or NPCs.


  1. A player must be in good standing and demonstrate the ability to regularly exceed posting requirements before being granted an NPC to play.
  2. If a position that your personal NPC is occupying is desired by a new player for their player character, you will need to either transfer your personal NPC to a different position or discontinue playing them on the sim, if this player qualifies to join. If there is nowhere suitable for the NPC on the ship, a position may be available on the Erebus support base.
  3. Players who have been active and in good standing for six months, may request that one of their NPCs be elevated to a secondary PC, or they may submit a higher ranked character—suitable to their ooc experience—to be a second PC. Which PC is primary is at player's choice, unless one or more are senior staff, in which case the highest ranked senior staff character will be primary PC.
  4. A qualified player may be offered the chance to play a plot NPC by the command team. If the player becomes unable to continue playing this plot NPC for any reason, it may pass to someone else's control if necessary for the completion of the plot.
  5. Unless handed a plot NPC by the command team, rank of NPCs can not exceed Player's highest achieved rank within the sim. If an NPC qualifies for promotion above highest ranked PC, Player has the option of changing NPC to PC in order to accept the promotion. If player has two PCs, the choice of which one changes to NPC to allow the promoted character to become a PC will be at player's choice, unless one of the PCs holds a senior position, in which case the senior officer of highest rank must remain a PC.
  6. Due to the small size of the ship's crew (32 officers including the command team), please do not create one off background NPCs aboard ship without getting command team approval. Anyone named as part of the crew must be included in the roster for reference, even if they're not going to be a personal NPC.


  1. Players will be given the opportunity to select an email address on the domain once they have been an active member in good standing for six months.
  2. Email is hosted as part of the sim’s hosting package through Dreamhost, and is subject to their terms of service (Dreamhost TOS and Dreamhost Anti-Spam policy). Any users found to be in violation of the Dreamhost TOS will have their service revoked without warning.
  3. The address will be set up as either a fully hosted or forward only address at the time of creation.
  4. Sim management takes no responsibility for service failure, including the loss of saved messages, or messages that are bounced or otherwise not delivered. We will make a good faith effort to assist in troubleshooting should error occur. It is not recommended that the address forward to Gmail as problems with this have been noted in the past, but gmail can be set up to check a pop3 address.
  5. Any player who leaves the sim without telling the command team (hereforth known as ghosting), or any player who is removed from the sim at the decision of the command team, will have the email address terminated without warning. Users who inform the command team when they leave may request the continued use of the email.
  6. Users will be subject to a 200MB limit on their account if they elect to use fully hosted service. Dreamhost will automatically give warning when approaching the limit, but using pop3 and deleting messages from the server when downloaded will help prevent this limit being reached.
  7. Command team reserves the right to veto any user name requests.


  1. Star Trek and all related marks, logos and characters are solely owned by CBS Studios Inc. This fan role play game is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor affiliated with CBS, Paramount Pictures, or any other Star Trek franchise, and is a non-commercial fan-run game intended for recreational use. No commercial exhibition or distribution is permitted. No alleged independent rights will be asserted against CBS or Paramount Pictures.
  2. All Players retain the copyright for their individual characters and writing, as far as they do not conflict with the rights of CBS Studios Inc., however, by joining the Player does hereby give permission for any materials used within the sim to be retained for future reference.
  3. All players are encouraged to submit a 'character will' to the command team, stating what should happen to their PCs and NPCs should the player leave the sim suddenly without notification. The recommended manner to submit the character will is create a text document in the PADD (Nextcloud instance for the sim) and share it (read only) with the command team user group. In the event a player goes missing for a month without contact, the directions will be followed so far as they don't contradict established canon of the sim. In the event that a player has not submitted a will before going missing, Command Team will make a good faith effort to do something that is neither detrimental to the character, or irreversible should the player return — typically this would be a vague reassignment from the ship, but the solution may vary depending upon current plot. If the player is comfortable doing so, they can also include contact information such as a friend's email, social media account, etc, to allow the command team to reach out to make sure the player is okay in the event of their disappearance from the game.
  4. Users may not use a yahoo email address due to problems with bounced messages and poor security on the part of yahoo. This includes email for other services that is provided by yahoo, such as some Internet Service Providers.
  5. All rules are subject to change. The Command Team will make a good faith effort to notify the crew of any changes. Any changes made will come into effect upon their posting to this page. (

Last revised 2018-06-23