Temporarily Closing Player Applications

Thank you for your interest in our game! We absolutely love meeting new people and get excited at the prospect of new characters for our collaborative story, and new players to add their unique perspective. Unfortunately due to the situation surrounding the current plotline we're running, it is difficult to integrate new players into the game at the moment. We hope that you'll join our discord server, get to know the existing players and read our adventures as we write our way through this plot. We'll make an announcement when we're opening applications again, and if you're on the server that means you'll have first crack at all the new positions we plan to make available at that time.

If you join us on discord while you wait, please feel free to spitball ideas for your character you'll eventually apply with or ask us questions about our game lore. We also tend to chat about a lot of things, Star Trek and not, so jump right in and join us!

Thanks for your patience and understanding, and we hope to see your application when the plot wraps up!

Anyone who submits an application through this form before we've announced applications are open again will get rejected without further explanation, and will be welcome to reapply when applications open again.