Welcome Aboard The USS Joshua Norton

There is a department within Starfleet that is tasked with collecting and analysing sensitive data that matters, planning and executing time-critical covert and overt operations, and safeguarding the secrets of the United Federation of Planets from internal and external threats to keep us all safe. Who are we? Starfleet Intelligence.

Certain assignments, however, cannot appear on standard mission dockets, carried out in secret by the best of the best for no fame, thanks, or recognition. They are the true heroes of the Federation, specialists in their field, operating from the shadows. They are Clandestine Operations.

Political landscapes are shifting, the Romulan Empire is rebuilding, terror cells are striking at the very heart of our society. For neutralizing such threats, Clandestine Operations recognized the value of a multi-disciplined team of operatives primed to respond. The crew of the USS Joshua Norton is one such team - they have seen what you can offer, and they've requested you join them.

The USS Joshua Norton is a Nova based collaborative writing Star Trek Sim. Set on a Defiant class refit, specifically designed for specialized Clandestine Operations use, the Emperor (as she's affectionately known by crew) is set in 2416. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the command team by emailing: command (at) sfintel (dot) space or join the Discord server linked in the menu.

Latest Mission Posts

» Cmdr Tomar, Lt Oswin, Ens Jarkil & Ens McKenzie - "We Can Fix This Fixer-Upper Up With a Little Bit of Love"

Mission: Planet of the Sequined Love Nun
Posted on 2018-04-18 09:57 by Commander Alleira Tomar DSc.Dn & Ensign Cillian Jarkil & Ensign Liam McKenzie Ph.D. & Lieutenant Sienna Oswin

The transporter beam filled the cavern with a soft glow for a moment before pitch black returned and enveloped the away team. A click echoed, and a moment later Sienna swept the space with a flashlight attached to a phaser as she flipped open a tricorder. She turned in one…

» LTJG Lexil & ENS Jarkil - "And I am Home Again"

Mission: Planet of the Sequined Love Nun
Posted on 2018-04-18 03:26 by Lieutenant JG Lexil & Ensign Cillian Jarkil

Lexil ran through a mental checklist one last time before pressing her com badge.

"Ensign Jarkil, if you are not too busy, please report to the science lab. We have theorising to do."

"I'll finish up here and be right over Lieutenant," he replied, after tapping his comm badge. He…

» Lt Zola & LtJG Broll - "Badaboom"

Mission: Planet of the Sequined Love Nun
Posted on 2018-04-08 19:07 by Lieutenant Zola & Lieutenant JG Lem Broll M.D.

A scalpel here, a stethoscope there, another little hammer for reflexes on that side of the table and a medical tricorder on the other side. Dr. Broll had been working on inventory for a little bit, he had not as much to do as many other Starship surgeons. That was…

» Lt. JG Broll & Lt. JG Drake - "Healers Unplugged"

Mission: Planet of the Sequined Love Nun
Posted on 2018-04-02 18:46 by Lieutenant JG Harper Drake M.D., Ph.D. & Lieutenant JG Lem Broll M.D.

"I'm really glad we could meet," Harper opened with a smile after taking a drink of her mocha Klingon coffee. "We are a fairly small ship, so it's particularly nice to have another colleague in the medical department here. I'm not alone there of course, but still, serving as a…

» Capt Waterhouse & Cmdr Tomar - "The Will to Greatness Clouds the Mind"

Mission: Planet of the Sequined Love Nun
Posted on 2018-03-25 12:37 by Captain Amelia Waterhouse & Commander Alleira Tomar DSc.Dn

Amelia paced the corridors, lost in thought. She knew that Starfleet protocol recommended the executive officer beam down on away missions and the captain stay on the ship, she knew that a Cardassian would draw less attention on an Orion colony, and she knew that just because she wanted to…