Welcome Aboard The USS Joshua Norton

There is a department within Starfleet that is tasked with collecting and analysing sensitive data that matters, planning and executing time-critical covert and overt operations, and safeguarding the secrets of the United Federation of Planets from internal and external threats to keep us all safe. Who are we? Starfleet Intelligence.

Certain assignments, however, cannot appear on standard mission dockets, carried out in secret by the best of the best for no fame, thanks, or recognition. They are the true heroes of the Federation, specialists in their field, operating from the shadows. They are Clandestine Operations.

Political landscapes are shifting, the Romulan Empire is rebuilding, terror cells are striking at the very heart of our society. For neutralizing such threats, Clandestine Operations recognized the value of a multi-disciplined team of operatives primed to respond. The crew of the USS Joshua Norton is one such team - they have seen what you can offer, and they've requested you join them.

The USS Joshua Norton is a Nova based collaborative writing Star Trek Sim. Set on a Defiant class refit, specifically designed for specialized Clandestine Operations use, the Emperor (as she's affectionately known by crew) is set in 2416. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the command team by emailing: command (at) sfintel (dot) space or join the Discord server linked in the menu.

Latest Mission Posts

» Crew - "Input Output"

Mission: Cup O Noodle
Posted on 2017-09-12 21:35 by Commander Amelia Waterhouse & Lieutenant JG Harper Drake M.D., Ph.D. & Lieutenant JG Lexil & Ensign Kaylhan Vausse & Ensign Maksima Akadi & Ensign Lem Broll M.D. & Ensign Varik & Ensign Neevvi Ogai

Pacific Avenue was certainly a friendlier place during the daytime. A few smiles and nods greeted Lexil as she walked, clad as she was in her Starfleet uniform complete with a blue science shirt underneath. While not uncommon, especially in San Francisco the uniform generally garnered respect from the inhabitants…

» (Backlog) Ens Akadi - Anymore of This

Mission: Cup O Noodle
Posted on 2017-08-31 21:36 by Ensign Maksima Akadi

Leave had brought an unexpected slump for Maks, who’s time off thus far had been anything but pleasant. Starting with the borg-not-borg that was still a trial to wrap her brain around and ending with an undecided ache in her gut that said she was waiting for the anvil over…

» Cmdr Waterhouse, Ens Vausse, Ens Broll & Ens Varik - "So Hard to Find My Way"

Mission: Cup O Noodle
Posted on 2017-08-24 07:27 by Commander Amelia Waterhouse & Lieutenant Zola & Ensign Kaylhan Vausse & Ensign Lem Broll M.D. & Ensign Varik

Zola emerged from the GGTA self driving cab first, in front of a tall building in the Nob Hill district of San Francisco. She approached the front door, and submitted her hand to the access panel. It chirped as it scanned her palm, then the door unlocked to allow her…

» Ens Vausse & Ens Varik - "What Are These Crazy Questions That They're Asking of Me"

Mission: Cup O Noodle
Posted on 2017-08-16 03:26 by Ensign Varik & Ensign Kaylhan Vausse & NPCs

Kaylhan and Varik sat in a quiet corner of a coffee shop in San Francisco. Their spot was understated and not one likely to be disturbed. It also hid them in plain sight and made them inconspicuous.

The Betazoid had ordered an ice-coffee while the Vulcan was enjoying a fruit…

» Ens Ogai & Ens Dragomirov - "I Want to Be the One to Walk in the Sun"

Mission: Cup O Noodle
Posted on 2017-08-15 21:39 by Ensign Neevvi Ogai & Ensign Veda Dragomirov

Sun burning on green skin that was exposed on the stomach, arms and legs of an Orion jogging through Golden Gate Park. It was a nice day, a low breeze that swept up some grass blades through the air in the park. It matched well with her own skin color…