Welcome Aboard The USS Joshua Norton

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There is a department within Starfleet that is tasked with collecting and analyzing sensitive data that matters, planning and executing time-critical covert and overt operations, and safeguarding the secrets of the United Federation of Planets from internal and external threats to keep us all safe. Who are we? Starfleet Intelligence.

Certain assignments, however, cannot appear on standard mission dockets, carried out in secret by the best of the best for no fame, thanks, or recognition. They are the true heroes of the Federation, specialists in their field, operating from the shadows. They are Clandestine Operations.

Political landscapes are shifting, the Romulan Empire is rebuilding, terror cells are striking at the very heart of our society. For neutralizing such threats, Clandestine Operations recognized the value of a multi-disciplined team of operatives primed to respond. The crew of the USS Joshua Norton is one such team - they have seen what you can offer, and they've requested you join them.

The USS Joshua Norton is a Nova based collaborative writing Star Trek Sim. Set on a Defiant class refit, specifically designed for specialized Clandestine Operations use, the Emperor (as she's affectionately known by crew) is set in 2416. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the command team by emailing: command (at) sfintel (dot) space or join the Discord server linked in the menu.

Latest Mission Posts

» Lt Costello, LtJG Lexil, Ens McKenzie, Ens t'Rehu & Ens sh'Eikshah - "You've Got to Live With What You Know"

Mission: Poisoned Apples
Posted on 2020-01-23 08:53 by Petty Officer 2nd Class Kennet Ek & NPCs (Amy) & Lieutenant JG Lexil & Lieutenant JG Mayoko Takeuchi & Ensign Liam McKenzie Ph.D. & Ensign Lia t'Rehu & Ensign Siriad sh’Eikshah & Lieutenant Amadeus Costello & Crewman Kaeriss & Crewman Fearne Popples

Breaking atmosphere should have been a source of comfort for Lieutenant Lexil. The Denobulan had been able to formulate a plan of action based on the observation of Lovelace heading to dock at the moon's orbital platform and had decided that the multiple escape pods that had been swallowed by…

» Lt Costello, LtJG Takeuchi, Ens sh'Eikshah - "Leave Me Be, I'm Just Walking This Line"

Mission: Poisoned Apples
Posted on 2019-12-28 10:55 by NPCs (Amy) & Lieutenant JG Mayoko Takeuchi & Ensign Siriad sh’Eikshah & Lieutenant Amadeus Costello & Crewman Kaeriss

Dhodot shifted in his seat as he woke up again. Of all the days to wear his skant, it would be when the ship blew up. He looked around at those he shared the pod with and wondered how well suited this group was towards survival if they found themselves…

» Capt Waterhouse, Ens Drayok & Ens Drummond - "Waving Not Drowning"

Mission: Poisoned Apples
Posted on 2019-12-27 10:13 by Captain Amelia Waterhouse & Lieutenant Sienna Oswin & Ensign Centurion Drummond & Ensign Drayok Fenlux

Sienna reached over and gently nudged Amelia. She hated to do it, as it had taken the Captain forever to fall asleep and she couldn't have gotten more than a couple hours at this point, but the readouts Fen had left up to follow their progress said that they were…

» LtJG Jarkil & Ens Dragomirov - "Shorter of Breath"

Mission: Poisoned Apples
Posted on 2019-12-26 09:40 by Ensign Veda Dragomirov & Lieutenant JG Cillian Jarkil

Veda started awake, realizing she'd fallen asleep with her head on Cillian's shoulder some time after they'd switched piloting duties about halfway through the trip. She gave him a quick look, an apology almost tumbling out of her mouth but she decided against it. Instead she shifted to reach for…

» Lt Lexil, Ens McKenzie, Ens t'Rehu, PO2 Ek & Cn Popples - "It's Lonely Out in Space"

Mission: Poisoned Apples
Posted on 2019-12-23 09:51 by Petty Officer 2nd Class Kennet Ek & Lieutenant JG Lexil & Ensign Liam McKenzie Ph.D. & Ensign Lia t'Rehu & Crewman Fearne Popples

Kenny was starting to get restless. Once they'd all gotten underway, she'd curled up to sleep — she got probably a good ten hours in total, periodically interrupted for Lia to check up on her. Each time she was allowed to sleep again after a check, she felt a little…