Welcome Aboard The USS Joshua Norton

There is a department within Starfleet that is tasked with collecting and analyzing sensitive data that matters, planning and executing time-critical covert and overt operations, and safeguarding the secrets of the United Federation of Planets from internal and external threats to keep us all safe. Who are we? Starfleet Intelligence.

Certain assignments, however, cannot appear on standard mission dockets, carried out in secret by the best of the best for no fame, thanks, or recognition. They are the true heroes of the Federation, specialists in their field, operating from the shadows. They are Clandestine Operations.

Political landscapes are shifting, the Romulan Empire is rebuilding, terror cells are striking at the very heart of our society. For neutralizing such threats, Clandestine Operations recognized the value of a multi-disciplined team of operatives primed to respond. The crew of the USS Joshua Norton is one such team - they have seen what you can offer, and they've requested you join them.

The USS Joshua Norton is a Nova based collaborative writing Star Trek Sim. Set on a Defiant class refit, specifically designed for specialized Clandestine Operations use, the Emperor (as she's affectionately known by crew) is set in 2416. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the command team by emailing: command (at) sfintel (dot) space or join the Discord server linked in the menu.

Latest Mission Posts

» Capt Waterhouse & Ens Tlaric - "Watch Me Closely; Catch My Eye"

Mission: Toys in the Attic
Posted on 2023-03-09 11:11 by Ensign Quinn Tlaric & Captain Amelia Waterhouse

Amelia had been silently cursing Div all day. He was right, the regs did say the first officer was supposed to lead the away missions, and the captain was supposed to keep her happy ass in the command chair. But that had literally never stopped Amelia before. Never. Rik knew…

» LtJG Morgan, Ens t'Rehu & CPO Bethania - "Like an Open Wound"

Mission: Toys in the Attic
Posted on 2023-02-21 11:52 by Lieutenant JG Sean Morgan & Ensign Lia t'Rehu & Chief Petty Officer Bethania

The main ward was across the hallway from the room the away team beamed into, and Bethania had headed in when t'Rehu had given the order to get to it. Patient charts were on PADDs that hung at the foot of each bed, with terminals at two makeshift nurse stations…

» Lt jg Dragomirov & Ens Tlaric - "But The Game Never Ends"

Mission: Toys in the Attic
Posted on 2023-02-07 10:57 by Ensign Quinn Tlaric & Lieutenant JG Veda Dragomirov

It's easy to get lost in the work. It's not that it's fun, but when you get into a good flowstate, it can be hard to bother that too much without worrying you won't be able to get back in very easily. Quinn had a habit (maybe a bad one)…

» Ens Tlaric "Stay on Your Island"

Mission: Toys in the Attic
Posted on 2023-01-18 11:05 by Ensign Quinn Tlaric

Quinn was a fellow who could admit when he was wrong. It didn't happen horribly often, but it did happen with enough frequency that he'd learned to take those sorts of situations as learning opportunities. He also learned to never present himself as entirely confident in any statement that he…

» LtJG Jarkil & LtJG Dragomirov - "Happy Serenade on Wood"

Mission: Toys in the Attic
Posted on 2023-01-13 11:21 by Lieutenant JG Cillian Jarkil & Lieutenant JG Veda Dragomirov

Hot and sweaty, but still humming happily to himself, Cillian made his way back from the gym to his cabin. Despite being effectively parked over a planet and there not being much piloting to do, he felt like he'd had a good shift, and the gym session right after his…