Welcome Aboard The USS Joshua Norton

There is a department within Starfleet that is tasked with collecting and analyzing sensitive data that matters, planning and executing time-critical covert and overt operations, and safeguarding the secrets of the United Federation of Planets from internal and external threats to keep us all safe. Who are we? Starfleet Intelligence.

Certain assignments, however, cannot appear on standard mission dockets, carried out in secret by the best of the best for no fame, thanks, or recognition. They are the true heroes of the Federation, specialists in their field, operating from the shadows. They are Clandestine Operations.

Political landscapes are shifting, the Romulan Empire is rebuilding, terror cells are striking at the very heart of our society. For neutralizing such threats, Clandestine Operations recognized the value of a multi-disciplined team of operatives primed to respond. The crew of the USS Joshua Norton is one such team - they have seen what you can offer, and they've requested you join them.

The USS Joshua Norton is a Nova based collaborative writing Star Trek Sim. Set on a Defiant class refit, specifically designed for specialized Clandestine Operations use, the Emperor (as she's affectionately known by crew) is set in 2416. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the command team by emailing: command (at) sfintel (dot) space or join the Discord server linked in the menu.

Latest Mission Posts

» Ens Tlaric "Stay on Your Island"

Mission: Toys in the Attic
Posted on 2023-01-18 11:05 by Ensign Quinn Tlaric

Quinn was a fellow who could admit when he was wrong. It didn't happen horribly often, but it did happen with enough frequency that he'd learned to take those sorts of situations as learning opportunities. He also learned to never present himself as entirely confident in any statement that he…

» LtJG Jarkil & LtJG Dragomirov - "Happy Serenade on Wood"

Mission: Toys in the Attic
Posted on 2023-01-13 11:21 by Lieutenant JG Cillian Jarkil & Lieutenant JG Veda Dragomirov

Hot and sweaty, but still humming happily to himself, Cillian made his way back from the gym to his cabin. Despite being effectively parked over a planet and there not being much piloting to do, he felt like he'd had a good shift, and the gym session right after his…

» CPO Ryan & PO3 Komasch – "I Would Like to Reach out My Hand"

Mission: Toys in the Attic
Posted on 2022-12-27 10:58 by Petty Officer 3rd Class Rao Komasch & Chief Petty Officer Ludwig Ryan

The walk to the ward felt quick, and Ludwig stayed quiet because there wasn't really anything he could think of that needed asking until he saw the space they had to work with. He fiddled with the strap on his medkit as he tried to remember the turns their guide…

» Cmdr Sharir, Ens McKenzie & PO Ek - "Fire Burns Around Us in the Dark"

Mission: Toys in the Attic
Posted on 2022-12-13 11:06 by Lieutenant JG Sean Morgan & Petty Officer 2nd Class Kennet Ek & Commander Nadiv Sharir & Ensign Liam McKenzie Ph.D.

There had been no shaking of hands during the introductions as one might normally have expected. However, the Head of the town council, a Cardassian by the name of Riasha had greeted them with enthusiastic relief. It appeared that she knew exactly how badly this pandemic was going and felt…

» Rev Waterhouse & Ens Waterhouse - "We'll Rant and We'll Roar All on the Star Seas"

Mission: Toys in the Attic
Posted on 2022-11-22 09:19 by Ensign Remex Waterhouse & Fabla & Reverend Noah Waterhouse & Tygelgor

Fabla sashayed into the mess, her flowing purple and pink silk pants whispering softly with every step. The pants sat low on her hips and were tucked into brown suede boots, little hints of green flesh visible above the waistband through the vents on the sides of the off-white blouse…